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Sandra Bullock Tells A Hilarious Story About Channing Tatum's Naked Butt And Leeches From The Lost City - Exclusive

Over the years, beloved actress Sandra Bullock has demonstrated she's a performer of many talents, as demonstrated by her hilarious comedy chops in films like "Miss Congeniality," "The Proposal" and "The Heat," as well as her command of drama in "A Time to Kill" and "Crash," and her power to inspire as proven by her Best Actress Oscar-winning performance in the true life football drama "The Blind Side."

But that's not all. Bullock put the pedal to the metal in action thrillers like "Speed," and gave an out-of-this-world performance in the sci-fi drama "Gravity." Basically, Bullock has done it all — well, almost all — that is, until her romantic comedy adventure "The Lost City," where, after 35 years in showbiz, she achieved a career first.

In "The Lost City," now in theaters, Bullock stars as Loretta Sage, a successful romance novelist who is kidnapped by a crazed billionaire, Abigail Fairfax (Daniel Radcliffe), who is convinced Sage's skills as a former archaeological student will help him find a priceless treasure. The problem is, the mythical "Crown of Fire" — as Sage wrote about in her newest novel — is hidden in an ancient city tucked away in a remote jungle in a very dangerous part of the world.

That doesn't detract Sage's Fabio-like cover model, Alan Caprison (Channing Tatum), from trying to rescue her. But while Caprison is clueless when it comes to the hero department, he luckily has a mercenary friend, Jack Trainer (Brad Pitt), that he can take cues from. Caprison does eventually find the novelist, but it turns out, in one particular instance, the writer is going to have save her completely uncovered cover model from a bloody mess he's gotten himself into.

Bullock had to pick leeches off a butt-naked Tatum in 'The Lost City'

In one of the most hilarious scenes in "The Lost City," Loretta Sage and Alan Caprison are forced to flee kidnapper Abigail Fairfax's men by wading into a jungle river, which, as it turns out, is infested with large leeches. Sage is safe from the bloodsuckers because she's mostly covered, but her casually dressed counterpart attracts a gaggle of leeches to all areas of his body, including his behind.

While the leeches that were used in the filming of "The Lost City" were fake, Channing Tatum couldn't fake his nudity and had to get butt-naked for the embarrassingly funny scene. In an exclusive interview with Looper, Bullock, while sitting next to Radcliffe, pointed out just how special of a gift an actor has to have in order to be a leech picker.

"I feel like there's a great technique to leech picking that has not been acknowledged yet in my work, and I'm glad you brought that up. Look, I did it with surgical precision," Bullock comically said with a straight face. "I think the question should be, 'How were you so amazing in that scene in picking the leeches off of some guy's butt?' It's like, it could have been anyone's butt. I would've been precise and methodical, no matter whose ass I was freeing from blood-engorged sacks. That's who I am as an actor!"

Radcliffe confirmed Bullock's firm assertions by saying, "She's a pro!"

"I'm committed. I'm committed. I should be ... committed!" Bullock added, laughing.

Produced by Bullock, directed by Aaron Nee and Adam Nee, and also starring Da'Vine Joy Randolph, Patti Harrison, and Oscar Nuñez, "The Lost City" is now in theaters.