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How Much Do Super Bowl Commercials Cost In 2022?

The month of February always gives us many things —  a consensus on whether winter will continue or if spring is on its way courtesy of a groundhog, Valentine's Day (not the movie), and every football fan's favorite — the Super Bowl. This year, Super Bowl LVI falls on the day before Valentine's, February 13. Even those who aren't fans of football will often tune in to watch the game for one reason and one reason only — the commercials. Over the past few decades, Super Bowl commercials have become even more popular, crazy, and iconic than ever before. Studios in Hollywood often will drop new or more detailed trailers for upcoming blockbusters like in prior years, and massive corporations like Coca-Cola or Doritos will have lengthy, extensive, and hilarious commercials for their audiences.

It's also common knowledge that these commercial spots during the Super Bowl, given the high viewership figures, are incredibly expensive. The price even continues to inflate over time. Back in 1967, a Super Bowl commercial cost about $42,500. Eight years later, it was up to $107,000, and in 2021, it cost just over $5 million (via Yahoo). This is all for a standard 30-second ad, of course. Many commercials in the past have included shorter commercials, even poking fun at their own length.

Here's what we know about how much a 30-second Super Bowl commercial is going to cost in 2022.

A 30-second Super Bowl commercial will cost about $6.5 million

Apparently, the price for a Super Bowl commercial in 2022 has risen again, and by quite a lot — by more than $1 million. This year, the commercial price sits at $6.5 million, and ads were already almost sold out in September 2021 (via Variety). At the time, there were fewer than five slots left according to NBC Sports, and their staff noted the demand has been incredibly high this year, so much so that they had to raise their price from what they were originally asking.

What's even more interesting is how much the coronavirus pandemic has influenced not only the sales for this year but last year as well. CBS reported that many big corporations pulled their commercials out to focus on other ventures or for COVID-19 relief efforts and funding during Super Bowl LV, and plenty of Hollywood studios didn't have any trailers to release because people weren't going to the theater. Contrast that to the situation in 2022, where things are slowly getting back to normal, including in the entertainment industry.

Some commercials have already been given away as well, with Budweiser set to have a meaningful ad focused on giving Americans hope moving forward through an analogy featuring their famous Clydesdale horses (via USA Today). Either way, fans can expect some exciting new commercials during Super Bowl LVI.