Felicia Grady

Rhode Island
Pomona College
Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Walking Dead Universe, Wizarding World
  • Felicia has been working with the written word since 2012.
  • She is the former managing editor and current continuity editor of MuggleNet, where she oversees a small team of copy editors, while also copyediting herself.
  • Her favorite dictionary is Merriam-Webster, and she's an extensive user of IMDb.


Felicia has nearly a decade of experience working with the written word. From transcribing, to copyediting, to translating, she's engaged in converting, correcting, improving, and transcreating texts of all shapes and sizes. She got her start with the Harry Potter fansite MuggleNet, where she currently serves as its continuity editor, ensuring consistency across all content. As such, she now serves as Looper's resident Wizarding World expert.


Felicia has a bachelor's degree in Spanish from Pomona College, where she also studied French, German, and Russian, and practiced her Portuguese. Learning the grammar of five other languages has made her hyperaware of the intricacies of the English language.