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The Witcher's Intense Filming Schedule Completely Drained Freya Allan

Throughout an actor's career, there will always be roles that are physically – or mentally – strenuous and others that are a walk in the park by comparison. For Freya Allan, in her early twenties and taking her initial promising steps in screen acting, her first lead and recurrent role on television as Princess Cirilla Riannon in Netflix's "The Witcher" can be labeled as belonging to the category of strenuous parts. Especially since the start of Season 2 shows a new side and a new look for Ciri.

But Allan does not complain about the action parts of her role, especially when it comes to fighting scenes. In fact, the actress told The Wrap that she was disappointed every season in her fight scenes - or lack thereof – as it is reserved for later seasons. Allan would often visit the stunt team so frequently they'd sometimes joke about throwing her out, but she wanted to partake in some physical training, not because anyone made her do it but because she "absolutely loved it." (per RadioTimes)

That being said, Allan was open about how grueling the filming schedule could be sometimes.

Allan's most physically demanding day on set

In an interview with Stream Wars, Allan was open about the challenges she faced during shooting. According to her, the filming schedule had some working six out of the seven days a week, leaving only a day to rest.

Regarding her most challenging day, the young actress said: "The timings were just horrible and the scene that we were shooting involved so many people and like I said, we'd been doing 6-day weeks for so long by then that I was just drained." She went on, saying, "And I remember ... it was on a Saturday and it was towards the very end of the day and I was having to do this really intense scene and I was just like completely drained. It was like the most emotionally frustrating day for me."

Although she never directly indicated the specific scene, there was no shortage of intense or emotionally complex scenes in the second season of "The Witcher." Either way, it is clear that no matter what, Allan always puts her all into her work, regardless of how draining it can be at times.