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Atlanta Season 3 Trailer Was Worth The Wait

Fans have long been waiting for word on the return of Donald Glover's "Atlanta," and now they have their first look at Season 3, debuting March 24 on FX. Since its debut in 2016, "Atlanta" has been a signature hit for FX with the series often blurring the lines between drama, comedy, and other genres like horror. With five Emmy Awards, "Atlanta" is no stranger to acclaim, but fans have unfortunately had to wait for a long time for new episodes of the series. 

Season 2 of "Atlanta" aired in 2018, leaving viewers stunned with jaw-dropping episodes such as "Teddy Perkins." The third and fourth seasons of the show were shot back to back, but like so many other projects, it was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. FX has now released the first trailer for the show's upcoming third season, giving fans a long-awaited look at what Earn (Glover), Paper Boi (Bryan Tyree Henry), Darius (LaKeith Stanfield), and Van (Zazie Beetz) have been up to since fans last saw them. 

Atlanta is moving to a new continent

While the first two seasons of "Atlanta" have primarily kept to the hot streets of, well, Atlanta, the new season will be moving our characters to Europe. The new season will be following rapper Paper Boi's European tour, and the trailer promises the typical blend of hard-hitting drama and comedic scenarios fans have come to expect from a series that has only aired two seasons over approximately six years. 

As is typical of creator and star Donald Glover, plot specifics about Season 3 of "Atlanta" have been relatively quiet. According to the scarce plot released, the show's main foursome find themselves navigating "their new surroundings as outsiders" and struggling "to adjust to the newfound success they had aspired to" (via Uproxx). Tensions look high in several moments during the trailer. Judging from the latest "Atlanta" trailer, it doesn't look like these characters will be doing much laughing this season.