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The Netflix Original Movie You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The world of streaming has become so vast that it can be difficult to sort through all of the content at your fingertips. Luckily, this abundance also means there are plenty of guides and lists telling you what you should be watching. Though every streaming platform has been producing more and more content, no streamer has been more prolific than Netflix, the company that started it all. With hundreds of original movies and series to their name at this point, it can be overwhelming to find the one that's just right for you.

Now, we may not be Goldilocks, but we do have the tools at our disposal to describe Netflix's vast catalog in terms that are easy to understand. Not based on genre or mood, but on a classification that's much more ancient: the zodiac. But how can a movie be represented by a zodiac sign? Well, based on extensive calibration, we've devised a system that allows us to make these connections. Essentially, if you look at a film's ethos, its overarching storyline, and the behavior of its characters, these distinctions become clear. Don't believe us? Then keep reading to discover for yourself which Netflix original movie you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: The Fear Street Trilogy

It's only fair that the sign of Aries be represented by a horror movie, as the first sign of the zodiac is known for scrappiness and energy. Aries are fire signs, which means they have a lot of passion and drive. Those born under this sign are symbolized by the ram and the warrior, and they are all about action. Often prone to acting first and thinking later, Aries are competitive, courageous, and easy to anger.

First released in the summer of 2021, The "Fear Street" trilogy follows a group of teenagers as they try to undo an ancient curse that's been placed on their town. "Part One" takes place in 1994 and follows rebellious Deena (Kiana Madeira) and her friends as they investigate a series of murders that have ravaged their town of Shadyside. "Part Two" takes place in 1978 and depicts similar murders that occurred at a summer camp that year, and "Part Three" looks at the origin of the course, which goes all the way back to 1666.

All of the main characters in "Fear Street" have a will to survive, but none are more fierce than main character Deena. Deena isn't interested in following the rules or being nice -– she's driven exclusively by her need to protect her friends, her brother, and her girlfriend Sam (Olivia Scott Welch.) In "1978," Ziggy (Sadie Sink) has a similarly passionate nature. Everyone in the movie is pretty angry, and for good reason. Deena and Ziggy are angry about the circumstances of their lives and the murders they have to contend with. Meanwhile, Sarah Fier, the witch who originally created the curse, is angry about how the town treated her. It's an Aries trilogy if there ever was one.

Taurus: The Old Guard

Those born under the sign of Taurus are the most grounded of all the signs. As earth signs, they are known for being stubborn, patient, and very set in their ways. Associated with the archetype of the sensualist, Taureans love being surrounded by beautiful things and indulging in the finer things in life. Taureans also tend to be all-or-nothing individuals –- they'll either do something right or not do it all.

It seems fitting that the Netflix original movie that be paired with this sign is one that features characters that have no choice but to be patient for all eternity. 2020's "The Old Gaurd" follows a group of immortal warriors who are forced to go on the run when someone discovers their secret. They are led by the mysterious and wise Andy (Charlize Theron), who is the oldest of them all. They have the ability to heal themselves and therefore cannot die, but their lifestyle is threatened when their secret is exposed.

All of the warriors have an enduring, almost tranquil way about them, but none more so than Andy (whose full name is Andromache.) Rumored to be over 2,000 years old, Andy has seen everything there is to see, and it's pretty hard to ruffle her feathers. However, Like a Taurean traditionalist, Andy is extremely upset when outside forces attempt to disrupt her sacred way of life. It's a relevant dilemma for those who live the life of a Taurus –- sometimes you just want to be an immortal warrior in peace, okay?

Gemini: Tick Tick... Boom!

Aries may be the sign of action, but Geminis love to move. Often described as two-faced or two-sided, these monikers come from the fact that Geminis are extremely versatile and have a knack for adapting to any situation they may find themselves in. Known as communicators, Geminis are very cerebral signs who are sometimes accused of lacking sentimentality. They're extremely curious individuals who love learning and connecting with others.

In "Tick Tick... Boom!" Jonathan Larson has a frenetic energy about him that aligns well with the traits of a Gemini. The real-life Larson always felt he was running out of time -– something that would turn out to be truer than he could ever know –- and it's this energy that propelled him to keep moving forward.

The film is based on the semi-autobiographical musical of the same name, and it follows Larson (Andrew Garfield) as he struggles to save his languishing career. Larson is extremely dedicated to his work as a playwright and composer, but his one-track mind can be bothersome to his friends, who can't always trust him to be reliable. Like those born under the sign of Gemini, Larson is an entertainer at heart. The only problem is he doesn't always follow through when his friends and family need him. But, hey, at least he wrote "Rent," right?

Cancer: Dumplin'

While Geminis are sometimes accused of being un-sentimental, Cancers, the sign that follows them in the zodiac, are the most sentimental of them all. Emotional water signs, Cancers are very sensitive individuals who seek comfort from the world around them. They are strongly connected to family and home and are often deeply rooted in nostalgia. While they can be passionate and tenacious, on bad days they have a tendency to be moody or insecure.

The 2020 film "Dumplin'" fits in with the sign of Cancer both because of its characters and because of the tone of the film itself. Based on the book of the same name, "Dumplin'" follows a high school student named Will (Danielle Macdonald) who lives in a small Texas town. Her mother, Rosie (Jennifer Aniston), is a former beauty queen who doesn't spend much time with her, so she was primarily raised by her Aunt Lucy (Hilliary Begley), who died before Will's final year of high school. Will struggles to connect with her mother and feels insecure about her weight, but decides to enter a local pageant as an act of protest.

"Dumplin'" follows Will as she works to find her own self-confidence and keep the spirit of her Aunt Lucy – as well as their hero, Dolly Parton – alive. Will feels very loyal to her Aunt – a very Cancerian trait – and is angry with her mother for not being more supportive. But, as this is a movie perfect for Cancers, there is always room for reconciliation in the end. You can't go wrong with a movie that is as good-hearted as this one.

Leo: Dolemite Is My Name

Passionate fire signs, Leos are represented by the lion, and like their animal counterparts, like to think of themselves as rulers of their domain. Leos are extremely creative, passionate individuals who crave the attention and respect of their peers. Those born under this sign are drawn to luxury and tend to have a theatrical, extravagant way about them.

Of all the Netflix originals out there, 2019's "Dolemite Is My Name" is one of the most bombastic we could find. The film follows Eddie Murphy as Rudy Ray Moore, a comedian most famous for creating the "Dolemite" character, as he struggles to make it in the comedy business. He first introduces the character of Dolomite in his stand-up act, and then goes on to make a series of kung-fu blaxploitation films revolving around him.

Both in real-life and as portrayed in the film, Moore was an entertainer unafraid to ruffle some feathers (via Biography). He was committed to making it no matter what and was determined to break into the business by any means necessary, even if his peers didn't believe he belonged there. A confident player with a flair for the dramatic, Dolemite –- both the character and the man behind him –- is a Leo through and through.

Virgo: Enola Holmes

If we're being honest, most members of the Holmes family have a good deal of Virgo in them. Known as either the healer or the analyst, Virgos are the problem solvers of the zodiac. They are constantly judging everything around them, processing information, and trying to come up with solutions. Analytical, detail-oriented, and hard-working, they tend to think they have all the answers –- which they often do.

"Enola Holmes," based on the book series of the same name, follows the teenage sister of Sherlock Holmes, played by Millie Bobby Brown. A highly intelligent and exceptional young woman, Enola goes on a clue-seeking adventure when she wakes on the morning of her 16th birthday and finds her mother missing. Evading her older brothers Sherlock (Henry Cavill) and Mycroft (Sam Claflin), Enola travels to London and follows the clues her mother has left her.

All of the members of the Holmes family are extremely clever and adept at observing the world around them, and Enola is no different in this regard. She's an independent thinker with a keen talent for making connections and putting the pieces together. She may not be quite as humble and reserved as Virgos are often said to be, but Enola and her family have all the makings of a Virgo clan.

Libra: Marriage Story

The sign of Libra is all about balance. Symbolized by the scales and represented either by the lover or the diplomat, Libras tend to be cooperative individuals who are interested in equality and fairness. Relationships are important to Libras, as they often see themselves reflected in other people. Those born under this sign dislike mess and conflict, and they'll work to avoid confrontations.

There's nothing more relevant to a Libra than a movie about divorce. Of course, for Libras, the concept of divorce is something of a horror story, but that's also what makes this match so compelling. Noah Baumbach's "Marriage Story" follows a theater director, Charlie (Adam Driver), and his actor wife, Nicole (Scarlett Johansson), as they go through a harrowing divorce that spans across state lines.

Charlie in particular struggles with how to live his life now that he's no longer married, especially after he chooses to move across country to be near his son. If anything, the film illustrates what happens when a Libra gets thrown off balance and must re-calibrate the structure of their life. "Marriage Story" is quite literally a look at how the supposed scales of justice function in the lives of real people — something that's not always an easy pill to swallow.

Scorpio: The Power of the Dog

Jane Campion's Oscar-winning film "The Power of the Dog" is something of a slow burn. The film begins by focusing on rancher brothers George (Jesse Plemons) and Phil (Benedict Cumberbatch). When George brings home his new wife, Rose (Kirsten Dunst), things on the ranch begin to get contentious. Tensions rise even further with the arrival of Rose's bookish teenage son, Peter (Kodi Smit-McPhee), who develops an unspoken rivalry with the cantankerous Phil.

The sign of Scorpio is represented by the alchemist, and those born under this sign are said to be the most cunning and strategic in the zodiac. Intense and intuitive, Scorpios have a mysterious way about them and tend to keep things close to the chest. They can be passionate, loyal friends, but they can also be manipulative and controlling in order to get the things they want. Out of all the signs, Scorpios react the most strongly to any hint of betrayal.

Though Phil and Peter may seem like polar opposites when we first meet them -– Phil fashions himself as a macho, all-American cowboy, while Peter is more interested in reading and dissecting animals –- they come to realize they have more in common than one might think. In particular, Peter notices Phil's enduring devotion to an old-time rancher named Bronco Henry, and the two form an unspoken bond that Peter uses to his advantage. Neither man ever says exactly what he's thinking, but both are much more observant and intelligent than they might appear. Peter, in particular, has a darkly obsessive streak that Phil doesn't fully understand until it's too late –- just like the sting of a scorpion.

Sagittarius: The Hand of God

Represented by the archer and the philosopher, Sagittarians are known as the travelers of the zodiac. Those born under this sign are curious, restless, truth-seeking individuals who are always looking to better themselves. Friendly and idealistic, Sagittarians tend to defy the rules and have a passion for exploration. They seem to be on a perpetual quest for knowledge, but can sometimes be impatient when things aren't happening quickly enough.

Since the Sagittarius is often associated with exploration and learning, it seems fitting that it be paired with a coming-of-age film. Paolo Sorrentino's film "Hand of God" is an autobiographical account of his teenage years growing up in Naples in the 1980s. Obsessed with soccer but unsure of what he wants to do with his life, Filippo (Fabietto Schisa) has a personal reckoning when faced with a family tragedy.

Like any good coming of age story, "Hand of God," follows a young person as they discover new things about themself and ponder what the future has in store. In true Sagittarian fashion, Filippo is on a journey to discover his own personal truth and define his place in the world. Considering that Sorrentino grew up to make the film, it's safe to say he found it, but it's exciting to go on the odyssey with him nonetheless.

Capricorn: I Care A Lot

Known as the leaders of the zodiac, Capricorns tend to be individuals who are very interested in success. Often motivated by a sense of duty or responsibility, those born under this sign have a tendency to repress any emotions that might get in the way of them achieving their goals. Capricorns have a lot of discipline and self-control and are not always the easiest people to warm up to, at least initially. They love looking and feeling good and tend to be very career-focused.

As is true with every sign in the zodiac, when Capricorns give into their lowest instincts, they can be hard to love. That is certainly true of Marla Grayson (Rosamund Pike), the main character in the Netflix original "I Care a Lot." Marla is a court-appointed legal guardian, and she uses her reputation and slimy legal skills to swindle money from elderly people who don't have the means to fight back. She runs into a dangerous roadblock when she tries to fleece a woman who happens to have ties to organized crime.

Marla has all the traits of a Capricorn without any sense of morality or goodness. She's interested in monetary success above all else, and will disenfranchise anyone she can as long as she can turn a profit. The only person she truly cares about is her girlfriend, Fran (Eiza González), who happily helps her with her con. Luckily, most Capricorns aren't as evil as Marla, but it is fun to watch Rosamund Pike do her very worst.

Aquarius: Okja

Cerebral air signs, Aquarians are known as the humanitarians of the zodiac. Those born under this sign tend to be independent, progressive, and true originals. Maintaining their personal freedom is important to them, and for this reason, they can sometimes come off as aloof or starkly unsentimental. Eccentric and assertive, they might find themselves on the fringes of society because of their uncompromising beliefs.

Bong Joon-ho's "Okja" is a movie that cares very deeply about the state of the world. Essentially an animal rights film, "Okja" follows a young girl named Mija (Ahn Seo-hyun) who has been taking care of an enormous pig-like creature named Okja in the isolated mountains of South Korea. When Okja is kidnapped by a money-hungry conglomerate bent on using her for PR, Mija finds herself on an international mission to rescue Okja from the Mirando Corporation, joining forces with an animal rights group along the way.

Though Mija has a single-minded focus on saving Okja from people that mean to do her harm, her actions are those of a true humanitarian. She refuses to compromise any of her beliefs –- even when the animal rights organization asks her to –- and doesn't care what others think of her. Though the Mirando Corporation mean to use Okja as a symbol of their faux-progressive values, Mija won't let them. All Mija wants is a quiet life in the mountains with her giant pig –- is that really too much to ask?

Pisces: To All The Boys I've Loved Before

Pisces are the dreamers of the zodiac. Mutable water signs, Pisces tend to be compassionate, empathetic, and extremely intuitive. Romantic souls who are prone to daydreaming, Pisces often struggle to create boundaries between fantasy and reality. Creative and surprisingly wise, those born under this sign have the unique ability to appear both childlike and mature at the same time.

Female leads of rom-coms are often romantic dreamers, but none more so than Lara Jean (Lana Condor) from "To All the Boys I've Loved Before." A shy high-school student, Lara Jean has a lot of secret passions that she never shares with anyone. Too afraid to share her feelings with anyone, Lara Jean writes letters to all her crushes and then hides them in her closet. When Lara Jean's younger sister Kitty (Anna Cathcart) mails all of the letters to her crushes, Lara Jean must finally confront her feelings.

As water signs, Pisces tend to get lost in their own thoughts and feelings. And as mutable signs, they have a restless energy about them that can drive their creativity. For Lara Jean, she has spent so long luxuriating in her own feelings and private desires that she has no idea what to do when they are finally out in the open. This is an especially Piscean dilemma – she's spent so much time fantasizing about her crushes that she can't fathom what to do when reality and fantasy converge. But, this is a rom-com after all, so you know her happy ending is never that far out of reach. (You just might have to watch the sequels to find out what that ending looks like.)