Why The Witcher Stunt Team Joked About Throwing Freya Allan Out Every Night

With Season 2 of "The Witcher" finally released on Netflix, viewers can't wait to see what's next for Princess Ciri (Freya Allan). After spending the first season having to be saved, and constantly running away from danger, Season 2 sees a transformation for Ciri, where she finally starts to take steps toward controlling her power, and using her strength to fight and defend herself.

In Season 2, Ciri is still at odds with Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill) about her desire to become a witcher, which he doesn't want. But Geralt knows that if he's going to protect Ciri, he has to earn her trust, and get to know who she is. What Ciri wants more than anything is to know how to protect herself, so as soon as they arrive at the Witcher compound of Kaer Morhen, Ciri begins her training.

"I learned the basic sword work — got to learn some choreography at the start with daggers," Allan told Screen Rant Plus. "Doing all that helped me when I was going into the scenes where Ciri is training. ... The way I was training as Freya completely paralleled Ciri." To prepare for her role now required of her, Allan began training with the stunt department a month before filming began, and the stunt team admired her dedication to her training with some playful jokes.

She was happy to spend hours training every day

Freya Allan had new skills to learn for Season 2 of "The Witcher," and as a perfectionist, she wanted to make sure she got every detail right. When asked what was the most challenging part of training, she had difficulty answering. "I get very easily frustrated when things aren't going exactly as planned," she told ET. One of these challenging aspects was the elaborate obstacle course Ciri goes through as part of her training at Kaer Morhen. "I love the element, the fact that Ciri gets wounded, and then she's having to do the course with that," she said. "You have to consider that in your mind as you do the course."

"Our stunt team joked that they kept trying to throw Freya out by the end of the night," executive producer Lauren Schmidt Hissrich told ET, adding, "She just wanted to keep training, and I think part of it is, that's just who Freya is." 

It's obvious by the amazing fighting and training scenes Ciri is part of in Season 2 of the "The Witcher" that Allan is more than ready to be the warrior Ciri is to become. "I absolutely loved it, and I waited so long to do it that I loved every second of it," she told Screen Rant Plus. With Allan's obvious hunger for learning and perfecting new skills, the stunt department might actually have to lock the doors to keep her from training more.