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Batwoman Fans Are Loving This Huge Casting News

"Batwoman" was shaken up in 2020 when Ruby Rose left her role as Kate Kane between Season 1 and Season 2, causing many fans to wonder how the series would continue without its lead star. But with Javicia Leslie stepping up to the plate as newcomer Ryan Wilder, the show has gone from strength to strength. Rose's departure from the show was hugely disappointing, but it was completely understandable. One of the reasons behind her exit was a painful back injury she suffered when filming a stunt for the series.

The writers didn't completely get rid of Kate Kane, though. Her disappearance is one of the driving mysteries in Season 2 among a horde of new criminals like Hush/Tommy Elliot (Warren Christie) and Black Mask (Peter Outerbridge). The Hush storyline is particularly great because the villain gets plastic surgery to look exactly like Bruce Wayne — causing all kinds of havoc for the Bat Team. Eventually, Ryan Wilder manages to defeat him by repeatedly punching him until the fake face falls off. Gross.

The trouble's only just begun, as a new villain has just been cast for "Batwoman" Season 3, and fans are incredibly pleased with what's to come.

The series just found its Poison Ivy

Another classic Batman villain is coming to Gotham as Poison Ivy is on her way to "Batwoman" Season 3. As per Variety, "Agent Carter" and "The Last Ship" star Bridget Regan will make her debut on the show as Pamela Isely AKA Poison Ivy. Fans have been pretty vocal about the casting news, with @ThatOneDCNerd tweeting, "I'm so excited to see what Batwoman does with Poison Ivy. We've never had a good live action version of the character IMO so I hope they deliver." 

@shemjay93 is excited to see Batwoman fight the green-fingered villain, also tweeting, "@JaviciaLeslie vs. @BridgetRegan – This will be a great contest to watch. Can't wait for Batwoman Season 3." Finally, @2thelakes tweeted what we're all thinking: "Bridget Regan as Poison Ivy is a dream come true." They're not wrong, because Regan's performance as Dottie Underwood in "Agent Carter" alone makes this casting extremely interesting.

Variety's character description for Ivy in "Batwoman" explains that she was "experimented on by a colleague, injected with various plant toxins," which is what gives her the ability to wield plants as weapons. The description also mentions that she's been "effectively wiped off the board for years" when she returns to Gotham City in "Batwoman" Season 3. It'll be interesting to see where she's been all this time and what she's been up to. Arkham Asylum? Blackgate Prison? 

Either way, hopefully Bridget Regan gets an interesting story arc to play with when the series returns on October 13, 2021.