Thompson Smith

Superhero And Superhero-adjacent Media, The 2001 Film "Mulholland Drive, " And The Network Television Mystery Series "Lost."
  • Thompson Smith has experienced the evolution of nerd culture firsthand, from its socially unacceptable '90s through the 2010s imperial phase fueled by tech fetishization and MCU ticket stubs. Today, he eagerly awaits the potentially terrifying future of nerds.
  • At one point in 2014, Thompson Smith pitched an article about a new cartoon called "Rick & Morty" to a major digital publication. The editors rejected the idea, because they didn't think "Rick & Morty" would ever become popular.
  • Many of Thompson Smith's earliest memories relate to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in some way, and he doesn't have enough room in his apartment to store his perpetually expanding comic book collection.


During his many years in the business, Thompson Smith has experienced the decadent highs and soul-annihilating lows of freelance pop culture journalism. He's done a little bit of old school newspaper reporting; he's done a little bit of irreverent alt-weekly stuff; he's popped up on a whole bunch of websites; he cowrote a couple of pretty terrible short films. Thompson Smith has not done it all. He has only done roughly 37 percent of it all.


Thompson Smith has acquired an M.A. in information gathering and dissemination from a prestigious institution. Thanks to inherited wealth, Thompson Smith was able to pay off his student loans. All of the remaining student debt in America should be canceled immediately.
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