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This Look At Henry Cavill As Omni Man Is Flat-Out Fierce

Despite "The Witcher" and "Man of Steel" star Henry Cavill having seemingly no trouble getting cast in Hollywood, there is something about him (his computer skills, probably) that compels fans to want to cast him as everyone from James Bond, to Wolverine, to He-Man (via Cosmic Book News), to, oh yeah, the entire cast of "Game of Thrones" in a remake of the series (via Reddit). 

In fact, if all of the Cavill-focused concept art that various fans have created on Instagram were to all come to fruition, we could well be looking at a universe wherein Cavill finds himself starring in literally every TV series and film to even so much as pass through the minds of producers. This isn't to say anyone is necessarily complaining about a "Henry Cavill Is Everyone" Universe (or, HCIEU, as it will inevitably be dubbed), but it does seem as though it would pose a bit of a logistical problem for the actor. 

Some of the "Cavillry" also have their hearts set on the "Enola Homes" star suiting up to play Omni Man (aka Nolan Grayson), a complicated anti-hero/villain known for his extraterrestrial strength and characteristic mustache. Given Cavill's tumultuous history with facial hair, perhaps he could be an interesting fit?

Fans agree, Cavill pulls off a red suit

It was with this casting desire in mind that digital artist Daniel Savage decided to take matters into his own hands and whip up some compelling concept art depicting Cavill as the red-suited super being from the planet Viltrum. 

In a post on the artist's Instagram page, a mustachioed Cavill in a scarlet and silver chrome suit stands in the foreground of an explosion, his blood-red cape hanging behind him. A comment from Savage referenced a rumored "Invincible" movie and then ran straightforward into the pitch. "Because I would love to see @henrycavill as Omni Man," Savage said. "While I love his original suit design, I wanted to give him a Viltrumite war-inspired suit." The post garnered more than 1,200 likes, and while many fans were fully on board with the designer's vision, others weren't so sure. 

"I think it should be Jon Hamm [as Omni Man] and Henry [Cavill] as Thragg," wrote @gjsullivan1993. Additionally, @bazinga_guy_man_dude theorized that Cavill "is more sweet than psychopath, like I get [that] actors have range...but I don't see him as a dad to a 17 year old." Ultimately, while some commenters disagreed on certain elements of the proposed casting, most fans were in solid agreement that the fan art itself was fun to consider. 

Of course, whether or not Cavill will ever actually be asked to ditch his blue superhero tights for red ones remains to be seen.