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The CSI: NY Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

From 2004 to 2013, the familiar sound of The Who's "Baba O'Riley" filled homes everywhere. Fans knew, upon hearing that song, that "CSI: New York" was starting. The criminal justice team would spend each episode solving a case and developing their professional and personal relationships. "CSI: New York" was a spinoff of "CSI: Miami," where many of the New York investigators were introduced to audiences.

Fans grew to adore characters like Gary Sinise's Mac Taylor (who appeared in every single episode), Stella Bonasera, Danny Messer, Sheldon Hawkes, and more. Of the 10 main characters, four lasted the entire nine-season run. The other six were either introduced later in the series and remained until the end, or started off the show in the beginning and left part way through. This didn't stop fans from falling in love with all the characters, supporting their favorite romances and watching the characters develop lasting friendships.

Though everyone has their favorite, some people are more like certain characters than they may realize. Have you ever wondered which "CSI: New York" character suits your personality best? Read on to find out which character from "CSI: New York" you most align with based on your zodiac sign.

Aquarius: Danny Messer

An Aquarius (those born between January 20 and February 18) is an air sign. According to astrologer Aliza Kelly (via Allure), Aquarius signs are typically the most rebellious of all the zodiac signs and have a real humanitarian nature. Though they appear to be more tough than anything else, they have a hidden sensitive side that draws others to them, usually known only to their close circle of friends. This sign is also intellectual and curious. More than anything, Aquarius signs value teamwork and "the concept of the greater good," Kelly writes.

Danny Messer (Carmine Giovinazzo) is an Aquarius to the core. He's constantly butting heads with Mac Taylor on the correct procedure, rebelling against traditional evidence and opting to follow his intuition. He will also ignore advice and create tension in doing so, but it's only because he acts with such conviction. Mac always respects this about him, which is why he never gets fired. Though Danny seems tough, he's an empath at heart. This emotional side only comes out occasionally, but it's enough to draw others to him. He's typically cool and collected in his behavior, opting for a more intellectual approach, but will sometimes lose his temper. However, this is only because of how much he cares about people — he wants to get to the bottom of the evil happening in his city.

Pisces: Lindsay Monroe-Messer

Pisces signs (those born between February 19 and March 20) are constantly absorbed by their emotions. They live in the moment, taking in every experience as it comes. Sometimes this is good, and other times it makes things difficult. Their empathy and compassion help them to navigate these emotions, as long as they remember to ground themselves in reality. They are very observant and are easily able to adapt to their surroundings. This sign also has a knack for romance, feeling more involved the deeper their partner's emotions go. This is no surprise because of how their seemingly clairvoyant nature helps them connect with others.

Based on the traits of a Pisces, Lindsay Monroe-Messer (Anna Belknap) is the clear choice for the sign. Lindsay joins the team in Season 2, Episode 3. At this point, there's been a full season of developments that Lindsay missed out on. However, because of her Pisces nature, she easily adapts to the team. She comes from a small town, where she witnessed and survived a multiple homicide in which her friends were killed. She has strong emotions regarding this incident, and in turn feels a deep connection with cases revolving around people with similar backgrounds. She's very observant, often spotting details that other team members miss, and she sparks a show-long romance with Danny Messer after forming an emotional connection with him.

Aries: Sheldon Hawkes

The bold and determined typically fall into the Aries sign, which is those born between March 21 and April 19. An Aries will never shy away from a challenge, leading with their strong-headed nature. They motivate others with their blind optimism and undying passion for whatever they love. Aries signs don't let themselves get bogged down by unnecessary information, and they like to find solutions quickly. These impulsive characters are jacks of all trades and use their charisma to gain the trust of others. This sign is also playful, doing whatever is necessary to enjoy life.

The most positive "CSI: New York" team member is undoubtedly Sheldon Hawkes (Hill Harper), who is always looking on the bright side and trying to help his team see the good in people. He loves to make playful jokes to help his team deal with the seriousness of their jobs. Sheldon becomes the most trustworthy character on the show because of his persona, always using his positivity to motivate his team, which he considers to be his family. His undying Aries passion comes from keeping his team happy and safe. Sheldon is also a skilled floater, able to bounce between any problem because of his wide variety of skills. He can go from ballistics to crime scene recreation and splatter analysis easily.

Taurus: Peyton Driscoll

Taurus signs (those born between April 20 and May 20) require relaxing environments. They thrive in the serene, and without it they become anxious. Even though Taurus signs love luxury and being pampered, they are also hard workers. They have a lot of ambition and are often resilient when met with adversity. This sign is represented by a bull, a physical manifestation of their stubbornness. Taurus signs know when they're right, and will often go to great lengths to prove a point — or just prove themselves in general. However, their stubbornness is outweighed by their dependability toward their friends and romantic partners.

Peyton Driscoll (Claire Forlani) fits right into this category. She's a recurring character in Season 3, Season 4, and Season 6. She joins the team as a medical examiner. The London native goes through a lot while on the show, notably being assaulted in the morgue by people trying to steal a body. She is quick to prove herself and her skills, and she shows great resilience after her assault, displaying her Taurean traits. Mostly, Peyton shows her dependability to the team and in her romantic relationship with Mac Taylor, until she decides her loyalty is to her family back in London and leaves the show to stay with them.

Gemini: Don Flack Jr.

There aren't many signs more complicated than Gemini, those born between May 21 and June 20. According to astrologer Aliza Kelly, Gemini signs are "often falsely misrepresented as two-faced." In an Allure article, she explains that while they do have two distinct sides — one that's kinder and more compassionate, and another that's intense and moody — there's no underlying motives. This idea that Gemini signs are somehow sly is often the result of them having a lot on their plates, as they constantly work to pursue all of their varying interests. A Gemini is also no stranger to witty banter and loves to talk to anyone they can. They are interested in change and the progression of society, and they are known for transcending generations and being able to connect with pretty much everyone.

Who better to represent Gemini than the age gap bridge himself, Don Flack Jr.? Don (Eddie Cahill) knows the way of doing things from the law enforcement officials that came from generations before him. He finds a way to connect the NYPD traditionalists with the new CSI team members. The Gemini in him comes out with his ability to be witty with others and also have a compassionate listening ear. He has two distinct sides to him; one that's soft and loving (mostly reserved for his CSI team) and one that's more intense and short-tempered, which he adopts to play "bad cop" with criminals. He's very skilled, and often this comes from his desire to achieve his goals and foster the best criminal justice team possible.

Cancer: Adam Ross

The sensitive and emotional sign of the zodiac, those born under Cancer (June 21 to July 22) are prone to over-analyzing everything. At first, Cancer signs might seem distant or closed off, but this quickly melts away once you gain their trust. This sign is particularly protective of its own heart, but once they feel comfortable with people, they become protective of their hearts as well. This sign is loyal and will always commit to their people or their work fully. However, Cancer signs sometimes walk a thin line between being attentive and being controlling.

Adam Ross (A J Buckley) is certainly the resident Cancer of the "CSI: New York" team. He's insecure about his job, about his talents and what he lends to the team, and just in general finds himself talking too much to get his points across. His anxious persona causes him to be overprotective, and sometimes he will passive aggressively compete with his colleagues to prove his worth. He loves his team, though, so he grows very protective of them and puts a lot of trust in them. Nothing makes him feel better than proving himself to Mac and the rest of the team through his talents, which comes from an emotional attachment to keeping his job. His sensitive nature and insecurities make him a Cancer through and through.

Leo: Jo Danville

The royal sign that is Leo (July 23 to August 22) is fueled by attention. Most of the time that means seeking attention through theatrics, but sometimes this sign is just so naturally compelling that they can't help but attract the attention of everyone around them. Leo signs are natural leaders. They enjoy curating their friendships and relationships as if it were an art gallery. Leo signs can perceive others well, and use this skill to dedicate themselves fully to the right people. Sometimes, a Leo's intense level of determination can get in their own way, but their fortitude usually keeps them from failure.

Leo might be a controversial choice for Jo Danville (Sela Ward), as she's not necessarily prone to being vain. However, even if she doesn't actively seek attention, Jo commands attention through her persona and general presence. She struggles to form connections with her colleagues because of her skill of psychological probing, but once she develops a close professional and personal relationship with Mac, she fits right in. Jo is Mac's equal in every way, and her ambitious nature on the job helps her lead the team to solving many cases. She's stronger and outwardly less emotional than most of her colleagues, making her exceptionally great at her work. Everyone on the team loves her and sees her leadership qualities.

Virgo: Mac Taylor

Where there is an analytical mind, there is a Virgo (those born between August 23 and September 22). A Virgo sign is practical with little to no room for escapism. They're always detail-oriented, which makes them successful in jobs that require you to notice everything. They approach all tasks with meticulous care and have a knack for taking confusing situations and detangling the web. Outside of their painfully organized life approach, Virgo signs are also kind and supportive. They are resourceful and brilliant, using their commitment to work and to people in general to find improvements in every situation.

Mac Taylor is the leader of the "CSI: New York" team. As such, he's required to be absurdly organized, detailed, and practical. He has no time for fooling around in the workplace. Instead, he showcases his gentle side outside of work and only when necessary to ease his team so they can get back to the task at hand. He values integrity, and the separation of personal and professional lives. His knowledge base is seemingly endless, and his attention to detail makes him the skilled criminal law enforcer that he is. Though he's a workaholic, Mac still has time to play the bass guitar and have several romantic relationships throughout the run of the show. Nearly every Virgo description applies to Mac, and it shows through his leadership role in the series.

Libra: Sid Hammerback

Where there is harmony, there's usually a Libra sign (September 23 to October 22) nearby. "Libra is obsessed with symmetry and strives to create equilibrium in all areas of life," says zodiac expert Aliza Kelly (via Allure). "These air signs are the aesthetes of the zodiac: Ruled by Venus, the planet that governs love, beauty, and money, Libras adore high art, intellectualism, and connoisseurship." Kelly goes on to explain that Libras are intellectuals and like to surround themselves with other intellectuals, but they are also highly empathetic. They always consider all perspectives and charm everyone into loving them. They're loving, creative, and above all are great listeners.

The clear Libra of the group is everyone's favorite medical examiner Sid Hammerback (Robert Joy). He's known to everyone around him as a certified genius, and Sid values the other intelligent team members he gets to work with. He overshares with his colleagues, but mostly does so to make them feel comfortable in sharing things with him. However, even when his co-workers don't share what they're thinking, Sid's gift of perception helps him to understand what they're going through. He goes above and beyond for them, even inviting Mac to his family Thanksgiving celebration so Mac isn't alone. When a member of the CSI team needs someone to be there for them, Sid is someone they can always turn to.

Scorpio: Aiden Burn

Scorpio signs, who celebrate their birthday between October 23 and November 21, are undeservedly dismissed as the villains of the zodiac. They're passionate and powerful, and they are often seen as devious because of their outlook on life. This isn't necessarily true, though. Scorpio signs just see life as one large game in which they're determined to win and will always stay several steps ahead of everyone else to do so. They are goal-oriented, always knowing what they want and unabashedly chasing it. Because life is a game, Scorpio signs are sure to use their intuition at every turn. They are also very alluring to others, forming deep connections with friends and lovers. They can sometimes become too ambitious, transitioning into power-hungry territory. Ultimately, though, they just are set on getting what they want.

Aiden Burn (Vanessa Ferlito) definitely exudes Scorpio energy. As a native New Yorker, Aiden has an edge to her that comes across as overly intense sometimes. She knows what she wants and she chases it doggedly. She's constantly adapting to new situations and does so with ease, staying ahead of the game. When she gets fired from the team, Aiden applies for her license to be a private detective, determined to carry on doing what she loves. She forms deep connections with colleagues, but she doesn't let them get in her way.

Sagittarius: Christine Whitney

Sagittarius signs (November 22 to December 21) dare to ask questions and find answers where others might be afraid. They are adaptable and flexible, and they are natural explorers. They are always looking for something new to feed their spirit. Though these traits might make them seem more easy going than other signs, Sagittarius signs have a sense of blunt honesty that can cause misunderstandings and sometimes lead to hurt feelings. Even so, those born under Sagittarius are always looking on the bright side and seeing the good in the world. Their combined traits make them effortlessly charming to others.

Christine Whitney (Megan Dodds) is a recurring character who exhibits many traits of a Sagittarius. She's mainly on the show in the context of her relationship with Mac, who was good friends with Christine's brother Stan. When Stan died in active duty, Mac and Christine fell out of touch, but they later started messaging through Facebook and struck up a relationship. Christine owns a restaurant and is an astute businesswoman. She's very straightforward with Mac, which luckily is what he likes, so there are no misunderstandings or hurt feelings between them. She and Mac got engaged before the show got canceled in 2013.

Capricorn: Stella Bonasera

Capricorn signs (December 22 to January 19) are hardwired to achieve success. They are not only skilled with navigating professional plights, but they also have great emotional intelligence and resilience. "They are ambitious, determined, materialistic and strong," says tarot card expert Kelly Ward (via Cosmopolitan). "They will keep going when others would've given up ten miles back. This makes them great partners in life, as well as friends or collaborators." Famous Capricorns include Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama, Dolly Parton, and Bradley Cooper — but what about "CSI: New York" characters? Stella Bonasera (Melina Kanakaredes, who left "CSI: NY" after six seasons on the show) is the queen of overcoming adversity, making her the perfect Capricorn.

Stella grew up in an orphanage and worked hard to protect her close friend Mindy. She has a reserved energy that she brings to the team, but underneath it all she has a playful sense of humor. However, she won't deal with anyone's nonsense. She perseveres through every hardship, including watching Aiden die and being kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend. Throughout all of this — and all of the intense cases she has to work on — Stella holds her head high and remains graceful. She realizes that the long-run is more important than short term events, which helps her put life into perspective. Her intelligence, professionalism, and tenacity all are traits of her Capricorn identity.