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Inde Navarrette Reveals Why She Wants Her Superman & Lois Character To End Up Like Stiles From Teen Wolf - Exclusive

Every superhero or supernatural show needs that one human character without powers or fantastical lineage who grounds the story. In "Teen Wolf," that's Stiles Stilinski, and in "Superman & Lois," it's shaping up to be Lana's daughter, Sarah (Inde Navarette). Of course, both shows have another significant thing in common: They both star Tyler Hoechlin.

While on "Teen Wolf," Stiles is best friend to Scott (the show's main werewolf), on "Superman & Lois," Sarah is Jordan Kent's girlfriend — one of the twin sons of Clark and Lois and the one with super powers. The critical difference between the two shows comes in the knowledge of those secret identities. Of course, Stiles is there when Scott gets bitten by a werewolf so he's in on it. However, Clark convinces Jordan to abstain from sharing his secret with Sarah.

Jordan's secret isn't wholly his to tell, after all. Superman is in charge of protecting the entire world and not just a tiny California town with a bizarre wolf population like in "Teen Wolf." The stakes of the Kent family secret is just a tad larger, and outing that identity will put everyone in danger. But, at the end of the day, just like Stiles, Sarah is strong in her own right and doesn't need a paranormal or alien plot to make her interesting or relevant. And let's face it: If she really wanted to kick Jordan's ass, she no doubt could — powers or no powers.

During an exclusive interview with Looper, "Teen Wolf" fan Inde Navarrette revealed why she thinks her character Sarah should end up like Stiles.

A character without super powers that is powerful

When discussing whether Inde Navarrette was a fan of her castmate's previous projects before signing onto "Superman & Lois," she admitted to Looper, "I definitely don't tell anybody. I was a huge fan of 'Teen Wolf' growing up, and I think my big fat crush on Dylan O'Brien [who played Stiles] saved me from losing my mind whenever I saw Tyler [Hoechlin] because I was like, 'Okay, I have to work — I have to be a person.'" She added, "I also was 14 once, so forgive me. [Tyler is] a phenomenal actor. Seeing how everybody can change and also that people aren't their characters, that's also very beautiful to see." Yes, even actors have guilty pleasures.

Navarrette has firm ideas on if she'd like Sarah to develop her own super powers down the line, or if she enjoys playing the clueless human on "Superman & Lois," kind of like Stiles. She said, "I like the fact that Stiles doesn't [have powers]. He is that person, but also, at the same time, I'm going to be extremely jealous of the people who get to be hooked up to wires." Navarrette then mused, "If Sarah were to have a superpower, it would be her physical strength and determination and courage to ... If she decides to fight, and she physically learns how to."

The actress mentioned "Teen Wolf" again when answering what her favorite TV show or movie is, as she joked, "Oh, my God. If I reference 'Teen Wolf' one more time ... I am really showing my colors, and I can't because I work with these people, [laughs] and I'm supposed to be cool."

"Superman & Lois" airs Tuesday nights on The CW with episodes streaming the next day.