Zak Wojnar

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New York City
The College Of Westchester
Movies, TV, Video Games, Interviews
  • Zak has years of experience as a writer, with credits at Game Informer, Screen Rant, Muscle & Fitness, Men's Fitness, Centennial Media, and more.
  • As an interviewer, Zak has spoken at length with hundreds of artists, actors, writers, and directors, sharing their stories with the world at large.
  • An avid video game enthusiast, Zak has reviewed countless AAA titles and written features, guides, and editorials about the realm of interactive entertainment.


Zak Wojnar is a New York City-based writer with over a decade of experience in his field. He's been published online and in print, discussing topics as varied as video games, movies, cheese, and the deli business. In 2018, he conducted his first professional interview, with director Antoine Fuqua, and discovered his passion for speaking with the artists whose work shapes our lives and worldview. Since then, he's covered countless NYC press junkets and interviewed hundreds of creators in person, by phone, on Zoom, and via e-mail. Zak loves sharing his appreciation for art with anyone willing to listen. Finally and most importantly, he once sang lead vocals in an all-male Madonna cover band.


Zak graduated from The College of Westchester in 2011 with a degree in Digital Media. Basically, that means he knows his way around a computer and can use his skills to minimize the barrier between his words and his audience.
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