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HBO Hackers Leak Curb Your Enthusiasm Episodes

The hackers haven't loosened their hold on HBO. 

Per The Hollywood Reporter, the group of cyber criminals targeting HBO have struck again, releasing a handful of unaired episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm. The show, which has been on hiatus for six long years, is set to make its highly anticipated return with its ninth season in October.

Also included in this most recent leak are Sunday night's episode of Insecure as well as what appear to be episodes of the network's lower-profile television series such as BallersBarry and the Deuce, an unspecified comedy special, and "other programming," according to THR. If there is an upside to be found here, it's that the hackers haven't released any additional material related to Game of Thrones. Previously, a Thrones script was uploaded online.  

These hackers first gained entry into HBO's computer network in late July, and have been on a rampage, continuing to dole out stolen information and content over the past few weeks, including the aforementioned Game of Thrones material and a slew of sensitive HBO documents such as employment offer letters and what's been estimated as a month's worth of emails from the account of a network programming executive. HBO acknowledged the attack around the time the initial breach occurred and has since revealed that the hackers are demanding a multimillion-dollar ransom. 

It's been reported that the criminals could also be in possession of personal information addresses, phone numbers, and social security data of HBO employees, as well as intellectual property like unaired network programming. Avivah Litan, an analyst with information technology research company Gartner, indicated that the hackers will likely use the materials as leverage to get what they want. "It's kind of like kidnap and ransom and torture," Litan explained. "Eventually HBO may have to give in."

Contrary to Litan's statements, however, HBO confirmed in an email statement that it is "not going to participate" in giving hackers attention or communication with the individuals in question, despite them threatening to drop "bits and pieces of stolen information. 

It doesn't seem like the collective behind the HBO hack are going to stop any time soon, so while we wait to see how the situation plays out, check out some of the most ridiculous movie and TV hacking scenes of all time.