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Shelley Hennig Teases Possible Details About The Teen Wolf Movie - Exclusive

Actress Shelley Hennig has been hard at work since the series finale of "Teen Wolf" on MTV in 2016. Between her Netflix roles in "When We First Met" and the recent horror satire, "The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window," she's been a hot commodity in Hollywood. After playing not one but two characters in the brilliantly hilarious "The Woman in the House," Hennig is now headed back to Beacon Hills for a revival of "Teen Wolf," where she plays Malia Tate, for a film soon coming to Paramount+.

The original TV series left off with Malia riding off into the sunset with main wolf Scott McCall, but according to Hennig, she doesn't think the couple's whirlwind romance will last. So, what exactly is in the cards for everyone's favorite werecoyote? Shelley Hennig spoke with Looper during an exclusive interview for "The Woman in the House," where she also hinted at some possible details regarding the upcoming "Teen Wolf" movie, and even teased an idea she pitched. 

Malia is heading back to Beacon Hills

Now that Shelley Hennig is officially tied to the "Teen Wolf" movie revival on Paramount+, fans and even Hennig herself can't wait to see what's in store for her character, Malia Tate. Hennig even has a few ideas on where we might find Malia in the movie. As she told Looper, "I look forward to seeing where the hell Malia has been, and I pitched an idea. It was pretty hilarious to me and on point." Though she didn't divulge too much, hopefully we'll get to see Hennig's idea play out onscreen — but either way, it'll be fun to see how far Malia has come since her time at Beacon Hills.

Henning added, "I'm looking forward to potentially diving back into Malia. I've been meeting a lot of people who name their kids Malia, so no pressure there, but yeah, she's such a fun character, and we'll see where she's been. I can't wait." Naming a child after a character is just about the highest honor an actor can receive — and with a new movie in the works, there might be a new pack of werecoyotes running around after it drops.

The first season of "The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window" is now streaming on Netflix.