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Netflix Is Giving Bob Saget Fans The Ultimate Send-Off With A Tribute Special

At the start of this year, the world lost one of its great comedic voices with the devastating death of Bob Saget. The actor, often referred to as "America's dad," had a prolific career. He starred as a widowed father on the hit sitcom "Full House" and later hosted the clip show "America's Funniest Home Videos." He went on to play another father in the WB sitcom "Raising Dad," and featured as the narrator on "How I Met Your Mother."

At the time of his death, Saget was still working as a stand-up comedian, citing the craft as one of his great loves. When news broke of his passing, love for Saget was felt across the entertainment industry. His fellow comedians opined him as equal parts kind and viciously funny. "You couldn't find a nicer or sharper wit than Bob Saget," Kathy Griffin wrote on Twitter.

Now, with a new announcement from Netflix, Saget will receive the send-off he deserves with a tribute to his life and work, hosted by his friends and family, premiering next month on the streaming platform.

A Tribute to Bob Saget will premiere in June

Netflix has announced that a special honoring Bob Saget's legacy will premiere on June 10, 2022, on the streaming giant as part of its Netflix Is A Joke comedy festival. Filmed at West Hollywood's famous comedy club, The Comedy Store, the special will feature Saget's former "Full House" co-star John Stamos. Other comedy giants such as Jim Carrey, Chris Rock, and Jeff Ross are featured, along with musician John Mayer, and many more stars.

Netflix describes "A Tribute to Bob Saget" as "a celebration of Bob's life in comedy" that will include Saget's friends and family. It will be part of a larger lineup of taped shows from the Netflix Is a Joke festival, which also includes a special paying tribute to other now-deceased stand-up legends hosted by John Mulaney, Chelsea Handler, Dave Chappelle, and Jon Stewart. Other comedy specials shot at the festival from Amy Schumer, Pete Davidson, Jane Fonda, Snoop Dogg, and more will stream on Netflix as well.