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What The Cast Of Last Man Standing Looks Like Now

There have been plenty of amazing sitcoms that came out in the 2010s that have been adored beyond their runtime. "New Girl," "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," "Community," and "Parks and Recreation" all stand out as being the best of the best, but one sitcom managed to consistently reel in some of the best network ratings out there while also resurrecting itself from a year-long cancellation. That's right, we're talking about Tim Allen's second long-running sitcom "Last Man Standing." The series, a huge hit for Allen and company, might've been controversial in spots because of its more conservative politics, but that didn't stop folks from watching week after week.

After getting canceled by ABC after six seasons, the series was revived by Fox in 2018 and managed to run for another three seasons before coming to its natural end in 2021. Although it hasn't been too long since the series ended, we're looking at what the cast of "Last Man Standing" has been up to since (and in the meantime) while hoping to see some exciting stuff from them in the future. For this piece, we're only talking about cast members who were series regulars in their time rather than every recurring guest — sorry, Jay Leno. So log onto the Outdoor Man vlog, and let's get this show on the road!

Tim Allen (Mike Baxter)

Mike Baxter might be a bit uptight and more than a little outspoken, but there's no doubt that he's a family man who wants his wife and daughters to succeed. Although his conservative politics and macho self-reliance might get in the way of his close, personal relationships, Mike always seems to know the right thing to say. The only man in a family of women, he holds his cards pretty close to the chest but won't keep him from folding when he needs to. Of course, Mike Baxter wouldn't work nearly as well if he hadn't been played by comedy legend Tim Allen. 

Known best for his iconic roles as Buzz Lightyear in the "Toy Story" franchise, Tim "The Toolman" Taylor on "Home Improvement," and Scott Calvin/Santa Claus in "The Santa Clause" movies, Allen has been a staple in the film and television world for decades. He even got to reprise his "Home Improvement" role in the "Last Man Standing" episode "Dual Time" and returns as Santa in the Disney+ series "The Santa Clause," per Deadline

However, regardless of whether Allen is voicing sentient toys or riding around in a sleigh, we're always happy he's around! When Allen isn't working on any film or television projects, he certainly knows how to keep himself busy. Recently, Allen has spent time on tour and hosting his own home repair show, "Assembly Required," alongside his former "Home Improvement" co-star Richard Karn.

Nancy Travis (Vanessa Baxter)

Vanessa Baxter is the excitable matriarch of the Baxter clan, but she's often taken for granite — yeah, that was about as bad as her actual geology puns, but that's part of why we love her. Not only is she a scientist, a teacher, and a mother, but Vanessa has to put up with Mike week after week, and somehow she keeps coming back for more. Or, at least she seems to stick around. Nancy Travis was the perfect cast for this "Last Man Standing" role, as she never lets her on-screen husband get too out of hand, and always commands an audience. Even her geology puns aren't too bad!

Outside of "Last Man Standing," Travis is best known for her leading role in the Stephen King miniseries "Rose Red" and her work in the films "So I Married an Axe Murderer," "Three Men and a Baby," and "Internal Affairs." Of course, her longest-running television role is as Vanessa Baxter, but she also spends considerable time on the sitcom "Becker" in its final seasons, the drama series "Mr. Mercedes," and the popular 2020s Chuck Lorre Netflix hit "The Kominsky Method," starring opposite Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin. With such a wide range, it's honestly shocking Travis isn't more well known.

Alexandra Krosney (original Kristin Baxter)

The oldest of the Baxter sisters, Kristin, got pregnant in high school and spent the first season of "Last Man Standing" raising her baby boy Boyd (say that three times fast) while living at home and holding down a job as a waitress. This version of Kristin, played by the loveable Alexandra Krosney, worked hard to hold her life together and dated her father's newest employee, Kyle Anderson. However, she also had to deal with the not-so-graceful return of her ex (and Boyd's father) Ryan Vogelson, originally a one-off character played by a post-Disney Channel Nick Jonas.

Since her brief stint in the first season of "Last Man Standing," Alexandra Krosney has shown up in a few different feature films, such as "Barely Lethal" alongside Hailee Steinfeld, Jessica Alba, and Samuel L. Jackson. She has also made guest appearances on shows like "Emily Owens M.D.," "Aquarius," "Transformers Prime," and the children's cartoon "Rainbow Brite." Since 2016, it seems like Krosney has largely taken a break from acting, and her public life, altogether. She hasn't posted on her Twitter account since then, and the only acting credit she's received on IMDb recently is for a small role in an episode of the children's cartoon series "Archibald's Next Big Thing Is Here."

Amanda Fuller (second Kristin Baxter-Vogelson)

By the time Season 2 came around, "Last Man Standing" had completely rewritten Kristin Baxter from being a struggling teen mom into a slightly older, and more confident, single mother. Actress Amanda Fuller took over the role and completely made it her own, sticking with the series for the next eight seasons until it came to a close. This Kristin would eventually get back together with Boyd's father Ryan (who was also reimagined) and would even become a bit of an entrepreneur, opening up her own restaurant within Outdoor Man. You go, Kristin!

While her work on "Last Man Standing" has kept her busy since 2012, Fuller also had a guest stint on "Grey's Anatomy" as Dr. Morgan Peterson, played "Badison" Murphy on "Orange Is the New Black," and starred in the horror/mystery film "Starry Eyes." Walking the line between dramatic and comedic roles, Fuller certainly knows how to stretch herself, and with more work coming down the pipeline, we'll no doubt see more from her soon, especially after her directorial contributions to the final two seasons of "Last Man Standing."

Molly Ephraim (original Mandy Baxter-Anderson)

The middle child in the Baxter family, Amanda "Mandy" Baxter, is the odd one of the bunch. She's a bit absent-minded, or perhaps just preoccupied with new fashion trends and designs, but her big dreams more than make up for it. In fact, it's why she and Kyle become the most lovable couple on the show — they're just perfect for each other. Midway through the sixth season, the two even tie the knot, with her officially becoming Mandy Baxter-Anderson. There's a lot to love about the original Mandy, even her short judgments, and actress Molly Ephraim really sells it for the bulk of the series.

After "Last Man Standing" was unceremoniously canceled, Ephraim found work in more dramatic, recurring roles on shows such as "Brockmire," "Halt and Catch Fire," and the Hulu Original "Casual." Sadly, this made her unavailable to return to the role of Mandy Baxter when Fox revived the show a year later. Soon after she showed up on "The Act," "Modern Family," and Netflix's "Pretty Smart" in smaller guest roles, and in 2020, Ephraim played Hazel Prystock in Chapters 4 through 8 of the hit HBO period drama "Perry Mason" alongside Matthew Rhys and Juliet Rylance. It's clear that Ephraim has been working hard.

Molly McCook (second Mandy Baxter-Anderson)

When "Last Man Standing" returned to television (this time on Fox), the role of Mandy Baxter-Anderson was recast due to Molly Ephraim's budding career. Enter Molly McCook's new interpretation of Mandy, rewritten a bit to better match her absent-minded husband Kyle and create all-new material for McCook to work with. While some weren't too fond of the direction the series took with Mandy in the later seasons, others warmed up to her by the end, with everyone ultimately happy that they kept the character of Mandy on the series instead of writing her off entirely.

Before her work on "Last Man Standing," McCook had quite the career, which included a recurring role on Netflix's "The Ranch," a guest spot on Marvel's "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," and a role in the unproduced "Cruel Intentions" television pilot alongside original star Sarah Michelle Gellar. Since landing the role of Mandy on "Last Man Standing," McCook also held a recurring role on the Freeform series "Good Trouble" and appeared in the Discovery+ original movie "Candy Coated Christmas," among a couple of other short film roles. No doubt, she'll continue to surprise us in the future!

Kaitlyn Dever (Eve Baxter)

The youngest Baxter daughter is also not-so-secretly Mike Baxter's personal favorite. Eve Baxter is the smartest of the Baxter girls, with high athletic hopes that transition into a desire to serve her country in the U.S. military. Eve was a huge part of the series during the show's original run on ABC, but once the series was revived on Fox, actress Kaitlyn Dever was forced to take a step back. Still, Eve remained an important part of the show and returned as often as she could to reunite with her television family.

During and after her time on the show, Dever was launched into the spotlight through various film and television projects. Of course, she'll always be well known for her time on "Last Man Standing" and "Justified," where she played Loretta McCready. However, Dever's other projects, such as the coming-of-age film "Booksmart," the thriller "Them That Follow," and the film adaptation of the musical "Dear Evan Hansen" have really put her on the map. Aside from that, she's also landed regular and recurring roles in shows like "Dopesick," "Monsterland," and "Unbelievable." Dever has also lent her vocal talents to the video game "Uncharted 4: A Thief's End" and the Audible production of "When You Finish Saving The World." Out of all the actors on this list, Dever has perhaps the most impressive catalog of recent work.

Christoph Sanders (Kyle Anderson)

The doe-eyed but loveable Kyle Anderson has been a part of "Last Man Standing" since the beginning. At first, Christoph Sanders' character was the love interest for Alexandra Krosney's original version of Kristin Baxter, but once Season 2 began and the network reworked the show, Kyle became the new love interest for the middle Baxter daughter, Mandy. Eventually, Kyle and Mandy marry, start their own family, and Kyle begins splitting his time between Outdoor Man and their local church as he trains to become a pastor. Over nine seasons, Kyle certainly grew and changed a lot, and always for the better.

Following "Last Man Standing," Christoph Sanders hasn't done, well, anything! Prior to the series, he played Ned Banks on the popular "Ghost Whisperer" series that starred Jennifer Love Hewitt, and during the show's run he had small guest roles in "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," "Pair of Kings," and appeared in the films "Faith Based" and "Big Kill." Having directed one of the last episodes of "Last Man Standing" in 2021, we're hoping to see more of Sanders either in front of or behind the camera sometime soon!

Héctor Elizondo (Ed Alzate)

Edward "Ed" Alzate is the man behind Outdoor Man and Mike's oldest friend, both in years and mileage. Nevertheless, he remains a faithful part of the show for the entirety of his run, and Héctor Elizondo's consistent performance really sells it. Appearing in all 194 episodes, "Last Man Standing" wouldn't have been the same without Ed, who transitioned from a grumpy old man to Vanessa's step-father-in-law by the series' end.

Elizondo is most well-known for his roles in "The Princess Diaries" series and "Chicago Hope," and his work on the Tim Allen series hasn't kept this guy down. While on "Last Man Standing," Elizondo also played Fiero on "Elena of Avalor," Grandpa Beagle on "Mickey and the Roadster Racers," and Harry on the sitcom "B Positive." But that's not all, his feature work also includes roles in "The Lego Batman Movie," "The Book of Life," and "Mother's Day." With a vast filmography, and more in the pipeline, Elizondo shows no signs of slowing down any time soon, and we wouldn't want him to.

Flynn Morrison (classic Boyd Baxter)

No character had as profound an impact on Mike Baxter and "Last Man Standing" as a whole as Boyd Baxter did in the early seasons of the series. Boyd was initially conceived as an infant (played by brothers Evan and Luke Kruntchev), but by the second season, he was aged up to a toddler and recast as Flynn Morrison. Morrison's Boyd spent a lot of his time with his grandpa Mike and helped the Baxter patriarch soften up a bit throughout the show's original run on ABC.

Once "Last Man Standing" returned from cancellation and began airing on FOX, Morrison joined fellow cast member Molly Ephraim in not returning to the series, though not because he was busy with other work. Rather, Morrison seems to have retired completely from acting, with no sign that he'll return. In fact, his only other role outside of "Last Man Standing" was a small guest role on a 2012 episode of "Pretty Little Liars."

Jet Jurgensmeyer (final Boyd Baxter)

When "Last Man Standing" returned to television, this time on FOX, Boyd was aged up once again, now played by Jet Jurgensmeyer. Although he doesn't appear at all in the final season (he's just hanging with friends or something, right?), Seasons 7 and 8 see Boyd growing into a pre-teen with new challenges and opportunities. However, since his parents have their own things going, he begins to fall to the wayside before he is written off entirely.

Since his work on the Tim Allen series, Jurgensmeyer has been pretty busy. Aside from some live-action guest appearances on "Ozark" and "Live at Margaritaville," Jurgensmeyer has been working primarily as a voice actor in various children's animated television shows and movies. Some of his most recent work includes "Disney Animals," "T.O.T.S.," "Puppy Dog Pals," and "Shimmer and Shine," among others, all of which are aimed at young children.

Jordan Masterson (second Ryan Vogelson)

When Boyd's dead-beat dad Ryan Vogelson first appeared on the show, he was played by Nick Jonas. Yeah, you read that right. But after Kristin was recast and aged upward, Ryan was reimagined, too, with Jordan Masterson taking over the role. Over the course of the show, Ryan grew, changed, and developed into a solid father and husband who puts his family's needs over his own. Even if his political beliefs still tend to clash with those of his father-in-law, he's become a stand-up guy who has earned Mike Baxter's respect.

Off-camera, Jordan Masterson seems to have taken some time off following his appearance on "Last Man Standing." Having gone from a recurring guest role to that of a regular over the course of eight seasons, Masterson appeared in a few other projects during the show's run, including the films "Urge," "Bad Roomies," and the TV movie "Inland Empire." In the final season of "Last Man Standing," Masterson even spent some time in the director's chair. While the "40-Year-Old Virgin" star doesn't seem to have anything coming down the pipeline, we can only hope that we'll see him on camera again soon.

Jonathan Adams (Chuck Larabee)

It's hard to remember a time when Chuck Larabee wasn't a part of "Last Man Standing." Making his debut in Season 2, Jonathan Adams' character steadily becomes a series staple, always challenging Mike's "lone wolf" outlook on life and hoping to develop a deeper friendship with his neighbor. Upon becoming Outdoor Man's head-of-security, Chuck's reach grows beyond just a neighborly acquaintance with the Baxter family, and he becomes a vital part of the show, often seen sharing an after-work drink with Ed after a long day or fixing up old cars with Mike in the garage. There's no doubt that a gruff smile from Adams' Chuck can brighten one's day.

Aside from his role on the show, Adams has made a name for himself as a talented on-screen actor and a voice actor, often lending his talents to video games and action cartoons. Possibly best known for his distinct vocal range, Adams has played iconic villains such as the DC Comics character such as Darkseid on "Justice League Action" and the Red Lantern leader Atrocitus on "Green Lantern: The Animated Series." He has also appeared as the Marvel villain Ronan on the "Guardians of the Galaxy" animated series, as well as the Absorbing-Man on "Ultimate Spider-Man" and "Avengers Assemble." He also played the archangel Tyrael in the "Diablo" video game series. This guy certainly knows how to keep himself busy.

Krista Marie Yu (Jen)

After Eve Baxter leaves to pursue her dreams of joining the U.S. military, the Baxter family adopts a foreign exchange student from Hong Kong named Jen. Played by Krista Marie Yu, Jen quickly became a part of the family, filling Eve's role masterfully while also leaving room for her occasional return. Jen learns a lot about American culture from the Baxters and eventually decides she wants to be a social media influencer, but one who can teach others about one of her greatest loves: geometry.

Before joining the cast of "Last Man Standing," Yu was first noticed alongside Ken Jeong in "Dr. Ken" where she played the star's on-screen daughter Molly. Because of her break-out roles on these two sitcoms, Yu has been working pretty consistently since the ABC turned FOX series ended in 2021, with roles in various short films, the feature "Please Come With Me," and the animated Netflix series "Carmen Sandiego." With more work on the way, Yu's career shows that she's just like Jen, proud and determined to press on.