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The Ending Of Netflix's 365 Days: This Day Explained

Based on the second novel in a trilogy by author ​​Blanka Lipińska, "365 Days: This Day" is the continuation of Massimo (Michele Morrone) and Laura's (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) intense romance. "365 Days" caused some major backlash when it first dropped on Netflix — and the sequel isn't much better. Although "365 Days: This Day" seemingly offers the audience a new story, it recycles the same tired themes that were central to the first film. Laura hasn't exactly learned from the mistakes she made in "365 Days," and this complete lack of rationality comes with a price. Once again, she is left directionless and uninformed at the mercy of a man she barely knows. 

Now that "365 Days: This Day" is available on Netflix, viewers can finally see what happens after Laura's car accident at the end of the previous film. Laura and Massimo haven't prioritized the emotional health of their chaotic relationship, and this lack of a genuine connection causes plenty of tragic misunderstandings. Like its predecessor, this film series prefers eroticism over romance, a choice that's clearly evident as the plot moves forward. If you're looking for a recap of what happens at the end of "365 Days: This Day," then we've got you covered. Without further ado, let's dive in.

Being the wife of a mob boss isn't what Laura pictured

There's a bit of a time jump between "365 Days" and "365 Days: This Day." The previous film ended on a tense cliffhanger: Laura, who's pregnant, is involved in a serious car accident and her fate is left unknown. The sequel picks up sometime after Laura's accident. It's revealed that she miscarried after the trauma she suffered and hasn't yet told Massimo about losing the baby. The movie starts with their nuptials, and although they're now man and wife, Laura keeping secrets from Massimo indicates that she still doesn't fully trust her husband. Who can really blame a girl when he spent the last movie constantly touching her without her consent?

The pair head off on a luxurious honeymoon, but reality comes crashing down when they return to Sicily. Massimo won't let Laura leave their estate or do much of anything and she becomes even more disillusioned when he reveals that he has a brother he's never mentioned. After being forced to give up her job and her entire way of life, she wants to be respected as Massimo's partner. Instead, Massimo uses her as arm candy, expecting her to silently support him while he conducts business. Laura voices her discontent and watches as Massimo seemingly sneaks away to have a tryst with his ex-girlfriend, Anna (Natasza Urbanska). This betrayal is too much for Laura, who's already had to suffer through being kidnapped, manipulated, and lied to. 

Laura runs away with Nacho

On one of the many afternoons she spends lazing around the house, Laura encounters Nacho (Simone Susinna), a handsome, tattooed gardener that Massimo has supposedly hired. After witnessing Massimo with Anna, Laura runs into Nacho, who offers to take her away so she can start fresh. Despite Massimo's seemingly limitless resources, Laura remains hidden away with Nacho for most of the film. The movie presents Laura's relationship with Nacho as one where she has more agency and free will. Even though it's clear Laura misses her husband, it doesn't take much time at all for her to start fantasizing about her new roommate. 

These scenes are given more attention and feature better production design and choreography than anything else in the film, although that's to be expected. It's clear right off the bat that Nacho is no ordinary gardener. He lives a life of grandeur, all the while claiming that the wealth belongs to his father. At first content with this explanation, Laura is rightly upset when Nacho reveals that his father is a mob boss, as well. Nacho's family and Massimo's family are longtime rivals, and Nacho was tasked with getting Laura out of the picture using any means necessary. She's incensed that yet another man would try to exploit her, even though it's frequently demonstrated that Laura's primary character trait is that she's gullible. Despite her flaws, Massimo and Nacho are forced to team up when an old enemy threatens Laura's life.

It was the evil twin all along

In a twist anyone could have surmised, it turns out Massimo didn't cheat on Laura. It was his bitter twin brother, Adriano (also played by Michele Morrone), the whole time! Anna and Adriano are in cahoots with Nacho and his father. Apparently, Massimo is gaining too much power in the mafia world. His rivals have been conspiring behind his back to usurp his control and make Adriano mob boss in Massimo's place. Adriano, who keeps flicking his tongue like Barty Crouch Jr. in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," has always lived in Massimo's shadow. Driving a wedge between the newlyweds was shockingly easy and Laura quickly realizes that she's been fooled once again. Anna and Adriano relish their chance to finally hit Massimo where it hurts, but the situation swiftly escalates. It seems a convenient time for Massimo's signature bloodlust to make an appearance, but he barely bats an eye while his wife's being threatened. 

The movie concludes with an intense standoff that leaves viewers in exactly the same place the last movie did: Laura's life hangs in the balance and Massimo is desperately trying to save her. Compared to the rest of the film, it's pretty anticlimactic. Despite all the drama, we still don't know what happened to the cocaine container that went missing in the first film. With all of these unanswered questions to contend with, it's a good thing that Netflix is producing another follow-up film (via Deadline).