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What You Don't Know About Love Sausage From The Boys

There was no shortage of new characters introduced on The Boys season 2, but few were as instantly unforgettable as Love Sausage. Introduced when Mother's Milk, The Female, and Frenchie break into the Sage Grove Mental Facility, Love Sausage is a supe whose power is a massive, tentacle-like penis he uses wraps around M.M.'s neck. Within the context of the show, Love Sausage feels like a NSFW sight gag designed to haunt M.M. for the rest of his days, but there's more to the well-endowed Russian than you might expect.

Love Sausage is actually an invention of Garth Ennis, and he plays a much larger role in The Boys comic book series. In fact, he's one of the few supes that Butcher actually likes. That's right, Butcher and Love Sausage are actually friends in the world of the comics — and that's just the beginning of this bizarre character's backstory.

Love Sausage is an ally to The Boys and a supe that Butcher doesn't mind working with

On the show, Love Sausage is just another unfortunate victim of Stormfront and Vought's attempts to engineer adult supes through the administration of Compound V. But in the comics, he's actually a former cop and ex-member of a Russian superhero group known as the Glorious Five Year Plan. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Love Sausage, whose real name is Vasilii Vorishikin, becomes disillusioned and drops out of the supe business to open a bar.

Jokey name aside, Love Sausage is actually one of the good guys (well, he's good by The Boys' standards anyway). When he's first introduced in the pages of the comics, he's already an ally of Butcher and his Boys. His powers are also different: Love Sausage does have an abnormally large appendage, but aside from hindering him from running when he gets ... well, excited, it doesn't play a role in his heroics. His real power is his superhuman strength and durability.

Love Sausage is also notable for becoming close friends with Hughie, who takes a liking to the Russian's special drink (it's basically just brake fluid). Ultimately, Butcher kills the supe in his ongoing mission to eliminate enhanced people from the world, but he manages to send a message to Hughie warning him of Butcher's goal before his death.

Will Love Sausage return on The Boys season 3?

Much like Butcher's pup Terror, Love Sausage is a fan favorite character that's tough to have around on a regular basis. In an Entertainment Weekly interview, series creator Eric Kripke revealed that the Russian supe was only added to the Sage Grove sequence because it was "just not crazy enough." From Kripke's point of view, Love Sausage is just a bit too out there to fit into the world of The Boys TV show on a regular basis.

"We just haven't been able to get to [him] because literally he's a giant Russian man with a huge d*** — that's his story — and that they are really tight in his super suit tights," Kripke explained to EW. "The name is ridiculous and it's all so ridiculous. Every so often Garth Ennis crosses over into something so absurd that it just wouldn't fit in the reality of the show." But after Love Sausage's appearance in season 2, fans are clamoring for more.

While it's early days yet, Kripke did reveal that the writers are discussing a scenario that would find M.M. and Love Sausage meeting once more. During the show's New York Comic Con panel, the showrunner shared that discussions to bring the character back are underway, according to ScreenRant. "Everyone pay attention to Laz's [Alonso] response and reaction as I say this, which is last week a writer pitched that this is not the last time Mother's Milk and Love Sausage interact. ... We're talking about it, there's conversation," he said.

If Love Sausage does return, his backstory will likely continue to diverge from his comic book counterpart's, but even with the changes, the noble Russian could make for a fascinating addition to the show's universe that goes far beyond all of those sausage jokes.