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The Bob's Burgers Fan Theory About Jimmy Pesto That Changes Everything

Part of the fun of loving television shows is coming up with fan theories — whether they be looney, prescient, or unspeakably dark. There are some pretty dark "Futurama" fan theories to explain character trajectories; the science-fiction-fueled "Rick and Morty" has spawned tons of fan theories to explain its complicated multiverse; and even the classic sitcom "Fraiser" could have its entire meaning changed if some fan theories prove prophetic.

One of the most popular adult animated series still running is "Bob's Burgers," which follows the wacky Belcher family at their burger restaurant. While the show is loved for its relatable characters and silly plotlines, there are some unexplained areas of the series that are ripe for fan theorizing. The relationship between the Belcher patriarch Bob (H. Jon Benjamin) and his business rival Jimmy Pesto Sr. (Jay Johnston), who constantly oversteps and tries to prove himself superior to Bob, is one of the central conflicts on the show. As a result, it's proven fertile ground for fan fiction.

While many fans assume the rivalry stems from their competing restaurants, one particularly creative fan has shared their theory as to the possible truth behind Jimmy Pesto's hatred of the Belchers — and it's a dark one, so bring your flashlight.

Jimmy Pesto Sr. may have a tragic backstory

Is the feud between Bob and Jimmy only restaurant-related? According to a Reddit user named u/Dark_Prism, things may not be so simple. Their extremely dark fan theory focuses on Pesto's own family life. First, the Redditor notes a few simple facts before diving into their theory: While Pesto has mentioned his wife, we've never seen her; he hates Bob with a passion; and in Season 1 Episode 6, we learn that Pesto is a regular attendee at a fetish club called the Desire Dungeon, where he's referred to as Baby Num-Num, the diaper lover.

What do all of these seemingly unrelated facts have to do with the Pesto vs. Belcher feud? According to u/Dark_Prism's theory, "Jimmy Pesto's wife died while giving birth to the twins, Andy & Ollie. Jimmy hates Bob now because he is forced to watch Bob, just across the street, have a loving and whole family. He does not go to the fetish club with his wife because she is dead and as such he has adapted a rather taboo fetish to play out."

If you consider the dark original concept for "Bob's Burgers," this fan theory isn't too far-fetched. Alas, it's merely not meant to be. The show has mentioned how Jimmy Pesto's ex-wife is alive and well, as evidenced in Season 7's "Ex Machtina." When Tina begins getting close to Jimmy Jr., he reveals some poetry to her straight from his life, containing the line, "My mom's new friend, Allen — He's okay." Fans will have to keep searching for more evidence of why Jimmy Sr. has that particular fetish.