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American Horror Story Season 11 Looks Set To Feature Plenty Of Familiar Faces

Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk established a small screen horror dynasty in October of 2011 when the first season of "American Horror Story" hit the airwaves. Set in environments ranging from asylums to freak shows, the program's season-long terrifying tales captivated audiences from the very start, hence why the program is still going strong. Though most would agree that some seasons are far better than others, they all carry some redeeming qualities with them. For instance, more often than not, the "AHS" cast list and the performances those on it produce are more than worthy of praise. 

Over the years, "American Horror Story" has featured a laundry list of acting talents who've gone a long way in making the series the fan favorite it is today. While some names haven't spent too long on the program, others have become synonymous with it by popping up season after season. After all, each season kickstarting a new storyline focused primarily on fresh characters has given some actors a chance to try out new roles in a familiar setting. Bearing this history in mind, since the announcement of "AHS" Season 11 in 2020 — alongside 12 and 13 — fans have eagerly awaited cast information, and it's finally here.

The "American Horror Story" Season 11 cast is not only stacked, but it looks to feature several familiar faces in addition to some new ones.

AHS Season 11 boasts a strong cast

As reported by Deadline on August 10, 2022, "American Horror Story" Season 11 will feature a fine blend of franchise favorites and newcomers to carry along its latest spooky story. As far as returning actors go, Zachary Quinto from "AHS: Murder House" and "AHS: Asylum" is making a comeback after leaving for an interesting reason, as is Billie Lourd from "AHS: Cult," "AHS: Apocalypse," "AHS: 1984," and "AHS: Double Feature." Issac Powell and Patti LuPone, who featured on "AHS: Double Feature" and "AHS: Coven," respectively, will also make their grand returns via Season 11.

When it comes to new additions to the world of "American Horror Story," only a few names have cropped up. Joe Mantello of "The Normal Heart" and "Hollywood" fame will appear alongside "Roseanne" and "Pose" alum Sandra Bernard and Charlie Carver from "Ratched," "Teen Wolf," and more. We'll have to wait and see if any other talents will join the crew, just like how we'll have to continue waiting for any information regarding what this upcoming season will entail. Deadline teases a 1970s or '80s setting.

Thankfully, we don't have too long to wait to see these actors doing what they do best, what the setting is, and if any fan wants have come true. "American Horror Story" Season 11 aims to premiere on FX sometime this fall.