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The Fear The Walking Dead Character Fans Are Loving After The Latest Episode

You can call her Virginia, or a Pioneer, or even key-master. A lot of folks just call her Ginny. But the one thing every Fear the Walking Dead fan calls her is "villain." And since making her first appearance on The Walking Dead spinoff midway through its fifth season, the fearsome ginger has more than lived up to that billing, ruling over her Pioneer faction less with an iron fist than with a stony will and cunning intellect.

More pointedly, Ginny (Colby Minifie) has become the one thing the series has arguably been missing over its 85-episodes-and-counting run on AMC: a brutal, whip-smart, potentially unhinged antagonist on the level of a Governor (David Morrissey) or a Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). While Virginia has yet to go full-blown psycho like those major Walking Dead villains, she's so far proven every bit as manic and manipulative in her run, perhaps even more so as her escalating blood feud with Morgan (Lennie James) has become one of FTWD's most compelling plot lines. 

The latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead gives that feud a breather, but finds Ginny rising further in the ranks of nastiest Walking Dead baddies before getting a touch of comeuppance at the hands of a vicious walker and the do-gooding June (Jenna Elfman). As it happens, the episode (titled "Bury Her Next to Jasper's Leg) also finds Minifie delving deeper into the character than ever before, showing a more human side than most fans expected, though that humanity may well prove to be just another cruel layer of manipulation.  

Whatever the case, it seems Ginny will be a force to reckon with on Fear the Walking Dead for the foreseeable future, and series fans apparently couldn't be happier about the fact.

Fans think Virginia is becoming one of the best baddies in the Walking Dead universe

Per a recent Reddit thread discussing the episode, many Fear the Walking Dead devotees were so taken with Ginny's arc that they weren't just happy she survived — they actually found themselves rooting for her. That's largely because those fans aren't yet ready to see big bad Ginny go the way of so many Walking Dead baddies before, but it has just as much to do with them wanting to see more from the woman who portrays her. 

User danielpirvan seemed as shocked as any FTWD fan by how well the Ginny character is being developed: "I can't believe I'm saying this, but Virginia is growing to be one of the best villains in the walking dead universe." Redditers davey_mann and tigeristhebeast heaped on equal praise of their own, with the former posting, "Ginny was the star of this episode, easily. I'm surprised at how much I'm starting to like this character," and the latter adding, "they even made me feel sympathy for Ginny, I actually like her now lol."

Even as fans continued to praise the character as one of the series' best, there was just as much love thrown in the general direction of Colby Minifie for imbuing the ruthless Pioneer leader with such depth. As OrangeBackpack312 stated simply, "Colby Minifie was amazing in this episode." That statement was met with agreement from TheGoverness1998: "Yeah, she killed it. It's really nice how Virginia isn't a one-dimensional villain," Freazywolf piled on even more praise by posting, "Finally people realize Virginia's potential. Colby M. was AMAZING."

Yes, both the character and Minifie's work in Fear the Walking Dead are worthy of that all caps declaration. And like the rest of FTWD fandom, we can't wait to see where Ginny goes from here.