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The Chicago PD Episode That Kevin Atwater Fans Would Love To See

When fans get to know a character on "Chicago P.D.," they well and truly get to know that character. Most longtime members of the main cast, such as Sergeant Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) and Officer Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati), have had plenty of screen time devoted to exploring their professional aspirations, their personal struggles, and their oftentimes complicated pasts, all in the service of constructing well-rounded characters that the audience can root for. However, even with "Chicago P.D." soon reaching Season 10, fans still have some burning questions about certain characters.

One current member of the main cast who fans have followed on the show since the very beginning is LaRoyce Hawkins as Officer Kevin Atwater. Viewers have watched Kevin's impressive growth into a seasoned member of police department's Intelligence Unit (even if the purpose of the Intelligence Unit team still confuses fans) and, judging by his status in the past several seasons, the officer seems poised to make the jump to the rank of detective soon. Though fans have gotten to see a lot of Kevin throughout the show, many are still hoping for a future episode to shed more light on a certain aspect of his character that has previously gone unexplored.

Fans want an episode revealing Kevin's backstory

For all the growth that fans have seen Kevin undergo on "Chicago P.D.," the character's backstory remains surprisingly vague. It's well-established that he was the primary caregiver to his two younger siblings up until Season 5, but no clear elaboration has ever been given regarding the apparent absence of his parents or how he ended up in such a family arrangement. Some fans have voiced their desire to see the officer's past unraveled on the show.

"Can we please get a Kevin Atwater backstory on how he came to be a parent to Jordan and Vinessa?" u/Not_floridaman wrote in a post on the r/ChicagoPD subreddit. "What happened to their parents?"

Commenters agreed that an episode devoted to fleshing out Kevin's history would be greatly appreciated. "We need a Kevin episode, something related to his family, like his dad or mum[']s past," u/jordsmart12 commented.

Hawkins has indicated his awareness of the ambiguity regarding Kevin's backstory. In an interview with Looper, the actor proposed an exploration of the character's past as a possible focus for a crossover with the other "One Chicago" shows. "There are so many different scenarios that we can fall into," Hawkins said. "It could be a love interest that takes him from show to show — maybe she got hurt or sick or something like that. It could be a family member. Or, we haven't met Atwater's father yet, so perhaps it has something to do with whoever that brother is."