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That '70s Show Fans Agree This Is The Best Friendship On The Show

"That '70s Show" features many great relationships between characters who spend much of their time in a Wisconsin basement. This is, of course, the basement of Eric Forman (Topher Grace) and his parents, Kitty (Debra Jo Rupp) and Red (Kurtwood Smith). The chemistry and humor that occurs between Kitty and Red and especially between Red and Eric serve up some of the show's most memorable moments. However, it's the friendships between the group of teenage friends that includes Eric, Donna Pinciotti (Laura Prepon), Steven Hyde (Danny Masterson), Jackie Burkhart (Mila Kunis), Fez (Wilmer Valderrama), and Michael Kelso (Ashton Kutcher) that is likely what contributed to most of the praise from fans and critics.

These friends go through a lot throughout the series, and many of them become notable couples. Eric and Donna are probably the most focused upon given that Eric is arguably the main character of the entire show. Then there's Jackie and Kelso, who are always on again and off again. With Fez and Hyde, they both date outside of the group a little bit but also have crushes on the women within their group. Hyde dates both Donna and Jackie, and Fez consistently crushes on Jackie until the 8th and final season.

Of course, Fez does seemingly end up with Jackie in the end, as they kiss atop the iconic water tower during the show's final episode titled, "That '70s Finale." However, this likely puts serious strain on what fans think is the best friendship on the show.

Some fans think that Kelso and Fez have the best friendship

According to a recent Reddit thread, some fans of "That '70s Show" believe that the friendship between Fez and Kelso is the best. Although u/berrybunniez initiated the conversation by noting the friendship between Eric and Hyde is their favorite, multiple fans would respond that Fez and Kelso are better. u/KylexLumien said, "I always knew Fez and Michael would make it!" Other fans said they would continue supporting the two. u/takeluckandcare quoted a funny interaction between the characters, and u/MyriVerse2 also explained that Fez and Kelso certainly beat out any relationship Hyde has. "I don't think Hyde ever understood what friendship really is," they said.

The support for Kelso and Fez wasn't super consistent, with many fans supporting various other friendships. u/bromli2000 noted that Jackie and Donna's relationship was likable, and fans like u/GavinatorSzK supported Fez and Hyde. "Fez being Hyde's 'little buddy' has to be one of the best," they explained. However, not only do Fez and Kelso share a lot of funny moments, but again, were (or are) in a relationship with the same girl.

Ashton Kutcher recently spoke with Entertainment Tonight about returning as Kelso for the upcoming spinoff "That '90s Show." Kutcher explained, "It's funny and it's weird. It was super nostalgic and really odd. Going back into the basement — just going back into the set was weird. And then being around everyone, it's just bizarre." Wilmer Valderrama is set to reprise his role as Fez as well, along with much of the main cast making appearances.