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John Stamos' Surprising Comments About His On-Set Drama With Bob Saget

For anyone that saw John Stamos and Bob Saget together, or heard them talk about each other, they seemed like the tightest of friends. They'd gush about their close friendship of 35 years, with Saget writing on Instagram that they were "closer than brothers," and what a better person he was because of having Stamos in his life. "He has always been there for me, even when I could be unbearable," Saget wrote.

According to People, Stamos gave a heartbreaking eulogy at Saget's funeral, a tone that was a mixture of complete vulnerability with a dash of dirty humor — something he obviously learned a lot about from Saget. "When I lost my parents, Bob was there for me like no other," Stamos said. "He told dirty jokes and talked about himself as he hosted my dad's funeral." He also brought up, very matter-of-factly, that he and Saget didn't get along when they first started filming "Full House" together in 1987. He coasted through it nonchalantly by saying that "It didn't take long for us to meet in the middle," but many people were surprised. How could there be a time when these two "closer than brothers" friends didn't like each other?

John Stamos clashed with Bob Saget on the set of Full House

In his eulogy, John Stamos said that during the filming of "Full House," he and Bob Saget got on each other's nerves. "We certainly had different styles of acting and how we approached each scene," he explained. "But at the same time, he [Saget] started to display what a brilliant comedic mind he had."

In the early days of filming the show, Stamos felt annoyed with Saget's jokes. "He was a comic," he told The New York Times. "If there was even one person on the set, he had to make them laugh." At Saget's funeral, Stamos was having a conversation with Saget's ex-wife Sherri Kramer, and while she told him how much Saget had always loved him, she also affirmed that "in the beginning, he hated you." Stamos was surprised, and she went on to tell him that "...he was so jealous of you. He would just complain about you so much."

Six years after "Full House" ended, Stamos's world came crumbling down when his father died. That period of time was what really made him grateful for Saget. "This guy steps up like nobody in my life because everybody else was busted up. My sisters, my mom," he told The New York Times. For Stamos, he realized what a true and rare friend he had: "...we just were there through all the most important moments. Now I have to get through them without him."