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Whatever Happened To Teddy's Cult Members In Fear The Walking Dead?

AMC's "The Walking Dead" spin-off "Fear the Walking Dead" is now well into its seventh season on the air. And the way things are shaping up, it may ultimately give the O.G. series a run for its money in terms of season count. Ditto in regards to its willful dispatching of central characters: in fact, "Fear the Walking Dead" has likely already outdone its predecessor in terms of major characters entering and exiting its post-apocalyptic narrative.

Of all the colorful characters that have come and gone over the first six-and-a-half seasons of "Fear the Walking Dead," few have been quite as fascinating — or as menacing — as Theodore "Teddy" Maddox. Portrayed by John Glover through much of the show's sixth season, Teddy was a convicted serial killer who, amid the zombie apocalypse, formed a Doomsday cult bent on cleansing the Earth via some good, old-fashioned nuclear-powered hellfire. As it was, Teddy didn't live to see the aftermath of that master plan. Here's what became of his faithful doomsday worshippers.

Some of Teddy's followers are still wreaking havoc on Fear the Walking Dead

As a brief refresher, Teddy did indeed meet a suitably violent end in the Season 6 finale of "Fear the Walking Dead." He did so at the hands of one of his followers Dakota (Zoe Colletti) just as his master plan to cleanse the Earth was enacted. Dakota was, of course, killed by the nuclear blast. At the time, the rest of Teddy's faction was, however, tucked away in an underground shelter that may or may not have been nuclear blast ready.

We learned early in the first half of Season 7 said shelter held up surprisingly well. And not only had many of Teddy's followers survived the nuclear blasts, they'd organized themselves into a small army called The Stalkers. Not surprisingly, that crew (now led by Spenser Granese's Arno) were still hellbent on carrying out Teddy's vision. Part of their mission promptly became taking down Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) and his oft-nefarious crew, who rode out the explosions in a high rise building they're now calling the Tower.

That fight was ongoing as the first half of Season 7 came to a close back in November. And you can be beyond certain it'll be a major part of the "Fear the Walking Dead" narrative when the series returns to AMC for the second half of that season on April 10, 2022.