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Why The Boys Season 2's Love Sausage Scene Was Such A Shocker For Laz Alonso

"The Boys" is the kind of superhero show that feels built to hold viewers' attention. While most superhero media is relatively bloodless despite a sizeable amount of violence onscreen, "The Boys" constructs a cruel and hyperviolent world for its characters to explore. Despite telling an emotional and politically resonant story overall, every episode has at least a few images that are likely to make viewers feel obliged to cover their eyes. That balance of social commentary and gross-out spectacle is a balance showrunner Eric Kripke works hard to maintain, but occasionally the balance tips heavily in favor of the former. For an example of that, look no further than the memorably-named character Love Sausage (Andrew Jackson).

Introduced in Season 2, Love Sausage is a patient at Sage Grove Center. A test subject for Vought International, he is injected with Compound V and gains a strange but hilarious power: His member grows into an enormous tentacle over which he has full control. It's a power Mother's Milk (Laz Alonso) discovers the extremely hard way (no pun intended) when he finds himself strangled by Love Sausage's extraordinary limb in one particularly graphic scene. After realizing what, exactly, was just wrapped around his throat, Mother's Milk is rattled, but Frenchie (Tomer capon) tells him, "Don't be so close-minded." 

The scene is exactly the blend of grotesque, horrifying, and humorous that has become the hallmark of "The Boys." But, as hard as it is to watch, that's actually the less extreme version of the scene. It turns out there's a deleted scene where Frenchie attacks Love Sausage and things get much more graphic. However, no one was more shocked by the scene than Laz Alonso himself.

Laz Alonso thought someone was messing with him when he heard about the Love Sausage scene

In a group interview for GQ (via YouTube), "The Boys" castmates Laz Alonso and Karen Fukuhara revealed that the scene where Alonso's character, Mother's Milk, is attacked by Love Sausage's, er, sausage came as a huge shock to him. In fact, the actor was so convinced it couldn't possibly be real that he assumed a prank was being pulled on him. "I noticed that some of my fellow cast members were taking sneaky shots unbeknownst to me while I was rehearsing," Alonso said, pointing to Fukuhara.

"You thought Karl [Urban] was pulling a prank on you," Fukuhara responded, going on to explain how Alonso approached her in total disbelief, asking if it was just a joke everyone seemed be in on except him. The Mother's Milk actor went on to explain that the scene had been added in new drafts of the script, and his copy wasn't the most up-to-date version. "In the first draft, my character just sees him on the CCTV screen, and he just goes, 'Oh man, bruh's got a love sausage.' That's it! And then by draft 11, it's strangling me," he recalled.

However, Alonso clarified that his suspicion was sparked because everyone on set found the scene so hilarious. "Everybody's, like, laughing and, like, giggling, and I'm like, 'Guys, that's really happening?' They're like, 'You might want to ask for a new copy of the script.'" After that, Alonso says he rushed to his trailer with the updated copy and freaked out reading it but did admit that folks on social media loved it.