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The Xena: Warrior Princess Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

With its countless tales of ancient gods, warlords, and kings, there's just something about Greek and Roman mythology that continues to captivate the hearts and minds of people today. Of all of the many heroes to be written in films and TV series set in that world, one of the greatest was Xena, the warrior princess who took up the sword, whip, and chakram to protect those who could not fight for themselves on her path to redemption.

However, Xena didn't fight for justice all on her lonesome. Whether she was traveling through Greece, Italia, India, Siberia, or the Nordic lands, she surrounded herself with powerful allies and dear friends who were always willing to take up the cause at her side. From traveling bards to clever thieves, everyone in Xena's life played a role in her journey. To help you choose the right companion for your next battle, let's take a look at which "Xena: Warrior Princess" character you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Alti

Those fiery souls born under the Aries sign between March 21 and April 19 burn brighter than most, for better or worse. Villainous ram Alti is a reminder that an unhinged Aries can bring untold destruction down upon everyone they meet and ultimately even bring about their own demise. With her horned hood and gravelly voice, formidable ram Alti radiates confidence and can't help but embrace the powerful shaman abilities inside of her. However, as is often the case when faced with a powerful Aries spirit, the Siberian Amazons find her energy entirely too extra and kick her to the curb.

Alti's dominant ram spirit is nothing if not persistent as she uses Xena to kill the Amazons, harnessing the power of their souls for her own use. She also curses the spirit of Xena's unborn child Solan so that he will never know the love of his parents. As an Aries, Alti enjoys taking on a good challenge, whether that involves reaching through Gabrielle's and Xena's past and future lives to wreak absolute chaos or attempting to clone an evil Xena. If nothing else, Alti should serve as a warning to other Aries spirits that an intense smoky eye isn't enough to redeem you if you're literally a bloodsucker.

Taurus: Xena

Those lucky Taurean souls born between April 20 and May 20 identify with the baddest warrior in ancient Greece and beyond: Xena. While some signs seek leadership because they desire power, Xena steps into the role because it's necessary. As the Destroyer of Nations, Xena's Taurean all-or-nothing mentality took a dangerous turn as she conquered kingdoms as a ruthless warlord. The warrior princess would commit to her redemption arc with the same Taurus tenaciousness, as Taureans don't tend to dwell in between. This is evident when the chakram-wielder embraced a life of good and made amends after meeting Hercules.

Xena brings her characteristic tenaciousness and perseverance to every job, whether she's taking on local warlords or launching a rescue mission. She's also incredibly dependable –- when she and Gabby take a job, they can be counted on to get it done. Ruled by Venus, every Taurus spirit has a romantic side, and Xena is no exception. A seductive and warm lover, Xena makes her paramours feel special, whether she's snuggling up to Draco, Borias, Julius Caesar, Hercules, or the love of her life, Gabrielle.

Despite Xena's worldly ways, this bull is a laid-back spirit who enjoys simple pleasures like fishing and long soaks in a hot bath. While she spends her life traveling around the world helping others, Xena is perfectly comfortable with her own company. Like many of her Taurus brothers and sisters, this fierce fighter is friendly and kind but draws her inner strength from a few solid but close friends, including Joxer, Argo, and Gabrielle.

Gemini: Ares

If you get down to the Beatles' birthday song between May 21 and June 20 each year, your "Xena: Warrior Princess" zodiac buddy is Hellenic super stud Ares, the God of War. Part leather daddy, part sugar daddy, and all Olympian beefcake, Ares has the power to inflict lust with just a simple touch — as if the plunging neckline and bulging biceps weren't enough. For mercurial Geminis, the concepts of flirting and argument are indistinguishable, and Ares is at his hottest -– and best -– when he's being contentious. While he might be a player, he always shows up when summoned. 

While this literal Greek god is an exhilarating lover and a fabulous kisser, his warmongering ways are what defines him. As both the son of Zeus and the God of War, Ares is always up for a fight and will take out anyone who dares to cross his path. As a Gemini, he can't help but be opportunistic and manipulative to get what he wants. An alliance with Ares must always be seen as tenuous at best because there's a good chance he's just in it to start a war. 

He just can't help himself. When he isn't setting conflicts in motion, engaging in combat himself, or generally tormenting Xena and Gabrielle in some of the "Xena: Warrior Princess" scenes that took it too far, this macho deity gets bored. Like most of the Olympian gods, ego-driven Ares is narcissistic and craves the worship of his followers, who can't get enough of his warlike ways.

Cancer: Joxer

If you're a Cancer who celebrates birthday week from June 21 through July 22, your "Xena: Warrior Princess" character roams through the countryside and never needs a place to hide — he's Joxer the Mighty! He may not look like much with his janky armor and goofy smile, but Joxer is one of the best allies a warrior princess could wish for. This sensitive water sign is one of the kindest, most selfless souls in ancient Greece, and later Italia. 

Joxer bears one of the finest Cancer traits in his willingness to take on the problems of others. To that end, he will always fight for his friends or anyone who needs him, even when he's not really up to the challenge. Incredibly loyal and dependable, often to a fault, Joxer even steps back into the fray with Xena and Gabrielle decades after retiring to run his Xena-themed restaurant with wife Meg, a decision that leads to his heroic death.

Like the crabs they are associated with, Cancers tend to surround themselves with a protective shell. That could be a beloved hoodie or, in Joxer's case, his signature salvagepunk aesthetic armor and scabbard. No one takes him seriously, but they should because despite his lack of coordination and delusions of grandeur, Joxer is willing to put himself in danger time and again, often coming through in battle even if it's by accident. Another of Joxer's finer traits is his vivid imagination — even if it gets him into a little bit of trouble when he conjures three dancing Gabrielles with his saucy limerick.

Leo: Aphrodite

If your birthday falls between July 23 and August 22, your "Xena: Warrior Princess" zodiac representative is the Goddess of Love herself, Aphrodite. With her long and luscious blonde curls and sorority girl energy, this bubbly babe might look like a party gal, but she's actually one of the most powerful gods in the Olympian Pantheon. 

A total girly girl, Aphrodite loves to have a good time whether it's getting a full-body massage from some Hellenic Adonis or windsurfing in her Venus shell. While this sunny Leo was once pretty selfish and immature, often getting into rows with her sister Discord and fretting over her fandom, time and friendship mellow her, turning her into one of the warmest characters in the "Xena: Warrior Princess" universe.

Fond of wearing sheer pastel lingerie, especially in bubble gum pink, Aphrodite has a big personality and is just a teensy bit vain. Her vanity nearly damages her relationship with her son Cupid when he falls in love with the notoriously beautiful Psyche, ultimately leading to Aphrodite nearly crashing a wedding. However, as the lioness of the zodiac, Aphrodite's maternal instincts win out, and she ends up being a pretty great mom and eventual grandmother. Like all Leos, this romantic goddess loves to help others, and her favorite pastime is using her immortal gifts to spread love and passion among the mortal population.

Virgo: Minya

"Xena: Warrior Princess" fans who blow out their candles under the Virgo sign (August 23 through September 22) are lucky enough to relate to the formidable Minya. The ultimate Xena fangirl, Minya feels confident and powerful when she slips into something more battle-ready. As a sensible Virgo, she steps up when she knows she is needed without a second thought for her own safety. While she might not wield a chakram with the same finesse as her idol, Minya always manages to get the job done, even knocking the snot out of a warlord with her palm strike when he dares to take her on.

Like all Virgos, Minya can be a bit of a worrier sometimes, especially when her boyfriend Howar develops a little thing for Xena. However, anyone who knows Minya would tell her she's got nothing to worry about since she's something of a force to be reckoned with herself, especially with Xena's old whip in her battle gear inventory after Gabrielle swapped it for a frying pan. 

As an earth sign known for intelligence and focus, clever Virgos are always learning new things, and Minya is no different, beginning her stage career late in life thanks to Gabrielle's enchanted scroll. Minya also enjoys helping others, easily adapting to a different role in a play when the one she wants is already cast and creating a strategic plan to protect Argo from Ravenica at one point.

Libra: Gabrielle

Xenites who were born under the sign of Libra (September 23 through October 22) will no doubt identify with the most balance-seeking Greek in "Xena: Warrior Princess," Gabrielle. Once a simple, naive farm girl from Potidaea, Gabrielle always longed for something more than an arranged marriage and finally found it when Xena came along. Gabrielle has a silver tongue and can talk herself out of just about any situation from outwitting a cyclops who wants her for a midday snack to persuading Xena to let her join the warrior princess on her journeys.

Gabrielle has the Libran ability to see every side of the story, a gift that helps her to become a skilled writer and storyteller. Easily the most dynamic among Xena's friends and allies, Gabby makes the most of every experience on the road with Xena, learning to fight with a staff for the greater good alongside Xena before becoming an Amazon princess and earning the moniker of the Battling Bard of Potidaea. 

However, the time spent with Xena takes a toll on Gabrielle, who loses both her husband and daughter and later gets crucified by the Romans alongside her true love, Xena. As a Libra, she internalizes this pain while seeking a spiritual path and using her experiences to help others.

Scorpio: Eve

Scorpios (October 23 to November 21) often have a difficult lot in life, something few understand better than Xena's daughter Eve. As Livia, Eve was a fierce fighter who relentlessly slaughtered Eli's followers and Joxer during her brutal rampage, eventually becoming known as the Champion of Rome. While Eve has a dark Scorpion side, there is good inside of her, as she learns when the angels shine a light on her, leading Eve to repent of her sins and seek atonement — just as her mother once did. Scorpios tend to run a little deeper than most folks, a fact that is even truer for Eve as she is the reincarnated spirit of Callisto.

Like her fellow Scorpios, Eve is naturally good at making dramatic changes in her life, choosing a path of radical peace as the messenger of Eli. In her quest for redemption, Eve is sincere, genuine, and committed, traveling as far as India and China to share the message of pacifism and love.

Sagittarius: Autolycus

If your birthday dinner falls between November 22 and December 21 each year, your "Xena: Warrior Princess" character is Autolycus, the King of Thieves. A rouge with a heart of gold who is a dear friend to Xena and Gabrielle, Autolycus is an excellent ally for anyone making their way around the ancient world. As a Sagittarius, Autolycus has a natural propensity for navigating life's obstacles even if it means bending the rules to get around them. Despite his klepto ways, Autolycus originally got into the thieving business for morally just reasons, robbing the man who stole his family's land. In his life as an outlaw, he is committed to becoming the best in his line of work, and demonstrates his skills by plundering the Quallus collection and stealing back the Pax statue for the Festival of Peace.

Charming and just a little bit dashing Sag that he is, Autolycus has a showgirl ex-wife named Luscious and is often the friendliest person in the room. He also has his more difficult Sagittarian traits, particularly his overconfidence, as seen when he travels back in time using the Kronos stone to help his younger self pull off a heist. The sticky-fingered thief finds the younger Autolycus entirely too much to handle and ends up knocking him out and tying him up.

Capricorn: Ephiny

If your birthday falls between December 22 and January 19 but you'd rather spend it working instead of partying, you're a responsible Capricorn like Ephiny, Queen of the Telaquire Amazons. Duty-focused Capricorns are the most responsible people they know, and everyone around them loves them for it. For Ephiny, this duty to her people translates to excellence in leadership and helping the Amazons make peace with the centaurs after their long-standing war. As an Amazon queen, this Capricorn is also highly skilled in combat and is quite adept with a sword and staff.

Capricorns can have trouble warming up to people under the best of circumstances. For Ephiny, this means she has a tough time coming to trust Xena and Gabrielle after Gabrielle inherits Terreis' rite of caste. However, after she comes to know them, Ephiny sees them both as dear friends, becoming exceptionally loyal to Gabrielle. She also comes to accept the centaurs fully, even marrying Prince Phantes and has his child — even if we're not exactly sure how that worked.

Aquarius: Callisto

Born between January 20 and February 18, Aquarians who love "Xena: Warrior Princess" identify with Callisto of Cirra. Callisto's journey takes her down a long path from orphan to vengeful warlord to immortal and then demon, eventually becoming an angel before she is reincarnated as Eve. Ruled by Uranus, this air sign is known for being quirky, spontaneous, and unconventional in her methods. As an Aquarius, Callisto seems emotionally detached and has difficulty understanding her feelings. Underneath her cold and vengeful spirit is a need to feel justice for Xena murdering her parents, even if that desire mutated into something twisted and dark out of the serious trauma she suffers from.

One of Aquarius's most challenging traits is getting caught up in their feelings. For Callisto, who is normally a very agile and skilled fighter, this emotional side can often sabotage her success in battle when she ends up flying into a blind rage. As long as she is ruled by her emotions, the manipulative and sneaky immortal always has something up her sleeve, but after Xena sacrifices herself to save Callisto, the former foe becomes a being of goodness and light. After reuniting with her parents in Heaven, the reformed Callisto renounces her former ways, embracing the finer Aquarian trait of idealism and committing herself to fight for the greater good.

Pisces: Eli

The last sign in the zodiac, Pisces (February 19 through March 20) spirits are represented by fish. That's why it's fitting that your "Xena: Warrior Princess" character is Eli, who radiates "Jesus Christ Superstar" energy from every pore. Ruled by Neptune, this water sign is pure of heart and super into peace. Like his kindred Pisces spirits, creativity comes naturally to Eli and can be seen in his street magician act. Pisces tend to embrace the mystical, and this defines Eli. After he discovers that he is a type of divine healer known as a Devi, Eli puts aside the act and embraces the Way of Love, he goes full hippie Jesus and takes his message to the streets.

Eli's Pisces compassion is contagious, rubbing off on Gabrielle as she turns from the path of war to embrace a life of pacifism. However, with all of the love a Pisces has to give the world, these water signs can end up losing themselves, becoming overwhelmed with sadness as Eli does when he has to face his martyrdom. In times like those, having good friends to lean on is everything, and for Eli, the friend that gets him through is the angel Callisto.