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The Moon Knight Episode 3 Fight Scene That Made No Sense To Fans

Marvel's "Moon Knight" series on Disney+ has provided some entertaining action sequences and fight scenes since debuting late last month, with Oscar Isaac's titular hero dishing out beatdowns to both man and beast. But there was one exchange during the show's latest chapter, Episode 3, which has left fans scratching their heads. 

As with previous episodes, Isaac's Marc Spector/Steven Grant characters are tasked with trying to figure out what's really going on with Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) and that crazy cult he's been leading. Spector/Grant is in Egypt during the episode, and he finds himself in a few dangerous situations while trying to track Harrow down. With Spector/Grant in servitude to Khonshu (F. Murray Abraham) — the Egyptian "God of the Moon" and "God of Vengeance" (via Marvel Database) — he is able to hold his own during these violent ordeals thanks to the protective Moon Knight suit and enhanced fighting abilities that Khonshu provides. 

But sometimes Spector/Grant doesn't even need to summon the suit, especially when the people he's fighting are absolutely ridiculous or don't appear to be a challenge. And that's exactly what happened in the fight scene that we mentioned earlier, which featured one of the most peculiar and outlandish moments yet in "Moon Knight."

'Who licks a knife during a fight?'

In one of the more absurd moments of "Moon Knight" so far, we see Oscar Isaac's Marc Spector get into a tussle with some knife-wielding goons who have been sent to try and stop him from reaching Arthur Harrow. During their melee, Spector is taunted by one of the thugs, who proceeds to lick his knife wildly — mid-fight. 

"He deserved to get his a** kicked after solely that," joked Redditor u/raisethecurtain in an Episode 3 discussion thread. "WHO LICKS A KNIFE DURING A FIGHT?" wrote u/Crosgaard in a post, which received nearly 2,000 upvotes. "Bro got his taunt interrupted!" added u/ComebackShane.

Moments after licking his blade, Spector is able to subdue the man and his two other cohorts before eventually blacking out, as he has done in the past. The character later finds himself in a random area somewhere, with all but one of the attackers dead. Spector — who has dissociative identity disorder — tells his other main identity, Steven Grant, that he's not responsible for the blackout. So only time will tell who might have really been pulling the strings during the fight — and the episode itself.