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The Saw Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Sometimes it's fun to look at how the personalities of characters from movies and TV shows match our own. One way of doing this is by connecting those characters to traits associated with our zodiac signs. Usually, this means highlighting all the best attributes in a character that we can feel proud about connecting with. When it comes to the characters found in the nine "Saw" films, however, that's a bit more difficult.

The series is about a critically ill man who captures people he deems as unworthy of the lives they've been given and trapping them in life or death scenarios to see if they have what it takes to survive and really do something with themselves. Therefore, most of the characters in the film are either terrible or morally ambiguous. With that in mind, we will not be designating signs to characters who exemplify all the best aspects of a particular sign. In most cases, we will discuss how those same attributes can be twisted and corrupted into something more sinister.

Beware: below you will find the "Saw" character you are, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Mark Hoffman

Typically, someone with the Aries star sign is a confident, competitive person who believes that their way is best. While that can be an excellent driving force behind success, it could easily be manipulated into something much darker. That is certainly the case with Detective Lieutenant Mark Hoffman. Originally a bit player in "Saw III," Hoffman grew in prominence when it was revealed in "Saw IV" that he was Jigsaw's second apprentice.

Hoffman's fury over the murder of his sister drives him to imitate Jigsaw and murder her killer. He's so angry over the lack of accountability in the system that he needs to take justice into his own hands. His inferior work gets the attention of John Kramer (Jigsaw), who offers him the chance to turn that anger into something more useful.

During their time together, Hoffman tinkers with Kramer's traps, criticizes his trust in Amanda, and essentially acts like he could do everything better. That confidence erupts into a rage once his peers on the police force start piecing together that he is the elusive Jigsaw apprentice, leading him to slaughter them in an angry rampage.

Taurus: William Easton

If you were born under the sign of the Taurus, chances are you're pretty comfortable with yourself. Not only that, you probably enjoy your company more than anyone else's. Some Tauruses think they've got it all figured out and there's nothing to stress over. William Easton (played by "Batwoman" villain Peter Outerbridge) from "Saw VI" couldn't be happier with himself. He works out a formula for his insurance agency to decide who gets coverage and who doesn't and he thinks it's perfect. That is until he denies coverage for an experimental procedure sought after by John Kramer.

The future Jigsaw killer comes to the executive to explain his medical condition and the need for the procedure, in the hopes of convincing the company to cover it. Of course, they deny the coverage and Kramer does eventually die as a result of cancer. Self-assuredness can be a wonderful asset in pursuing one's goals, but in Easton's case, it leads to the deaths of several clients and even his own.

Gemini: Bobby Dagen

One of the traits associated with a Gemini is charm. People like them and for good reason. They know how to be funny, welcoming, and open. However, those qualities could easily be formed into a weapon, as they are with the fake Jigsaw survivor Bobby Dagen (Sean Patrick Flanery from "Boondock Saints"). Instead of using his natural charisma to make it in sales or something productive, he decides it would be a good idea to go out and lie to everyone.

An interesting aspect of the "Saw" films is how they talk about trauma. While it's never fully explored, the kernels of a philosophy are there. "Saw 3D: The Final Chapter" seems like it's going to tell a story about how trauma survivors find solace in one another and heal through open discussion. It's a fairly healthy approach to coping that could have led to some genuinely uplifting and inspiring moments.

Instead, this jerk goes on a book tour claiming to have survived one of Jigsaw's traps. He's so good at convincing people that even his wife believes him. For a franchise full of terrible people, he may be one of the worst.

Cancer: John Kramer (Jigsaw)

Cancers have been said to be sensitive, dedicated to never crossing a personal line, and empathetic to the point of taking on the pains of others. If that's the case, then John Kramer, better known as Jigsaw, is definitely a Cancer. Yes, the character is also suffering from cancer, but that might just be a coincidence.

This is a guy who thinks he's doing the right thing, as many villains do. In his eyes, his victims are people who need help to overcome a deep character flaw and he is using extreme methods to get the best results. As far as he is concerned, this is not murder. The people who die choose to. He gives them every chance and tells them exactly how to escape, but they just don't want to live badly enough.

While that rationalization is obviously dubious, his position is very clear. Jigsaw is what happens when everything good about being a Cancer is taken to the extreme.

Leo: Daniel Rigg

Leos can be kind and loving, while also calling attention to themselves. While there's nothing wrong with that on the surface, digging too deeply into those qualities could cause someone to try too hard. This is what happens with Officer Daniel Rigg (Lyriq Bent, "Delilah"). He feels compelled to help people and save the innocent. Unfortunately, he may be too passionate as his actions often put himself and his peers at risk.

Another side character who later emerged as a main player, Rigg is the primary protagonist of "Saw IV." It's his driving need to be the hero that gets Jigsaw's attention. But instead of getting locked in a room or a series of hallways he has to think his way out of, Rigg is trapped in a series of mysteries. Each one asks him to save or punish someone. With each choice, he gets one step closer to finding a missing colleague. Unfortunately, he doesn't learn the lesson about recklessness and meets his end by charging yet again through another door when he shouldn't have.

Virgo: Peter Strahm

Special Agent Peter Strahm (Scott Patterson, "Gilmore Girls.") walks onto a crime scene in "Saw IV" with absolute authority. While others dust for prints or wander around looking for clues, his eyes go straight for the important details and he moves on. His ability to recognize the most important detail is almost supernatural. That could be due to his Virgo attributes. It's said that a Virgo has an excellent attention to detail and a ton of ideas brewing in their head all the time. 

If we were to peek inside Strahm's head, chances are it would look like a zillion pieces of information flashing in front of us faster than we can blink. It's the only explanation for how quickly he can scan a crime scene and immediately pinpoint what everyone else has missed. He's so good at what he does that it almost looks like he's going to catch Hoffman. Too bad he wasn't actually psychic — otherwise he would have seen his brutal ending coming.

Libra: Jill Tuck

It's believed that Libras can be difficult personalities to pin down. They're of two minds about a lot of things. As described here, "They're simultaneously extroverted and introverted, strategic and spontaneous, focused and intuitive." While there is no shortage of characters who present themselves as one thing, only to reveal their true nature later on in the "Saw" films, the above description probably fits Jill Tuck best of all.

The ex-wife of John Kramer, Jill runs a medical clinic to help people with addiction. Like her former husband, she cares about people and wants to help. When Kramer begins his deadly work, following a miscarriage, Jill is clearly against it. As the films progress, though, we see conflict brewing within her. She hates what John has done, but is willing to carry out his final request. She also knows more about his plans than she lets on at first. She's so good at hiding what she knows that not even Strahm can get the full story from her.

Scorpio: Amanda Young

The main emotions associated with a Scorpio, according to this breakdown, are those arising from betrayal. In "Saw III" it is very clear that Amanda feels betrayed by her mentor Jigsaw. Introduced in the original "Saw," Amanda was a drug addict who had to cut open the stomach of another person in order to retrieve the key she needed to unlock the horrifying device strapped to her head. She admits that Jigsaw saved her, setting up an arc that would carry over to the other films.

In "Saw II," it appears that Jigsaw has decided to test her yet again. In actuality, she becomes his apprentice and is assisting him with his twisted games. "Saw III" shows us that she doesn't necessarily share Jigsaw's opinion that people deserve to be saved. She sets up inescapable traps that flat out murder the victims, regardless of how closely they follow the rules.

When she starts to suspect that Jigsaw might be drifting from her to Dr. Lynn, she loses it, shooting the woman in the back. It's clear that Amanda feels she was being betrayed by Jigsaw and just couldn't stand it. This anger could have also been coming from the fact that she was indirectly responsible for the miscarriage that triggered Kramer's spiral into madness.

Sagittarius: Zeke Banks

A Sagittarius can be loud and emotional, but it comes from a place of passion. This can be very beneficial when riding out on an important crusade to fight for something you believe in, as it does with Detective Ezekiel "Zeke" Banks in the 2021 film "Spiral." This isn't a traditional "Saw" film, but it does exist within the same continuity, hence its inclusion here.

Banks is a good cop surrounded by corruption. He reported his partner for killing an unarmed witness and now the rest of his peers hate him for betraying one of their own. Still, he isn't afraid to call out corruption and stand up to it. As wonderful a characteristic as that is, it does get the attention of a new Jigsaw copycat who wants to recruit Banks in his mission to kill corrupt cops.

Whether it's calling out those who abuse their positions of power, or going off on funny rants, Zeke is a true Sagittarius who isn't afraid to share how he feels about everything and fight for what he believes is right.

Capricorn: Lawrence Gordon

According to this description, "Capricorns aren't consumed by the need for attention but are not immune to it. They simply don't indulge in attention-seeking behavior." At first, that doesn't sound relevant to the character of Dr. Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes, "The Princess Bride"). In the original film, he's just an overworked doctor who is neglectful of his family. He's pretty much a family man who needs to figure out his priorities. It isn't until much later that the above description starts to make sense.

It's never fully clear for a long time if Dr. Gordon survived Jigsaw's game in the first film. We see him saw off his foot and crawl out of the room where he was being held and that's it. Given all the blood flowing from his new stump, it's logical to assume he didn't make it very far. However, "Saw 3D: The Final Chapter" reveals that he was able to cauterize the wound and survive. It is also revealed that he has been another apprentice of Jigsaw, operating in the shadows during the following sequels.

Unlike Amanda, who doesn't believe their victims deserve a second chance, or Hoffman, who just wants to become the next Jigsaw, Gordon is perfectly capable of keeping to himself and following the rules until the time is right.

Aquarius: Eric Matthews

An Aquarius usually goes against the grain. They try to stand out by being different. Although thriving on a sense of community, they like to subvert expectations, making them a kind of outsider. While this usually results in quirky, fascinating personalities, it can be corrupted. Detective Eric Matthews (Donnie Wahlberg, "Blue Bloods") is the dark side of a contradictory personality incarnate.

He is a dirty cop. There is no dancing around it. The man's entire career is supposed to be about doing the right thing and protecting the innocent, and he decides to go against that by planting evidence and getting suspects wrongfully imprisoned. Sure, he probably thinks he's bending the rules to put bad guys away, but he's actually committing crimes, making him just as vile as the people he's trying to take down.

This actually makes him an interesting foil for Jigsaw in "Saw II," as both men are clearly in the wrong, but are convinced that they're helping.

Pisces: Anna

A Pisces will adapt their behavior to fit their surroundings, as discussed here, making their personalities hard to pin down. Again, the "Saw" films are stuffed with characters pretending to be something they're not. What makes Anna (Laura Vandervoort, "Smallville") different is that she even fools the viewer by coming across as someone to sympathize with, only to pull the rug out from under them in the final act.

Anna says her husband rolled over and smothered their baby while sleeping. This deeply tragic event may have been unintentional, but it's still heartbreaking and gives the audience a reason to have her back. What we learn later, however, is that Anna framed her husband. She actually smothered the child herself in a fit of rage. All the strife going on in her family broke her and when the baby wouldn't stop crying, she took its life.

The only person who knew the truth was her neighbor John Kramer. That's why she finds herself in a trap in "Jigsaw," and pays the price.