Where Was Heartland Actually Filmed?

The popular Canadian television drama series "Heartland" has gathered a massive fanbase since its premiere in 2007. Based on the original book series of the same name, the show follows teenager Amy Fleming (Amber Marshall) in the aftermath of a family tragedy. When Amy's mother, Marion (Lisa Langlois), dies in an accident while saving a horse, she moves to a ranch owned by her grandfather, Jack Bartlett (Shaun Johnston). Throughout the seasons, Amy and her older sister, Lou (Michelle Morgan), are able to slowly bring the family ranch out of bankruptcy and create a great business with assistance from many others in helping train injured horses.

In the most recent season of the series, "Heartland" has grown the family at the ranch more than ever before. Of course, as usual the family also faces a variety of serious issues. So far this season, Amy and her family have encountered a variety of struggles, including everything from an unexpected intruder to a wild horse. While these might seem like big moments, they actually pale in comparison to more dramatic developments, including the return of the man who shot Ty Borden (Graham Wardle) and, perhaps most importantly, Amy's receipt of a massive sum of money from Ty's mother, Lily (Megan Follows). 

Fans will surely be pleased to hear that "Heartland" has already been renewed for Season 16 (via The Current), which is set to premiere sometime in the fall of 2022. By the time Season 16 rolls around, "Heartland" fans will likely be eager to return to the beautiful town of Hudson, Alberta, once more. However, it should be noted that Hudson isn't actually a real town in Alberta. Of course, this begs the question, where is "Heartland" actually filmed?

Heartland's Hudson is a real town outside of Calgary

Unlike some movies that will shoot in a completely different location than what is noted in the story, much of "Heartland" is based in Alberta, Canada, and actually shot in multiple locations around Alberta. However, given the fact Hudson isn't actually a real place, some little town had to serve as host to the cast and crew. Apparently, that's where the town of High River comes in (via TheTravel.com).

High River is located near Calgary, a place where many famous films and television series have been shot, including some scenes from 2015's "The Revenant" (via Movie-Locations.com). The small village of Millarville, which serves as the precise location for the fictional town of Hudson, stands about 48 minutes northwest of High River (via Distance Between Cities). According to Horsey Hooves, Heartland ranch, a real, legitimate business, is nearby. Although the ranch itself is private property, there are a number of nearby opportunities for fans and tourists.

Fans are even allowed to take official tours in High River to see other filming locations and authentic restaurants and motels that are used in the show (via Visit Calgary). Either way, it's amazing and relatively rare that "Heartland" gets to shoot essentially on location. Not too often do shows and movies actually shoot where the story is based, so it must be nice for "Heartland" fans to know that their favorite little town actually exists, just by a different name. Hopefully we see more of the beautiful Hudson, Alberta, when "Heartland" releases Season 16 sometime near the end of this year.