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The DC Superhero You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Compared to other characters from similarly longstanding media franchises, the superheroes of DC Comics have maintained pretty consistent personalities over the years, making them ideal symbols for astrological alignments. There are some exceptions to that rule of course — Hal Jordan, Hawkman, and Roy Harper all pop to mind — but overall, the DC heroes and villains keep their personas pretty stable from one iteration to the next. This is especially true of the DC Universe's foundational trio – Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, and Princess Diana of Themyscira.

Sure, the march of history might demand a shift in their dispositions or powersets from time to time, or an occasional misguided costume change, but for the most part, DC has kept its key players pretty close to their original characterizations. So which signs of the zodiac match up with DC's Justice League and the other characters of the comic book canon? Read on to find out.

Aries: Wonder Woman

Those born under the sign of Aries — March 21 to April 19 — are thought to make effective leaders, innovators, and trendsetters. Creator William Moulton Marston based Wonder Woman on Greek mythology and wrote her specifically in the interest of women's empowerment. Superman and Batman both pull heavily from the pulp sci-fi and noir characters who preceded them, but Wonder Woman was a much more original concept when she debuted in 1941's "All-Star Comics #8." 

Before Princess Diana first left Themyscira, it was unthinkable for Amazons to depart their island paradise and live among mortal humans. Thanks to Wonder Woman's trailblazing sensibilities, however, Amazons travel back and forth without thinking anything of it in today's comics. Wonder Woman is also the first female member of the Justice Society of America. While the Justice League we know today is a long-established co-ed organization, a woman joining the team in the 1940s was a major deal.  

Additionally, Aries are known for their charisma and courageousness, which go part and parcel with their forward-thinking sensibilities. Wonder Woman's stories are filled with instances of her bravely taking the lead, like when she rallies the troops against the Centre in Darwyn Cooke's "DC: The New Frontier."

Taurus: Poison Ivy

According to astrological theory, Taurus kids — that's April 20 to May 20 — have a greater-than-average appreciation for their senses of taste, smell, and touch, and they may get more satisfaction out of activities that demand direct physical participation. In other words, they'd rather plant a garden than send a personal shopper out for produce. Is there anyone in the DC Universe who communicates with the physical world more often, more directly, and on a wider scale than Poison Ivy? Well, technically yes – Swamp Thing. However, it's difficult to determine whether Swamp Thing controls the green, or whether the raw power of nature incarnate itself is calling the shots. As such, it's tough to relate him to such a deeply autonomous and human label as the Taurus sign.

In contrast, Dr. Pamela Isley clearly retains her status as a fully independent individual who more-or-less tastes and feels things the same way we do. Hence, she's a great DC Universe representative for the Taurus sign. As it happens, Tauruses are also known for their enhanced romantic compatibility with Scorpios, which will be worth remembering in just a bit.   

Gemini: The Flash (Barry Allen)

Geminis — that would be birthdays between May 21 and June 20 — are human sponges who exist to absorb and dispense knowledge and wisdom. In other words, Geminis wish they could know everything. Barry Allen is a forensic scientist who can move fast enough to crack the space-time continuum and travel through history itself. Considering his ability to do seemingly impossible things like reading a book in a second or running to the future, the Flash actually has the potential to know everything. 

The Gemini inclination for intellectual engagement with their surroundings tends to make them pleasant company, which might be why the Flash is usually more fun to be around than that other detective in the Justice League. However, an individual can only retain so much information before the gravitas of it all starts to sink in. Being the Flash has a dark side too, after all. 

Barry doesn't simply soak in knowledge for its own sake — he understands the scope of existence, which compels him to make a noble sacrifice during the famous "Crisis on Infinite Earths" storyline. Granted, he eventually recovers from that sacrifice, but his selflessness in the moment is a testament to his heroism.

Cancer: Superman (Clark Kent)

Those born under the sign of Cancer — June 21 to July 22 — are known, in a broad sense, for sentimental attachments to abstract concepts like home and family. These traits instantly fit with Superman. He has a strong connection to both his birthplace of Krypton and his hometown of Smallville, Kansas. Furthermore, Clark is one of the few bona fide nuclear family patriarchs in mainstream superhero comics, and one of the only ones in the current version of the DC Universe. 

Cancers are also thought to exhibit an enhanced capacity for empathy, which is basically Superman's whole deal. A person with virtually omnipotent power doesn't devote himself to making the world safer without a strong ability to relate to other people on an emotional level. In addition, Cancers are thought to have greater romantic compatibility with other water signs, and since Lois Lane is notoriously steadfast and highly curious about other humans, she could easily be read as a Scorpio.  

Leo: Robin (Damian Wayne)

Leos (July 23 to August 22) generally aren't regarded as reserved or humble. Most of us like to be treated like the most important person in the room every once in a while, but Leos take it to a whole other level. 

In the case of Damian Wayne — the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul and the most recent individual to continue the legacy of Robin — his Leo-like tendencies sometimes cause him to behave like a pompous jerk. Other times, however, Robin's Leo energy pushes him in a positive trajectory, hinting at the great superhero he could potentially grow into. More than anything, Damian wants to be admired and respected.   

Leos are known for their ambitious instincts, and Damian certainly exhibits that quality, having inherited his father's compulsion to become an expert in every conceivable subject and combat technique. Confidence and comfort with being the center of attention can amount to superior leadership abilities, and while Damian doesn't have quite the resume in that department as former Robin Dick Grayson, he does wind up the de facto leader of a group of teenage assassins on the pages of his own "Robin" comic series.

Virgo: Mr. Terrific

Virgos — those born between August 23 and September 22 — have a reputation for efficiency and attention to detail. A quick read of 2020's "Strange Adventures" by Tom King makes a powerful case for Michael Holt, aka Mr. Terrific, as the proper representative of the Virgo sun sign among the DC superheroes.   

In "Strange Adventures," Mr. Terrific — reportedly the third-smartest person in the world — unravels an intergalactic espionage and propaganda conspiracy involving Justice Leaguer Adam Strange and a war between the planet Rann and the Pykkt Empire. Not only does he deploy top-tier deductive abilities to determine the truth, but the mission also mandates that he memorize and interpret the intricacies of the Pykkt language in a very short amount of time. In "Justice League Unlimited," Mr. Terrific temporarily takes on the role of the titular team's overseer and organizer while Martian Manhunter is gone. Having to arrange and keep an eye on simultaneous J.L. deployments across the world clearly requires near-superhuman levels of multifaceted thinking and a knack for mentally juggling lots of information at all times. All of that adds up to a strong case for Mr. Terrific as DC's resident Virgo.

Libra: Nightwing

According to common astrological wisdom, Libras (September 23 to October 22) make great romantic companions, coworkers, teammates, family members, and of course, sidekicks. There's no disputing the fact that Nightwing has developed his own identity and fanbase beyond Batman's shadow. However, we can't overlook that while Dick Grayson may not have invented the concept of teen sidekicks, he certainly perfected the vocation. Even if modern Batman movies have shied away from using the Boy Wonder, his presence in the 1966 "Batman" TV series set the template for what a superhero's pal is supposed to be for decades to come. If we were to rank the all-time greatest teen sidekicks in superhero comics, deciding who to place at the top of the list wouldn't be difficult.

Even after he moves out of Gotham to become his own man, Nightwing retains his penchant for team-ups as the cornerstone of the Teen Titans and a frequent collaborator of other erstwhile Batman proteges and partners. He's been a mentor figure for Damian Wayne and Jonathan Kent, a romantic interest for Barbara Gordan, and a surrogate grandson to Alfred Pennyworth. As is often the case with Libras, Nightwing's a pretty popular guy, embodying the air sign's penchant for cooperation, fairness, and being energized by people.

Scorpio: Harley Quinn

The sign of Scorpio (October 23 to November 21) is linked to a general enthusiasm for figuring out what makes other people tick. In theory, some of the traits associated with the water sign could lead a person to pursue a career in psychology. As fans of the comics will know, Dr. Harleen Quinzel approaches the Joker initially out of a professional responsibility to treat his mental health, and she only adopts the criminal henchman identity of Harley Quinn after developing a romantic attachment to the Clown Prince of Crime. 

Curiosity about other people can take a dark turn toward manipulative tendencies, but it can also foster passionate loyalty. Both of these habits are common for Scorpios. They're also both reflected in Harley Quinn's character — seen in different ways through her relationships with the Joker, Poison Ivy, members of the Suicide Squad, and many other DC heroes and villains. Shrewd, conniving, and always with a trick up her sleeve, Harley Quinn is a great pick as DC's Scorpio-bearer.

Sagittarius: John Constantine

Sagittarians — those born between November 22 and December 21 — are known as travelers, likely to set out on personal quests in pursuit of greater truth. Sometimes these explorations take the form of spiritual or philosophical studies, which could make Dr. Fate a good Sagittarius representative for the DC Universe. However, his role as Lord of Order ultimately limits the scope of his potential experiences. 

Dr. Fate might be able to travel to the furthest magical realms and examine the thresholds between realities, but has he ever thrown up in a ditch behind a pub in one of London's scariest neighborhoods? No. John Constantine, on the other hand, definitely has. He can travel and pursue different experiences in similar ways to characters like Dr. Fate and Zatanna, but he's also willing to go further than them — even to the point of self-debasement — in the interest of magical knowledge, or personal amusement, or just boredom.    

The fact that Constantine's comics typically appeared under DC's now-defunct Vertigo imprint until recent years bolsters the character's sense of worldliness even further. He's not confined by the standard laws of reality, proper behavior, or even the mainstream DC publishing line.  

Capricorn: Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)

Capricorns — those born from December 22 to January 19 — are known for their unshakeable determination and work ethic. No disrespect to Superman or Batman, but nobody understands those ideals better than a world-class superhero operating without any special powers or significant resources. As we know from Scott Beatty, Chuck Dixon, and Marcos Martin's "Batgirl: Year One," Barbara Gordon becomes Batgirl solely because she believes the hero is needed. It's an incredibly hard job, and no one really encourages her or aids her at first — Batman and Robin actually try to dissuade her — but those facts don't deter Barbara's efforts in any way. 

She even loses the use of her legs in Alan Moore and Brian Bolland's "Batman: The Killing Joke," but rather than abandon her crimefighting career, she reinvents herself as the virtually omniscient hero Oracle. Thanks to some timeline-altering shenanigans, she got full use of her legs back in 2011, but her current role in the "Batman" comics is still very similar to her Oracle persona. As far as romantic compatibility goes, Capricorns and Libras are said to be a worthwhile but often precarious match, which might explain why Barbara's relationship with Nightwing is so on-again, off-again.

Aquarius: Batman

Aquarians, born from January 20 to February 18, may often find themselves absorbed in their own thoughts in a way that reads as shy or aloof to the people around them. They also have a reputation for idealism. Often, the Aquarius impulse to change the world takes the form of social or political activism of some sort. In Bruce Wayne's case, it takes the form of an ongoing war against injustice in all its forms.

At the risk of overgeneralizing, the brooding intellectual archetype fits quite well under the umbrella of Aquarius. Batman spends much of his time solving mysteries in a cave beneath his gothic mansion. That alone makes him a pretty perfect fit. Furthermore, Batman's public interests don't end with his masked campaign against crime. In the guise of Bruce Wayne, he funds many charitable organizations through his virtually unlimited resources, with a particular focus on orphanages. He even donates significant amounts to Arkham Asylum. Bruce Wayne understands that money alone won't save Gotham City, but funneling his funds in a few helpful directions definitely doesn't hurt. 

Pisces: Shazam

The sign of Pisces, worn by those born between February 19 and March 20, resides astrologically at the end of the zodiac. As a result, those who bear the sign tend to exhibit a grab bag of characteristics from the entire chart and get along with basically all the other signs. They are also said to be very comfortable dealing with abstract, imagination-oriented modes of thinking. 

Shazam — a pre-teen named Billy Batson imbued with mythological abilities — is, contrary to the appearance of his superhero form, a literal wide-eyed child. Not only is he comfortable with abstract and imaginary concepts, but his entire existence is predicated on magic. Shazam checks off all the major qualifying boxes for a Pisces pretty much immediately. Not to overgeneralize, and certainly not to condescend to Pisceans, but they're often known as the goofballs of the Zodiac, and Shazam is the only hero who does a floss dance in his own movie trailer. That's some profound goofball business, and it's also big, beautiful Pisces energy.