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The Best Station 19 Episode Ever According To Fans

The "Grey's Anatomy" spinoff "Station 19," which began airing in 2018, grew into an independently popular show within its first couple of seasons, now making the list of top-rated shows on Thursday nights (per Deadline). Following its predecessor's approach, "Station 19" follows the personal and professional lives of the first responders who work with the fictional Station 19 in Seattle.

With its ongoing Season 5 and a renewal for its next season already confirmed (per TVLine), the series has formed an unquestionable place among ABC's shows. Whether it is Andy's (Jaina Lee Ortiz) brilliant leadership of the group (and as the narrator in the show), the life-threatening situations that keep the viewers on the edge of their seats, or the dramatic turns in the characters' personal lives that make the narrative more interesting, the show delivers on all fronts.

But with several seasons already to choose from, is there an episode that portrays everything that the show is popular and beloved for? It looks like Station 19 fans might have found one such episode that speaks to them, not only because it contains nail-biting drama, but also because it takes into account one thing that the two Shondaland series are known for: taking cues from real-life situations and weaving them into the show's storyline.

Fans call the Season 4 winter finale the best episode

A terrifying situation arises in the Season 4 episode "Out of Control" when the crew is called to action by a Black woman claiming that her daughter and her friend have been kidnapped. She tells the Station 19 crew that she tracked her daughter's phone to a house nearby, but the alleged kidnapper calls the cops on her for trespassing. The police called to the scene don't believe her.

Just then, a fire breaks out in the house's basement. The firefighters rescue the kidnapped girls inside, but the kidnappers still deny the accusations of abduction. A cop's visible bias against the woman and the girls heightens the tension that explodes into an altercation between the firefighters and the police, landing the mother and two firefighters in jail.

A Reddit thread claimed this to be the best episode of the series, and several "Station 19" fans chimed in to agree. U/lovemeaux wrote, "Easily best episode ever of Station 19. it was so much tho. The Mom, the girls, Dean, Sullivan- emotionally [it] was a powerhouse and i was on the edge the entire time."

Redditors also applauded the show for its portrayal of the different responders to the situation, which created so much of the tension in the episode. U/richtermani wrote, "I like how the cops are portrayed. Maybe it'll raise awareness for their behavior towards the people they are supposed to help."

Fans commended the episode for its bold portrayal of the fraught situation, earning it the title of the best episode of "Station 19" so far. We'll have to wait until later this year to see if this season's finale can take that spot.