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How Chris Pratt And LaMonica Garrett Bonded On The Set Of The Terminal List - Exclusive

Love it or hate it, "The Terminal List" was a huge hit for Prime Video in the summer of 2022 — and much of its appeal can arguably be credited to Chris Pratt, who stars as a former Navy SEAL hell-bent on revenge.

Pratt has been a commanding presence in Hollywood since 2014, when he shed his pudgy slacker image from the series "Parks and Recreation" to star in the blockbuster Marvel movie "Guardians of the Galaxy." In "The Terminal List," he steps back onto the small screen to bring Jack Carr's novel of the same name to life via an action-packed eight-episode series in which he crosses paths with rising star LaMonica Garrett, who previously appeared on the hit Paramount+ series "1883," which is now available on Blu-ray and DVD.

During an exclusive interview with Looper, LaMonica Garrett dished on the bond he shared with Pratt on the set of "The Terminal List" and what it was really like to work with the A-list superstar.

Pratt and Garrett bonded over their love of UFC fights

As Commander Bill Cox on "The Terminal List," LaMonica Garrett goes head-to-head with Chris Pratt's James Reese for having a hand in the death of Reese's family and his SEAL team. During their final clash, the two intensely tussle before Reese drugs Cox and dumps him in the ocean, where he eventually drowns.

In real life, though, things were much more amicable between the two actors.

"Chris is great," says Garrett. "He was a wrestler in high school, and we both love UFC fights. Me and him were behind the scenes talking [about] fighting. Then, we had a scene later on in the season where [we] got to fight — 'roll around,' as they would say in jiu jitsu. After filming, leading up to the release of [the show], we got to go to an actual UFC fight and sit ringside, which was fun."

As for what it was like working with Pratt, Garrett says, "Chris is a great dude to work with. He brings great energy and great enthusiasm from day one to the last day of filming, and it's always great to work with people like that."

Garrett's previous series, "1883," is now available on Blu-ray and DVD, featuring over two hours of bonus content, including never-before-seen featurettes.