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The Ghosts Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The hit CBS sitcom "Ghosts" is full of happy hauntings and bittersweet backstories. The American remake of the BBC's "Ghosts" stars Rose McIver and Utkarsh Ambudkar as Sam and Jay Arondekar, a sweet but financially struggling young couple who inherit a fabulous — and fabulously haunted — mansion.

When Sam takes a fall down the stairs and hits her head, she's suddenly able to see the full cast of ghosts that haunt Woodstone Mansion, though Jay just has to take her word for it. A sweet and slightly spooky screwball comedy ensues, as Sam and Jay try to make friends with the multigenerational ghosts and turn their mansion into a profitable B&B instead of a crumbling money pit.

Love and laughs strengthen the bond between "the livings" and the ghosts while offering peeks into past failures and present fears for folks on both sides of the veil. The show is laugh-out-loud funny, but no joke would land without the show's true heart — its hauntingly distinct characters. Looper's in-house mystics can't help but align these characters with those found in the stars. So pull up a chair at Woodstone B&B (but don't sit on the couch; Sass and Thorfinn are watching their programs) and gaze into your crystal ball (your screen) to learn the "Ghosts" character you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Thorfinn

Thorfinn is Woodstone Mansion's resident Viking ghost. Thor (Devan Chandler Long) is always recalling a valiant battle he fought — or the plot of the previous night's viewing of "Frasier." While his default volume is just shy of a war cry, Thor's friendship with his fellow ghosts and medium Sam inspires him to learn more effective ways to communicate, even when expressing that his feelings hurt more than a bolt of lightning to the head.

Everybody's favorite giant, goofy warrior embodies Aries (March 21 to April 19). Like Thorfinn from "Ghosts," those who rock The Ram's potent leadership qualities and horns full of courage enjoy being first on the scene, be it the soil of the new world or the couch at TV time. While you may not love cod as much as Thor, as an Aries, you do love taking action when you see fit. You have a brash, energetic boldness and are charismatic to all in your orbit, except the odd unlucky squirrel.

You aren't afraid to charge into battle with the Danes or your own self-limiting beliefs. Those ruled by Mars are often fiery and passionate when taking care of business, but withdrawn when it comes to tricky matters of the mind and heart. Despite his abandonment issues, Thor's story shows the path of the warrior doesn't need to be walked alone. Instead, you can live life alongside those who will help you to soar to new emotional heights and be there to catch you when you fall. Unlike Thorfinn, you don't have to wait for the afterlife to enjoy friendship or impulse-eating sticks of butter.

Taurus: Hetty Woodstone

Hetty Woodstone is the Lady of Woodstone Mansion, and she would sooner die (again) than let anyone forget it. Hetty (Rebecca Wisocky) is the picture of repressed refinement. She is obsessed with style, grace, and wealth-based superiority. Her uptight views on everything from a woman's place (in the home) to a child's place (in the factory) are totally at odds with those of her cheerful, casual great-great-great-great-granddaughter, Sam.

Hetty's commitment to creating a comfortable environment for everyone but her staff is in keeping with Taurus (April 20 to May 20). Even though Hetty has outdated views and a bottomless hatred for the Irish, her friendships with the livings and her fellow ghosts show you can always grow. Those who run with The Bull are grounded, stylish creatures who cling to habit. While you and Hetty may struggle when you're out of your comfort zones — anywhere near a voting booth or a laundry machine, for Hetty — but you eventually find new experiences that help give you a fresh perspective.

Hetty from "Ghosts" looks so familiar to our favorite bullish fixed earth signs because of her steadfastness, too. You're both reliable and trustworthy. You also know how to decorate a gorgeous home, even if you don't quite get to all its hidden vaults. Taureans and Hetty aren't afraid to play the long game, whether it comes to robber-baron wealth accumulation or beating Trevor at his own TV Time game. While you and Hetty are bigger fans of routine than surprises, you find growth in both, which is as sweet and powerful as any Viking lullaby.

Gemini: Trevor Lefkowitz

Trevor Lefkowitz is the most recently dead of the Woodstone Manor "Ghosts." He's a young, handsome, party-hard financial advisor bro with a surprisingly tender side. Compared to the wolves of Wall Street, Trevor (Asher Grodman) is just a puppy. In the afterlife as in life, he's out for a good time more than business-related blood, which is great considering his look is business on top, party on the bottom. Even if Trevor's pants are missing, his heart definitely isn't. He's full of compassion for others and curiosity for the life he didn't get to fully live, including all the dating apps that life entails.

Trevor is charming, insatiable, and quick on the uptake. He's playful, inventive, and always ready to spearhead a new project — or attempt to move something very slightly with his endless energy and very limited ghost power. That's because T-Money is on a full Gemini (May 22 to June 21) vibe, baby. You know better than anyone what that's like, and how being a mutable air sign means you're twice as interested in the world around you than anyone else in the room, living or undead.

People may take social butterflies like you and Trevor for granted, but your communication skills make you a great connector. You invest in new friends and fresh ideas even faster than Trevor invested in Blockbuster and Circuit City. Though Geminis sometimes get a bad reputation for playing both sides of the coin, you and Trevor are the first to give your spare coins (and spare pants) to someone who really needs them.

Cancer: Pete Martino

Pete Martino is the human equivalent of a campfire song; he's never met a group he couldn't unite in harmony. Whether leading the Pinecone Troopers in life or the "Ghosts" of Woodstone Manor in death, Pete (Richie Moriarty) is the self-appointed Activities Director of the Afterlife. The man might have an arrow through the neck, but he also has a positive attitude.

Pete draws power and satisfaction from tending to family wherever he finds one. Just like the Cancer (June 21 to July 22) zodiac sign he embodies, Pete's warm, loyal, and sensitive soul is happiest when taking care of others. You and Pete are natural-born peacekeepers and excellent hosts. In the great campout of life, you and Pete never forget to bring stuff for s'mores. However, as much as you and your fellow crabs love forming bonds while swimming around that cardinal water in the pale moonlight, those with Cancer energy like you and Pete must take care not to drown your own emotional needs in those of others.

While you're both always the first to speak up to take care of someone else (or share a basketball factoid with Jay through Sam,) you and Pete tend to keep your own fears — and crushes — to yourself. It's a natural Cancer tendency to withdraw, but remember: many campfire voices are needed to create perfect harmony, even the Scoutmaster's.

Leo: Alberta Haynes

Alberta Haynes is a deliciously divine diva of the undead. Alberta (Danielle Pinnock) is a Prohibition-era singer who loves the spotlight and moonshine. She lives her life (and afterlife) to the fullest. Everything about her is bold, from her sense of style to her singing voice. Alberta has a song in her heart and encourages everyone around her to sing their own — without stepping too much into her spotlight, of course.

Obviously, Alberta is the queen of Leo (July 23 to August 22) in the "Ghosts" cast. While Leo types like you and Alberta are often praised for your sunny spirits and dazzling star power, your generosity generates just as much energy for your loved ones.

You and Alberta crave the adoration of the masses, but you shine brightest for those upon whom you've chosen to bestow your loyalty. Your optimism and fearlessness buoy you and your loved ones through the darkest of days with smiles and cheers all around.

Of course, the good times don't always roll when it comes to fire sign energy. Even though you and Alberta are good at motivating yourselves and others to live their best and brightest life, vanity and jealousy are always thorns in a lion's side. If you find yourself pining for someone else's success, or the victim of a possible murder plot because of your own, turn your sour grapes into sweet sonic wine by getting somebody to make a podcast about your problems like the one about Alberta's shady jazz past.

Virgo: Todd Pearlman

Todd Pearlman is an unsung hero of history. He is an aggressive, adoring, and unapologetic historian and Alberta superfan, and will stop at nothing to get this overlooked jazz star her due, even going so far as to get a tattoo of her face on his back. Without Todd (Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll,) the "Ghosts" gang would never suspect Alberta's death might've been caused by moonshine most foul. Without Todd, Sam wouldn't have a podcast to pour her journalistic tendencies into. Without Todd, no one would have bought one of Alberta's toenails in an attempt to clone her.

Todd's "intensity," in Virgo parlance, is a rose by any other name. Todd truly embodies Virgo (August 23 to September 22), primarily by his (yes, creepy) commitment to all things Alberta. As a Virgo yourself, you may recognize the toil and trouble Todd goes to in order to bring the details of Alberta's death to life. Virgos, rooted deeply in earth energy, aren't afraid to muck around in discarded details. Todd and those who bear the sign of the Maiden can sort through a lot of poppycock to come up with possible proof of murder or any little nitty-gritty detail they think can help solve a problem.

Those with Virgo energy rarely get the respect they deserve, and honestly? It's because your dedication gives people the heebie-jeebies. You and Todd have mad skills, which can sometimes translate as sheer madness to those less inclined to pledge their lives to service, study, and songbirds of the Prohibition era.

Libra: Sam Arondekar

Sam Arondekar inherited Woodstone Mansion and the ghosts that came with it. While at first those ghosts wanted to run Sam and her husband Jay out of town, Sam's pluck, charm, and head injury helped her turn ghost foes into ghost friends to last an afterlife-time. Sam's powers of collaboration and communication know no bounds, and she can communicate just as well with the quick as she can the dead.

While acting with the undead on "iZombie" helped set Rose McIver up for success on "Ghosts," Sam helps set the ghosts around her up for their own form of success. Like the Libra (September 23 to October 22) spirit she embodies, Sam uses her superior social skills to connect with her new friends and help them connect with each other. In turn, the ghosts help Sam and her husband Jay navigate life in the B&B fast lane — which, admittedly, is painfully slow most of the time. You and Sam don't worry too much about delays; those with air-sign energy enjoy going with the flow.

You and Sam are both able to understand a variety of perspectives (cholera victim, swinging neighbor, squirrel-murdering Viking) and are great negotiators. While Libras get a reputation for being conflict-avoidant pleasure-seekers, you and Sam do so while also helping loved ones achieve balance. Even if balancing the scales has you running all over a metaphorical mansion, for you and Sam, the good vibes that result mean all your work is worth it.

Scorpio: Cholera Victim Nancy

Cholera Victim Nancy is just trying to have the time of her afterlife. Nancy (Betsy Sodaro) is the most vibrant spirit on "Ghosts." No way should she be stuck spending every year since her 19th-century death hiding her light under a bushel in the Woodstone Mansion basement with the likes of Stuart and Creepy Dirk. This is one cholera victim who is meant for bigger and better things.

Nancy moves in mysterious ways, just like the Scorpio (October 23 to November 21) sign whose energy she embodies. Those with scorpion-sign energy like you and Nancy tend to be unreadable, complex, and aggressive, but in a fun way. You and Nancy have a lot of passion for life and can be a bit ruthless to get what you want, like sleeping in an actual bed instead of standing up by the water heater.

You're also not above helping people out with matters of the heart, but you're not below admitting it's because there was something in it for you. Just like Nancy's fake relationship with Pete helped him grow a backbone, your strangely seductive scorpion soul helps scare those around you into being their best selves — at least, as long as you're around.

Sagittarius: Sasappis

Even though Sasappis died young, he is an eternally old — and sassy — soul. Sass (Román Zaragoza) is the comeback-slinging, TV-loving, pizza-sniffing ghost of a Lenape Indian who died on the land Woodstone Mansion was built on. He loves causing drama to keep eternity entertaining. Though he might not always come out and say it, he also loves every member of his "Ghosts" crew. Even T-Money.

Whether he's recapping "It's Getting Hot in Here" with Thorfinn or telling Sam the truth about the importance of a tree he wants her to save from being cut down, Sass embodies the storytelling sign, Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21.) Those who bear the sign of The Archer like you (and who share its traits like Sass) are creative, entertaining, and magnetic when sharing their own stories, those of others, or sick burns. Sometimes your quest to be entertained on your journeys cause you to spill secrets, too, like when Sass told everyone about Pete's crush on Alberta. Oops.

Even though your easygoing nature can get you in a little cholera victim hot water from time to time, your playful wisdom and constant quest for knowledge and adventure ultimately keep you in your friends' good graces. Just like Sass is a 500-year-old ghost who uses modern slang better than anyone on TikTok, you are full of knowledge and surprises.

Capricorn: Captain Isaac Higgintoot

Captain Isaac Higgintoot is the ghost of an American Revolution officer who died of dysentery before he could make history or come out of the closet. While that stinks on its own, poor Isaac is also stuck with a strange power: when the livings walk through him, they smell supernaturally bad farts. To add insult to injury, while "Ghosts" star Brandon Scott Jones would love to see Lin-Manuel Miranda play Hamilton on the show, Hamilton's appearance would cause Isaac to die all over again, since Hamilton was his sworn rival.

It's hard out there for a ghost who never got to deliver on his life's ambition. But the afterlife is a whole other story — one that Isaac gets to tell in the company of friends who value him for who he is, not just who society compels him to be. Isaac is patient, persevering, and loyal. He embodies the grounded earth energy of Capricorn (December 21 to January 20.) While those with these traits often face hardship (in the form of harsh judgment and hit Broadway musicals), you and Isaac are unwaveringly resilient.

Whether asking out the British soldier you accidentally took out with a musket or apologizing to your Viking bestie after shunning him for being uncouth, you and Isaac are unafraid to set goals and meet them. You are driven to achieve your dreams with a sense of humor, perspective, and the faintest scent of rotten eggs.

Aquarius: Jay Arondekar

You know the phrase "if you can't handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen?" Well, it's a good thing aspiring Jay Arondekar is an aspiring chef. He can handle real and metaphorical heat — and this man isn't going anywhere unless it's by his wife's side. Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar, who also played Ravi in "Special") is Sam's good-humored and helpful husband on "Ghosts." While Jay can't see ghosts, he wishes he could — but will settle for communicating with them through Sam until that changes.

Jay is Woodstone's answer to Aquarius (January 21 to February 18). Known for their unconventional and original ways of thinking, those who embody Aquarian energy are able to see bigger pictures and connections than most, even if they can't see ghosts. Those who bear the sign of The Waterbearer are obsessed with asking how life can be better. Jay is no different, except he also asks how the afterlife can be better. The answer, of course, is basketball and D&D.

While a hallmark of this charming fixed air sign is creativity and collaboration, sometimes Aquarians can take things too far. Be wary of being too open — you don't want to end up accidentally joining a cult or being possessed by a thirsty robber-baroness like Jay. On second thought, you're an Aquarius, so you just might.

Pisces: Susan Flower Montero

Susan "Flower" Montero is Woodstone's resident hippie ghost who once helped rob a bank. To say Flower (Sheila Carrasco) is a free spirit is to say water is wet. While she has more party stories than Trevor and the rest of the "Ghosts" — like the time she slept on a boat tarp with some of Fleetwood Mac — there is something elementally pure rather than party-hearty about Flower.

Like her nickname, Flower is always seeking a higher truth, bending to face whatever life-giving light is nearby, and trying to give it a big ol' hug. Unfortunately for Flower, sometimes that light is in the form of a very angry bear. Flower's epic trust in the universe and insatiable hunger for transcendental experiences (or magic mushrooms) are hallmarks of Pisces (February 19 to March 20).

Flower looks so familiar to Pisceans because of her way of swimming against currents and with whatever flow she thinks will carry her to uncharted waters. You may also see yourself if you look in a mirror — whoa. Flower is full of intuition, basketball stories, and fears of intimacy, proving that she and Pisces in kind contain all the depth of the ocean. What secrets and surprises are riding your waves? Trance out about it, but be careful you don't take any eternal blood oaths when you come to.