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30 Most Popular Bob's Burgers Characters Ranked Worst To Best

Over the 12 seasons it has been on the air, "Bob's Burgers" has been serving up wacky characters on a greasy platter with a side of fries. One of the show's main characters never takes off her pink bunny ears and that's considered normal in the world of the Belchers. The animated family comedy is still going strong on FOX with a feature film coming to theaters later this year. After all these years, the Belcher family is still in our hearts.

But it's not just Bob (H. Jon Benjamin), Linda (John Roberts), and the kids. The regular cast goes much deeper than this, often featuring the greedy landlord Fischoeder or the Belcher's handyman Teddy. Not to mention all of Gene (Eugene Mirman), Tina (Dan Mintz), and Louise's (Kristen Schaal) eccentric classmates. From main cast members to characters that only make a handful of memorable appearances, fans of the show have dozens of favorites to choose from. Here are the 30 most popular "Bob's Burgers" characters ranked from worst to best.

30. Nat Kinkle

A late addition to the cast of characters, Nat the limo driver is one of the best to come out of the show's more recent seasons of "Bob's Burgers." She was introduced in the Season 8 Valentine's Day episode "V for Valentine-detta," and appears a couple more times in the 10th season. Voiced by Jillian Bell, Nat is a bumbling, uncomfortable adult who is as well-intentioned as she is awkward. Her last name is a fun reference to singer Nat King Cole, although she doesn't seem to share many characteristics with her namesake. 

Nat returns for a couple of Season 10 episodes, where it is confirmed that Nat is queer. In the episode "Just the Trip," Nat is distraught over the breakup with her ex-girlfriend. She takes the Belchers on an adventure to the exotic animal farm where her ex works in a misguided attempt to get her back. 

29. Mr. Ambrose

Celebrity voice actors are a bit of a staple on "Bob's Burgers," especially for some of the infrequently recurring characters. Billy Eichner channels his boisterous comedic energy through his voice performance straight into the character of Mr. Ambrose. The Wagstaff librarian is a secret agent of chaos, despite the typical put-togetherness we expect of school librarians. Ambrose lacks all composure and the result is a character who is fun anytime they are on screen.

His chaotic nature was most present in the Season 3 episode "Topsy," where Louise is forced by a substitute teacher to do a science project on Thomas Edison. Remembered best for the song "Electric Love," this fan-favorite episode features Ambrose in a pivotal role. He points the kids in the direction of the sources they find that tell the dark truth of Edison and his experiments with Topsy the elephant.

28. Logan Berry Bush

From the moment they met in Season 3's "Ears-y Rider," Logan and Louise have been bitter rivals. In the first episode to feature this high-schooler who apparently loves picking on 9-year-old children, Logan steals Louise's bunny ears. This move ticks off Louise so bad she has no choice but to hate him forever. The defiant teen is a wonderful foil to Louise's childish stubborn streak and is a solid recurring character that isn't overused. 

Logan appears in most seasons after his debut, but rarely has a speaking role more than once per season. His most recent appearance was in Season 11, in the episode "Better Off Sled." He makes rivals of the entire Belcher clan by using his teen strength and cunning to keep them from sledding on the big hill.

27. Jimmy Pesto Sr.

The inferior of the two Jimmy Pestos might not be a good guy, or even a likable guy, but he's been at the center of countless hilarious "Bob's Burgers" episodes. As Bob's rival and neighbor, Pesto runs his eponymous Italian and pizza joint, which pales in comparison to Bob's establishment. His rivalry with Bob is a defining character dynamic of the show, and Pesto Sr. appears in over 40 episodes of the show. 

We are unsure of where this pretty major character goes in the future, however. Last year it came out that Jay Johnston, the actor voicing Pesto, participated in the 2021 Capitol Hill riot (via Decider). Johnston will not be returning to the show to voice Pesto in the voice. The character has not appeared in any Season 12 episodes and it is uncertain if he ever will again. Farewell, Jimmy Pesto; you won't be missed by Bob. 

26. Mickey

Mickey (voiced by Bill Hader) is a strange and fantastic character. In his first appearance on the show, Mickey is the bank robber in the incredible Season 2 episode "Bob Day Afternoon." He really isn't as scary as his rap sheet makes him sound, though, and during the hostage negotiations he and Bob strike up a little friendship. Bob likes that Mickey enjoys his food and wants to rub it in Jimmy Pesto's face, while Mickey likes Bob because he doesn't want to go to jail for robbing a bank. All friendships have to start somewhere.

After serving a year of hard time before being let go, Mickey returns to the restaurant looking for a job in the next season's "Bob Fires the Kids." He goes straight from here on out, although his gig at the restaurant doesn't quite work out. In later episodes, it is shown that he got a job at Wonder Wharf and is seemingly on the straight and narrow.

25. Courtney Wheeler

Courtney (voiced by David Wain) is a sixth-grader at Wagstaff who once dated Gene. Way back in the day that was Season 3's "The Unbearable Like-Likeness of Gene," Courtney was introduced as Gene's first girlfriend. She is known for always sucking on her heart-shaped necklace and doing various other off-putting and alienating behaviors. Maybe this is what makes her perfect for Gene. 

The will-they-won't-they between the two sixth-graders continues into Season 6 with "The Gene and Courtney Show." Courtney mellows out over the years (in our real-world time, not in "Bob's Burgers" cartoon time, which never moves forward) and the two become friendly. Over the course of the show, Gene doesn't seem to have as many friends as Louise or even Tina, so Courtney usually means we are in for a top-tier Gene episode. 

24. Miss LaBonz

Yet another character voiced by H. Jon Benjamin, Miss LaBonz is Louise's fourth-grade teacher. The large, chain-smoking woman has a gruff voice and way over-it attitude, but deep down, she really cares...right? Uhh, seems like a no. She makes a brief appearance in the pilot "Human Flesh," but isn't given a voice until later in Season 1 in the episode "Lobsterfest." Since then, she has been one of many authority figures standing in Louise's way to achieving a perfectly chaotic world.

In addition to teaching Louise and her class, Miss LaBonz is Wagstaff's faculty adviser to the drama program. This is seen in "Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl," where she chooses Courtney Wheeler's musical over Gene's "Die Hard"-inspired production. In this episode, we learn LaBonz has a soft spot for Carly Simon and bribes. Cut her some slack, though, she has to deal with Andy and Ollie every day.

23. Jocelyn

Mean and popular girl Tammy Larsen is a major supporting character on "Bob's Burgers." Always tagging along is Tammy's best friend Jocelyn. She's an annoying eighth-grader, but let's be honest: every eighth-grader is annoying. It helps that we never get too much of Jocelyn, but she's always there with Tammy for a comment that makes us laugh. She is never the star of an episode, but she is one of the funniest supporting characters at Wagstaff.

We can't help but feel bad for Jocelyn, who fits the classic "dumb blonde" stereotype. Always hanging out with a best friend who puts her down and clearly doesn't respect her probably won't lead to anything good in adulthood. Here's to holding out hope that she sees the error of Tammy's ways and finds a new BFF. Maybe it will be Tina. Probably not. Sorry, girl.

22. Speedo Guy

This character, who's been appearing since the beginning, still doesn't have an official name, but he's one of the best parts of the "Bob's Burgers" anyway. Officially, he is just Speedo Guy (via the Wiki). The roller-skating diva doesn't earn a spot on this list for his rich characterization and memorable story arcs. No, Speedo Guy is here for the show's commitment to the bit. And for H. Jon Benjamin, who gives the voice to this running gag.

He first appeared in the pilot episode of "Bob's Burgers." Since then, he can be seen roller skating in and out of conversations, always for just a brief cameo. Speedo Guy is one of the best and longest-running gags in the show. He has appeared in every season with the exception of the current one, Season 12. For old times' sake, we are hoping to see him in one of the episodes once this season continues in the spring.

21. Millie Frock

If she hadn't stuck around beyond her debut episode, Millie would still be a great "Bob's Burgers" character. Starting as an irksome classmate who is obsessed with Louise, Millie ends up being another character she treats as a rival. We are starting to think maybe Louise is the problem here.

Showing up for the first time in Season 4's "Fort Night," Millie annoys Louise to the point where she can't take it anymore. When Louise and her friends get stuck in a cardboard fort overnight, Millie finds them, but proceeds to be as annoying as ever. Louise gives Millie a piece of her mind and she gets vindictive, trapping the Belchers and Andy, Ollie, and Darryl inside. The episode even shows Millie's ruthless manipulativeness when she convinces Bob and Linda not to look for their kids. Throughout the series, she appears as a malevolent force with a temper who needs some serious parenting.

20. Harold and Edith Cranwinkle

These two are inseparable, so we figure it's only fair they share a spot. Edith (Larry Murphy) and Harold (Sam Seder) own and operate the local art store, Reflections, where the Belcher kids are far from their favorite customers. Harold is the butt of the joke, often taking verbal abuse from Edith and being her figurative punching bag, but Edith is the real great character of the two. She is consistently wrong, out of touch, and hilarious, but we love it. 

The couple is introduced in the Season 1 episode "Art Crawl." Edith will often pop into a scene with just one word or a quick phrase of interjection. She refuses to mind her own business, it seems, as she appears in every season to wag her finger at the Belchers. 

19. Sergeant Bosco

Sergeant Bosco is the local police sergeant who appears recurrently in "Bob's Burgers." He is a parody of a broken cop, divorced and bitter with mommy issues, channeling his remaining energy into dedication to the job. Like pretty much every character in the show, he isn't that good at his job, as proven by the hilariously mismanaged hostage negotiation in "Bob Day Afternoon," the episode that introduced Bosco. 

His best appearance is in Season 3's "My Fuzzy Valentine," where he hijacks Linda's Valentine's speed-dating event. While Linda's idea is for everyone to share positive things about themselves, Bosco winds up making sure everyone's deepest darkest secrets come out. 

18. Dr. Yap

If the point of children's television is to get them to trust authority figures, then "Bob's Burgers" definitely is not for kids. Watching the Season 2 episode "Dr. Yap" certainly doesn't make anyone feel better about going to the dreaded dentist. Ken Jeong voices Dr. Yap, the inappropriately hilarious dentist to whom the Belchers keep going for some reason, possibly because he's the only one they can afford. A likely explanation. 

Dr. Yap might be incompetent (it is inadvertently his fault that Gayle is so obsessed with Bob), but he makes up for it by being such an over-the-top character. Yap is overly positive, especially when he shouldn't be, but also has a streak of jealous cunning. In "My Big Fat Greek Bob," he ends up being the villain. Yap is revealed to be behind a scheme that was supposed to get Bob kicked out of the fraternity both adult men are somehow allowed to hang out at. 

17. Felix Fischoeder

The younger brother of the Belchers' wealthy landlord, Felix lives in Calvin Fischoeder's shadow. When he first appears on "Bob's Burgers," Felix has come to work for and live with his brother, since he has frittered away his inheritance. Supporting him financially and giving him a place to live, his older brother ends up acting more like a resentful parent, with Felix playing the part of the spoiled child. It's a dynamic we can't get enough of.

In his episodes, Felix is often up to no good and scheming up ways to get back at his brother, like in the Season 4 finale "Wharf House." Felix is defined by his inferiority complex and his incompetence, and both play into his role in the fan animated "Brunchsquach," where he convinces the kids to let him hide in the freezer during his annual hide-and-seek game with Calvin. As with everything else he tries to best his brother in, he loses.

16. Hugo and Ron

Hugo and Ron are another great comedic duo who only make an occasional appearance in the show. Hugo Habercore (Sam Seder) is Bob's health inspector and a major pain in his side. He is short and boisterous, thinking he's much funnier and cooler than he is. Ron (Ron Lynch) is Hugo's assistant and is a much more laid-back contrast to Hugo's manic energy.

In addition to taking his health inspection duties severely seriously, Hugo has a romantic past with Linda that he won't let go of. As such, he and Bob have harbored resentments for each other over the years. Hugo appears in a couple more episodes than Ron, and, more importantly, has storylines focused on him when Ron doesn't. However, Ron does appear sans Hugo in Season 5's "Best Burger" competition episode.

15. Tammy Larsen

Tammy is Tina's biggest bully, yet the eldest Belcher daughter can't help but want to be her. The bratty eighth-grader moved to Wagstaff in the Season 2 episode "Bad Tina." This is where Tammy's cool-girl status started to get Tina to act out. It's an older episode of "Bob's Burgers," but seeing Tina try her best to be bad will never not be funny. In this very first appearance, Tammy has brown hair, but every subsequent time she is in an episode (beginning with Season 3's "Broadcast Wagstaff School News"), it is blonde. 

Starting in Season 4, Tammy begins to become a mainstay of the show, appearing in at least five episodes per season going forward. Over the seasons, she definitely starts to go softer on Tina and even warm up to her. Tammy will never admit it, but she likes Tina despite how nerdy and unpopular she is. 

14. Zeke

Oh, Zeke, you little rascal. The rambunctious eighth-grader Zeke (Bobby Tisdale) is overflowing with energy. He is a loyal friend to Jimmy Jr. and will wrestle literally anyone. He's a prankster who's always getting in trouble; he often takes Jimmy down (to detention) with him. He might not be the brightest bulb, but over the years, "Bob's Burgers" has proved that Zeke is a man, ahem boy, of passions. 

In "Broadcast Wagstaff School News," it is revealed that Zeke is the "Mad Pooper" who has been terrorizing the school. But potty pranks aren't his only forte. In the Season 4 episode "Bob and Deliver," Zeke becomes Bob's star pupil when he starts to substitute teach Tina's home economics class. He really has a knack for cooking and, according to Bob, "a perfect palette." 

13. Regular-Sized Rudy

Not to be confused with his brother, the noticeably smaller Pocket-Sized Rudy, Regular-Sized Rudy (voiced by Brian Huskey) is a classmate of Louise's. He is regular-sized, for a child, and he regularly needs his inhaler. We love Rudy. He is a main part of Louise's friend group and appears in almost every season. 

Rudy is socially awkward but very musically inclined. He plays percussion instruments and can be seen playing cymbals and drums in various episodes of the show. Louise clearly sees his talents and keeps him around. Perhaps she has more than just friendly feelings for him, as some fans theorize

12. Andy and Ollie Pesto

Andy and Ollie are two hyperactive brothers in Louise's fourth-grade class and the youngest in the Pesto clan. Voiced by Sarah Silverman (Ollie) and her sister Laura Silverman (Andy), the twins are some of Louise's closest friends, despite their parents' rivalry. Their first appearance was in the Season 1 episode "Art Crawl."

Unlike the other pairs in this ranking, Andy and Ollie can't get enough of each other. The two are inseparable and fans best know them from the running gags where they incessantly call each other by name. The twins are some of the quirkiest characters in the already eccentric show, but they make "Bob's Burgers" better for it. Plus, it's nice for Louise to have some classmates she actually likes to hang out with.

11. Mort

Mort the Mortician might just be the best pun name "Bob's Burgers" ever came up with. He is also a great addition to the show whenever he appears. Considering that It's Your Funeral Home & Crematorium is right next to the restaurant, it's surprising we don't see him stop as often as in the first few seasons. His role has lessened over time as more side characters have been introduced, but Mort is still featured heavily in each season.

Despite working with the deceased, Mort is cheerful and sunny. Often showing up alongside Teddy and Mike the mailman, he is one of the few regulars Bob has at the restaurant. Mort wears a toupee to disguise the fact that he is balding. The only time we ever see Mort without it is in the Season 3 episode "My Fuzzy Valentine."

10. Aunt Gayle

Linda's sister Gayle (Megan Mullally) is, to be perfectly honest, a constant burden in the Belcher's life. Deep down, they do love her, even Bob...sometimes. The socially awkward Aunt Gayle lives alone with her cat Mr. Jim Business, Jean Paw'd Van Damme, and Pinkeye. She is gullible and has a hard time dating, despite always finding new men to pursue. She also has a bit of a creepy crush on Bob.

So, of course, the Gayle episodes are some of the absolute best the show has to offer. She falls in love with Fischoeder in a B-plot in the episode "Topsy." One of the best is "Gayle Making Bob Sled," where Bob has to drag her from her place to the restaurant on a snowy Thanksgiving. It is here that Gayle also reveals she is dating Mr. Frond, the kid's school counselor, a relationship that sadly doesn't last long. They really feel made for each other.

9. Jimmy Pesto Jr.

The apple of Tina's eye, Jimmy Jr. is one of the most popular kids at Wagstaff due to his sick dance moves. He is lanky, lisping, and awkward, but Tina can't help but desire to touch his luscious butt. Voiced by Bob actor H. Jon Benjamin, Jimmy gets by on his confidence, a trait he inherited from his father in spades. 

The two have become more friendly over the seasons, but they still aren't official, and for good reason. Tina's crush is constantly teasing her. In some episodes, he rejects her advances; in others, like "My Fuzzy Valentine," it seems like he might actually care about Tina as more than a friend. In the episode "Ex Mach Tina," he begins falling in love with Tina's personality when she comes to school in robot form. Ultimately, he rejects the real Tina, highlighting Jimmy Jr.'s superficial nature. 

8. Mr. Frond

Phillip Frond (David Herman) is the borderline incompetent Wagstaff school counselor. He doesn't have the respect (acles) of his students, least of all the Belcher children, and he's consistently the butt of "Bob's Burgers" funniest jokes. 

In Season 4's "The Frond Files," we got to see how the kids, Bob, and Linda feel about him. The episode is a springboard for the kids to read the fantasy essays they wrote, each one starring Frond as the main villain. Each is a fun parody of a popular movie, a format that would go on to produce another classic episode, "Sliding Bobs."

7. Calvin Fischoeder

Mr. Fischoeder (Kevin Kline) is Bob and Linda's landlord and the wealthiest man in town. He owns the restaurant and apartment where the Belchers live, the hugely popular attraction Wonder Wharf, and presumably many of the other businesses and residences in the town. He is probably the closest thing "Bob's Burgers" has to a main antagonist, as he is constantly framed as the villain in the episodes he features in heavily. 

Perhaps the episode most illustrative of his personality is "The Oeder Games," where he forces his tenants to compete in a "Hunger Games"-style gauntlet to keep rent from going up. This is where we see his immaculate estate and property that extends for yards. Calvin Fischoeder is the encapsulation of the out-of-touch millionaire, with a complete lack of regard for human life and a superiority complex to boot. 

6. Gene Belcher

Despite being the middle Belcher child, Gene is by far the most immature of the kids. Louise is way too maniacal for her age and Tina's hormones set her apart, but Gene is just a kid who loves having fun and telling dirty jokes. As such, he is the least interesting of the Belcher kids. That doesn't mean he's a boring character. Far from it, actually. Gene is extremely creative and musically inclined. And of course, who can forget about "Beefsquatch"? 

Whenever you hear Gene, his keyboard isn't usually too far away. The kid is an absolute rockstar in the Gene-centric episodes "Gene on It" and "Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl," the latter of which highlights his love of music and how it can inspire a spark in him that we don't often see. 

5. Teddy

The family's handyman Teddy is hands-down the best non-Belcher on the show. At this point, he is basically an honorary member of the family. Or at least, that's what Teddy would like to think. 

Teddy is gullible, often not in the best health, quick to anger, and frankly not that good at his job. But Bob keeps him around because deep down the two share a bond that can't be broken. The bond goes beyond Teddy being the most loyal Bob's Burgers patron, although that certainly helps oil the machine. From time to time, Bob questions his relationship with his handyman, like in Season 12's "Driving Big Dummy." This recent outing has Teddy bringing Bob on an errand that takes them all around town in what feels like more of a hostage situation. This seriously tests Bob's resolve, but he ends up seeing the best side of his friend in the touching resolution. 

4. Tina Belcher

It's hard to deny that Tina Belcher is an icon. In 2011, when the first season of the show premiered, seeing a teen girl harnessing so much awkward sexual energy was a refreshing choice. Tina's obsession with butts, writing erotic friend fiction, and Jimmy Jr. all define her as a girl still very much figuring herself out in a messy stage of her life. For a show airing on FOX, Tina was pushing the boundaries. Stumbling her way through rejection and bullying, Tina Belcher is the closest thing "Bob's Burgers" has to an inspirational character for its teen viewers.

Over the years, the raging hormonal teen schtick has gotten a bit old, but that doesn't mean "Bob's Burgers" has been lacking for Tina episodes. As recently as Season 9, we got "Every Which Way but Goose" and "Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now."

3. Linda Belcher

Linda Belcher is so more than just a wine mom. Her screeching New Jersey accent is the beating heart and soul of "Bob's Burgers." Without a doubt, Linda is the Belcher that is consistently having the most fun, and we as fans feel this in Linda-centric episodes like "Seaplane!" and "Purple Rain-Union." 

Despite occasional flirtations with other handsome gentlemen, Linda is a supportive (and faithful) wife. She is constantly pushing Bob and the kids to be more adventurous and take the opportunities that present themselves. But as she always shows, she isn't afraid to be an independent woman either, like when she gets a job at a hipster grocery store in Season 3's "Lindapendent Woman."

2. Louise Belcher

If we have to pick a favorite of the Belcher kids, it's a close race, but the win goes to Louise. Louise is the funniest and also the most fleshed out over the years. Her trademark pink bunny ears and her favorite fluorescent toy Kuchi Kopi are important parts of the "Bob's Burgers" fandom. From Season 4's "Slumber Party" to Season 7's "Flu-ouise" and beyond, there are countless great Louise episodes. 

She is loud and defiant, especially for a nine-year-old, but her penchant for getting into trouble is what launches many of the Belcher kids' classic adventures. Louise's softer side comes out from time to time, especially when she's around her parents, like in "Mother Daughter Laser Razor," where she and Linda truly bond after a bunch of botched attempts to have a mother-daughter day. Of the Belchers, Louise is the only one who gets enough character development to feel like a real kid. This reinforces the idea that Bob and Linda are actually great parents.

1. Bob Belcher

It is "Bob's Burgers," after all. How could we not give the top slot to Bob himself. Bob Belcher is a little overweight and balding in the back. His restaurant may not be as successful as he wants, and he isn't always the smartest dad. Still, he is a great father and always tries to find the good in life. Episodes like Season 10's "Poops.. I Didn't Do It Again" show his heartwarming dynamic with Louise. Others, like "Broadcast Wagstaff School News," show how much his kids look up to him when Gene decides to dress and act like Bob. 

We love the way Bob talks to his ingredients. His two loves—food and family—carry him to impossible situations, but he always perseveres. He is the ideal patriarch of the family show. More competent than Homer Simpson and much more loved than Peter Griffin, Bob earns his spot as one of the best dads in animated TV and the singular character this show would not work without.