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The Bob's Burgers Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

On paper, it seems fairly straightforward and entirely normal. A family of five operates a small burger joint in a bustling beach city. Three rambunctious children form the heart of the family and act as unpaid labor while mom and dad do their best to man the grill and counter, while keeping the same roof over their business and home. The Belchers are a colorful crew, whose antics range from benign to laughably implausible as they find themselves in situations both all too familiar and strange on a weekly basis. From troubles with the local co-op garden to running a Thunderdome in their walk-in freezer, this lovable family has entertained viewers for over a decade now.

The Belchers and those around them embody the most common and farthest-flung of personalities. So, when each character and their personality can be boiled down to a few sentences, it only makes sense to figure out who they are based on their zodiac sign. Astrology helps people try to make sense of an arguably senseless world and their place in it. So grab a pun-based burger, take a seat, and find out which "Bob's Burgers" character you are based on your unique zodiac sign.

Capricorn - Bob Belcher

Bob Belcher (H. Jon Benjamin) serves as the unofficial head of the Belcher family, and the namesake for both restaurant and the show. Bob, a man in his mid-40s, is husband to Linda and father to Tina, Gene, and Louise. He has two great loves in his life: His family and his restaurant. Though his father runs a diner as well, Big Bob's Diner, Bob struck out on his own to run his own business with a unique pun-based daily burger. The Belchers live above the restaurant in their iconic two-story building, sandwiched between Mort's Mortuary and a building that acts as a revolving door to any other pun-based business.

The Capricorn is a sea-goat with the head and upper body of a goat and the lower body of a fish. Known for their serious and independent nature, these two characteristics can easily sum up Bob. Though he does have a sense of humor, it is often dry and pessimistic as he is largely concerned with running his business and keeping the landlord, Mr. Fischoeder paid. Though his appearance may be sloppy, that belies the discipline Bob possesses and his unwillingness to give up in any situation.

Aquarius - Gene Belcher

Gene Belcher (Eugene Mirman) is the musical savant of the Belcher family. Always with his trusty keyboard at his side and a song in his heart, Gene in uncompromising in his passions. As the middle child of Bob and Linda, Gene is the only boy amongst his siblings Tina and Louise. Because of his trusting nature, Gene usually ends up being the pawn in Louise's schemes. Always wanting to be the center of attention, Gene comes prepared with an arsenal of crude jokes, songs accompanied by fart sound effects, and plenty of imagination.

The water carrier depicted in the Aquarius constellation is Ganymede. The youth was spotted by Zeus and whisked away to the heavens to serve as cupbearer to the gods. Though it is unlikely the gods would steal Gene away, they would no doubt be entertained by the youth. His talent and imagination have seen no small number of plays arranged and performed. His personality is unique to him and he has no shame, even when confessing to his father that he has peed in his burger uniform yet again. Despite his questionable humor, there is no questioning the love that Gene has for his family.

Pisces - Jimmy Pesto Jr.

Jimmy Pesto Jr. (H. Jon Benjamin) is the Romeo to Tina Belcher's Juliet. Though their fathers may run competing restaurants across the street from one another, there's no denying Tina's love for the oldest Pesto child. Jimmy Jr. is the son of Jimmy Pesto and older brother to twins Andy and Ollie. Jimmy wears his heart on his sleeve and his preferred form of communication is dance. Though he appears to be a simple boy at first, there is a swirl of emotions under the surface.

The astrological sign for Pisces is represented by a pair of fish. Over the course of history, many figures have been hypothesized to be the basis for the aquatic creatures. No matter their actual identity, Pisces are symbolized as affectionate and artistic individuals full of thoughts and feelings. This is Jimmy Pesto Jr. to the letter. Be it his deep friendship with Zeke or the way he's prone to breaking out into dance, he is unmistakably a Pisces. He may have problems properly describing his feelings, but when the moment is there, this boy with a lisp conveys what his heart is saying in a way unlike any other.

Aries - Calvin Fischoeder

Mr. Fischoeder (Kevin Kline) serves as the landlord to the Belcher family and many others in the coastal city. While his intentions might not always be known, it is always safe to assume that making money is the driving force in his life. With that goal in mind, there is no end to his ability to think on his toes, undercut the competition, and do what is necessary to see that he comes out on top. With his dapper white suit, ominous eye patch, and penchant for business, Calvin Fischoeder is not a man to be trifled with. That being said, he does have a soft spot in the form of his younger brother, Felix.

As such, Mr. Fischoeder is the perfect embodiment of an Aries. Those born under the sign of the God of War are natural-born leaders. They forge into the unknown to conquer it and, by order of their natural magnetism, draw others along with them. Always on the lookout for his next conquest, Calvin Fischoeder's lack of moral fiber only serves to aid him. On more than one occasion, he has thrown Bob and others under the proverbial bus in order to come out ahead.

Taurus - Teddy

Teddy (Larry Murphy) is the go-to handyman for many of the tenants living on Ocean Avenue. He claims to be Bob's best friend, despite Bob's insistence this isn't the case, and frequents the diner for lunch. Due to his friendly demeanor and lack of fear in putting himself out there, Teddy is on friendly terms with nearly everyone he knows. This especially holds true for the Belcher family. Teddy was formerly married but after that relationship failed, his life took a steep decline. While life has dealt him more than one bad hand, Teddy does his best to not let it get him down.

Like the Taurus, Teddy is quite bullish in his personality. While he has had a rough go in life, his inner strength keeps him going. He takes great pride in his work as a handyman and contractor and can be counted on to handle any task the Belchers throw at him. It is this passion for building that leads him into a competition with the neighboring business's handyman over who could make the most elaborate Halloween decoration. Though a chainsaw-wielding spider might not be everyone's cup of tea, it's clear that Teddy's antics are.

Gemini - Andy and Ollie Pesto

Andy and Ollie Pesto (Laura and Sarah Silverman) are the twin sons of Jimmy Pesto and younger brothers of Jimmy Pesto Jr. These two are nearly inseparable and are quite content to have one another's company. In fact, when potentially forced to have a partner in class that wasn't their twin, the pair began to panic. When tasked by Louise to make "tourist-friendly art," the pair quickly get to work. Despite eating too much glue and dealing with hand cramps, they're able to keep pace with Louise's demand for more.

The Pesto twins being Geminis is no coincidence. These two embody the core tenants of the astrological twins in nearly every way. They adapt to nearly every situation that Louise puts them in and find that they can do anything with their twin. They frequently compliment one another and tout the abilities of their twin to others. Finally, while their curiosity typically leads them into questionable situations, it is their ability to work together that allows them to overcome whatever life throws at them.

Cancer - Gayle

Gayle (Megan Mullally) is Linda's socially awkward, yet passionate sister. Be it her art, her music, or her cats, Gayle is full of heart. While she may struggle with her love life, even going to the point of hitting on her brother-in-law Bob, Gayle does the best she can with what she has. Unfortunately, her best involves sharing a studio apartment with her three cats (Jean Paw'd Van Damme, Pinkeye, and Mr. Business), and pretending there's a mutant apocalypse at night so she can sleep. Gayle is very upbeat and eccentric, but can also be naïve and emotionally fragile. Her inability to process sarcasm has led to many a frustrating situation for her family.

Most of Gayle's feelings can be applied to her cats, and while she may manipulate her family, she does care for all of them. As a Cancer, Gayle takes pleasure in the comfort of home and family. She is a staple at the Belcher family gatherings, especially around the holidays. Despite being unlucky in love, she would like to settle down and start a family of her own. It's simply a matter of finding Mr. Right, be he a dentist or a school guidance counselor.

Leo - Louise Belcher

Louise Belcher (Kristen Schaal) is the youngest daughter of Bob and Linda Belcher in addition to being the sibling of Tina and Gene. It would be safe to say that Louise holds a large amount of power in the Belcher family, despite being the youngest member. Louise is exceptionally clever, with an insight into manipulating others. Mischievous as she may be, she does love her family and would do anything for them. This is made evident several times over the course of the show, as Louise pulls no punches when someone messes with her friends and family.

As a Leo, Louise enjoys being the center of attention. She has no doubts about who she is or what she's capable of. Louise's antics are often a plot point throughout the series. Through her confident and fiery personality, Louise is able to wrangle kids and adults alike into whatever her weekly scheme may be. Now, that's not to say that Louise is malicious. She may be selfish, but it is seldom that she sets out to hurt anyone who doesn't deserve it. She is a natural-born leader who, despite her aloof personality, knows what she's after and will move the people and things needed to get it.

Virgo - Tina Belcher

Tina Belcher (Dan Mintz) is the oldest of the Belcher children. This 8th grader has a few passionate interests in life including boys, butts, horses, and zombies. When she's not trying to win over Jimmy Pesto Jr. or some other boy that has caught her attention, she can be found in her room writing "erotic friend fiction." Like the rest of the Belchers, Tina is an interesting individual full of character. It's just that when she finds her passion unreciprocated, she's prone to laying on the floor and groaning. But with the help of her siblings, Tina finds a way through those awkward teenage years.

Like a Virgo, Tina is almost loyal to a fault. Though she doesn't have much in common with her brother Gene, the two of them frequently find themselves roped into whatever scheme their younger sister has cooked up. Though she may be overly trusting of what her sister says, Tina is practical enough to know when to put her foot down. She is gentle with nearly everyone she encounters, part of her passive personality. But in her case, passive isn't always the worst thing, as Tina is the kind of person that grows on someone over time.

Libra - Regular-Sized Rudy

Regular-Sized Rudy (Brian Huskey) is a student at Wagstaff Elementary School and a close friend of the Belcher children. In fact, it is heavily implied that he and Louise are one another's first crush. Not to be confused with pint-sized Rudy, Regular-Sized Rudy has a host of health issues, and has stated that he is allergic to such things as ducks, geese, and chocolate. He likes practicing magic and is keen on showing the Belcher children when they visit him at his mother's home. Though he may be physically frail, Rudy's personality is anything but.

Much like a Libra, Rudy gets along with almost everyone, though it can be argued that his best friends are the Belcher kids. His friendship with Louise, in particular, is the most complex. He is one of the few people that can challenge the strong-willed girl without getting on her bad side. This diplomacy is yet another trait of the Libra, as is his graciousness when he knows it's time to cut his losses and walk away from a situation. Like any healthy relationship, there's give and take, and Libras know how best to dance those steps.

Scorpio - Zeke

Zeke (Bobby Tisdale) is a rough and tumble student at Wagstaff Elementary School with the Belcher children. He is best friends with Jimmy Pesto Jr. and the two can often be found wresting together. His friendship with the Belchers is second-hand thanks to Jimmy Jr., who Zeke affectionately refers to as "J Ju." He and Tina don't always see eye to eye, but it is hinted that he has feelings for the eldest Belcher. The two have shared more than one kiss despite Tina's dislike for Zeke — though this disdain is more than likely Tina's jealousy at Zeke's inadvertent competition for Pesto's attention.

Scorpios are known for being straight-shooters who see the world more so in black and white rather than shades of gray. They are passionate about their interests and, while they hold friendship in high regard, they don't let many people in to become friends. Zeke is a passionate character with a lot of heart. He would do anything for his friend and even goes above and beyond to help people like Tina during the Mad Pooper incident that plagued Wagstaff Elementary School. And when it came time to save Thanksgiving and put on an impromptu parade, Zeke laid the groundwork along with the Belchers.

Sagittarius - Linda Belcher

Linda Belcher (John Roberts) is Bob's better half and mother to the three Belcher children. If Bob is the rock to which the family clings, then Linda is the beating heart that keeps them going. Her exuberant personality combined with her quirky jokes keep Bob from pulling out the rest of his hair, and add an air of levity to the restaurant. Linda would do anything for her family and will gladly sacrifice her own happiness for their sake. Whether it be running the restaurant solo so Bob can get a much needed day off or staying up late to make a last minute Halloween costume, Linda is prime "mother of the year" material.

It's true when they say "opposites attract" in the case of Linda and Bob. While he may be an introvert and dedicated to the restaurant, Linda is very much the extrovert looking out for their whole family. She seldom has a chip on her shoulder, as this mother of three is prone to outbursts of song after seeing a musical. The beating heart of the Belcher family has a nigh endless supply of energy and optimism to draw upon whenever her family should need it. All of this adds up to a great person and an even better Sagittarius.