Timothy Stevens

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The Silk City, Connecticut
Connecticut College, American University, University Of Hartford
Comics, Movies, Television
  • Tim has years of experience writing for multiple outlets with varying approaches to voice and content.
  • Outside knowledge gained from his studies in psychology and subsequent years as a therapist, both of which allow him unique insights into works of pop culture.
  • A genuine love of movies, television, comics, music, and literature that remains undiminished despite years of covering it as a source of income.


Tim Stevens has been freelance writing for nearly 20 years, a stunning fact considering his youthful glow. Most prominent amongst his early work was over a decade with Marvel.com where he earned the title "The Marvel Universe's resident therapist." These days, you can find Tim all over the place including as TV Editor for The Spool (thespool.net), Lead Comics Features Editor for CBR (CBR.com), and freelance film critic for WealthofGeeks.com. He likes you and he hopes you'll like him, too.


Tim has multiple degrees, predominantly in psychology. In undergrad, he pursued a studies that included psych, American politics — including a semester spent working in Washington, DC — and film as well as rising through the ranks of Connecticut College school newspaper The Voice.
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