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What Happened To The Cocaine Container On Netflix's 365 Days?

Based on the novel by Blanka Lipińska, "365 Days" is a whirlwind from start to finish. Starring Michele Morrone as Don Massimo Torricelli and Anna-Maria Sieklucka as Laura Biel, the film chronicles Massimo's efforts to get Laura to fall in love with him over the course of a year. However, Massimo's idea of romance is a bit skewed. As a powerful mob boss, he has Laura kidnapped and essentially holds her captive, telling her that he won't touch her without her consent even as he's groping her without permission. The movie caused some major backlash when it first dropped on Netflix and it's easy to see why. The film has some very graphic sex scenes and doesn't shy away from dark topics like kidnapping, BDSM that borders on domestic abuse, organized crime, and drug use. 

The final moments of the film feature an intense cliffhanger, which might contribute to why viewers are so eager to learn about the fate of the franchise. Thankfully for fans, two sequels, based on the subsequent novels in Lipińska's trilogy, are currently in production at Netflix (via Deadline). While the movie mainly focuses on Laura and Massimo's burgeoning lust, other plot elements are present. There are a few loose ends in the narrative that are never resolved, including whatever happened to the stolen cocaine container that's referenced early in the film. However, one scene points to a potential answer regarding that particular puzzle.

One scene in 365 Days hints at the answer

Viewers will notice that cocaine is referenced twice in "365 Days." Once towards the beginning of the movie, when Massimo's business partner mentions that a container of cocaine has gone missing. The second time occurs later in the film after Massimo and Laura have already met. The pair head to one of Massimo's clubs, where he's meeting with members of a rival gang. There's a moment when a young woman walks around the room and offers lines of cocaine on a platter to Massimo's associates.

This quick scene could be an instance where the cocaine operates as a sort of Chekhov's gun, a dramatic device stating that every component of the story must be relevant or else it should be omitted. The second reference to cocaine could imply that one of Massimo's rivals stole the drugs, hinting at future conflict between the gangs.

While we can speculate about what happened, the cocaine container is not brought up again. Since it's only mentioned in passing and not central to the film's plot, it's not surprising that viewers didn't get a resolution on the issue. Massimo says that he owns a lot of businesses as well as being a mafia don, so perhaps some missing cocaine is but a trifling matter for him. It's also possible that the ending of "365 Days" was left ambiguous because Netflix is producing two more follow-up films (via Deadline). For now, the location of the cocaine remains a mystery.