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Why Chicago P.D. Season 9 Has Fans All Saying The Same Thing About Kim

Seeing as "Chicago P.D." has been on the air since 2012, it should come as no major shock that the main cast of the series has shifted quite a bit since it began. Many characters who were once major faces on the show eventually took their leave, while various new characters filled the vacuum and worked to become fan favorites in their own right. However, there are several current members of the main cast who have remained with the show since its very first season.

Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati), the straight-laced, yet cheerful, officer currently operating as part of the department's Intelligence Unit, quickly grew into a beloved character for many fans of the series as they watched her navigate through both her personal and professional life. One particularly emotional storyline centered on Kim even stands as one of the most heartbreaking moments ever on "Chicago P.D." However, the portrayal of Kim throughout Season 9 has many series fans buzzing about a far less savory aspect of her character that has come to the forefront.

Fans think Kim treats Adam poorly

The list of romantic relationships on "Chicago P.D." is far from short, but the rocky romance between Kim and Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) stands out. Things have gotten heated between them many times, but the implication has always been that they love each other. Unfortunately, some fans feel that Kim's attitude toward Adam in Season 9 was far too unfair and mean-spirited.

"I used to love Kim so much," u/Jessica19922 commented on a r/ChicagoPD Reddit thread discussing the pair's relationship. "She used to be my favorite character. But they've made her into a total Jerk. She's treating Adam like dirt." Several other commenters agreed that their previously high opinion of Kim dimmed due to her treatment of Adam. Some commenters, like u/EcstaticOrchid4825, felt that this is an issue of the writers dropping the ball. They added, "I think the show also missed an opportunity of exploring how Kim's abduction impacted her and explained her erratic behaviour towards Adam."

In addition to her own abduction in Season 8, Kim's adoptive daughter Makayla (Ramona Edith Williams) got kidnapped in Season 9 and the pair fought over how to resolve the situation. Makayla ended up safe, but the crisis put a bigger strain on the lovers' relationship than ever before. "I just feel like there's these fissures that will exist no matter what," Marina Squerciati said in an interview with Parade about Kim and Adam in Season 9. "Can they get past them? I'm hoping. But they were brutal to each other."

Whether Kim's treatment of Adam gets addressed on the show or not, the character herself must undergo some personal growth before she wins back the hearts of former fans.