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Ian Bohen Reveals The Teen Wolf Actors He Wants To Appear On Superman & Lois - Exclusive

"Superman & Lois" fans who watched Tyler Hoechlin's MTV series "Teen Wolf" were elated by the news that former co-star Ian Bohen would head to Smallville to rekindle his villainous flame. Hoechlin and Bohen are duking it out on screen once again, but off-screen, they're the best of friends

Yet now that we've had one Beacon Hills reunion in Smallville, might we get more? If you ask Ian Bohen, that's certainly his hope for a few more "Teen Wolf" alums. So which of his Beacon Hills buddies does Bohen want to see crash-land on the set of "Superman & Lois"?

During an exclusive interview with Looper, Ian Bohen dished on which "Teen Wolf" actors he wants to see on the Tyler Hoechlin and Bitsie Tulloch-led series. He also dove into what it was like cultivating his dynamic with Hoechlin on "Superman & Lois" after Bohen played Hoechlin's villainous uncle on "Teen Wolf." 

Bohen wants to bring the Beacon Hills crew to Smallville

On which "Teen Wolf" actors he'd like to see on "Superman & Lois," Ian Bohen immediately said, "JR Bourne. We talk about him all the time. ... The three of us are peas in a pod. He would fit in so well up here." Noting that Bourne is an alum of The CW, Bohen added, "He's been on [The] CW on 'The 100.' He's from [British Columbia], so he would be coming home."

Bohen isn't the only one who's vying for this particular reunion, though. "I think Tyler [Hoechlin] is going to push for that. I don't know enough of the characters that we haven't seen yet and who's still available to be fit ... but he can do anything." Bohen noted. "One more, Sinqua [Walls]. He is a magician as an actor, and he's a beautiful man. He's wonderful. Again, he is the fourth pea in the pod. ... I don't know if we could get him, but if the four of us got together, please, please — [it would] be awesome." Fans would certainly get behind this foursome hanging out onscreen again.

He went from Peter Hale to Anderson

Ian Bohen went into how playing a villain in "Teen Wolf" with Tyler Hoechlin helped their dynamic on "Superman & Lois," saying, "When we knew I was going to do this job and we started looking at the dynamic of it — and keep in mind in the beginning, we didn't know where it was going to play out or how. We just had the dialogue, and the way [Superman and Anderson] spoke to each other."

On the similar approach to the characters, he added, "We had to really extract from that what is going on with them, but we did know that it was a very similar power struggle between Derek and Peter Hale. When we got stuck, we would always go back to, 'Let's not overthink it — this is just Derek and Peter.'"

While Derek and Superman aren't exactly the same, and Anderson and Peter are different flavors of villains, that already established dynamic certainly helped the actors get into character. "They're both powerful in different ways. They're both trying to do what they think is the right thing to do, and the other person's fighting them," Bohen explained. "That was our hook, and then our own work about what we were after individually would flavor it, and it seems to be, it's on parallel with that. It made it — I don't want to say easier. We certainly didn't want to do that relationship again, but we had a broad map of how to do it."

"Superman & Lois" airs Tuesdays on The CW with episodes streaming on the website the next day.