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Who Is The Athlete In Hellmann's Super Bowl 2022 Commercial?

The biggest game of the NFL season is just a few days away. As most of us are prepping for game day by stocking up on chips, dips, beverages, and burger buns, some of the biggest brands on the planet are prepping to bolster the hard-hitting action with big time Super Bowl commercials. Those ads have, after all, become as integral to the Super Bowl viewing experience as the game itself, with companies shelling out millions for a few fleeting moments of airtime during the game.

Though Hellman's is not a brand many typically associate as a big spender for airtime on Super Sunday, the legendary mayonnaise maker has often ponied up for the primetime NFL event. While most brands went out and paid big to land big name actors and pop stars to front their Super Bowl ads, the savvy Hellman's marketing team is back this year with a cheeky ad fronting a former NFL superstar who has a name that uniquely qualifies him to represent the Hellman's brand. 

Jerod Mayo is the mayo man in Hellman's Super Bowl ad

Hellman's Super Bowl ad campaign is themed "make taste not waste," and finds the company attempting to help battle food waste by offering up a few tasty suggestions that feature mayonnaise as a key ingredient. To help hammer home the message, the Hellman's team indeed lined up former New England Patriots defensive star Jerod Mayo.

Yes, his last name is actually Mayo. And that name inspired fear in offensive players throughout the league between the years of 2008 and 2015, as Mayo was revered as one of the best tacklers in the game. These days, Mayo is teaching a new generation how to tackle as the Patriots' inside linebackers coach, but you can see he's still got what it takes to bring any opponent down in the new Hellman's ad.

As for who he's tackling in that ad, well, it's any and everyone who's thinking about trashing a perfectly good food item instead of jazzing it up with a dash of Hellman's. That list includes moms on crutches, darling old grandmas, and even infamous funny man Pete Davidson, who takes the hit purely because he's "very hittable." So keep an eye out for this hilarious ad if while you're watching the big game this weekend.