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Why Mace From Delilah Looks So Familiar

"Delilah" marks another successful show for Oprah Winfrey's OWN network. Following in the footsteps of well-received shows like "Queen Sugar" and "David Makes Man," "Delilah" is a legal drama that follows the life of Delilah Connolly (Maahra Hill), a lawyer who left a high-powered legal firm to open her own practice, giving her time to raise the two children — daughter Maia Leighton (Kelly Jacobs) and son Marcus Leighton (Braelyn Rankins) — whom she had with ex-husband Gordon Leighton (Lyriq Bent). The change also allows her to take on smaller cases and those that larger firms would typically ignore, which usually puts her at odds with the type of lawyer she used to be, representing the types of client she used to take on. 

Delilah gets support along the way from her best friend Tamara (Jill Marie Jones), her new associate attorney Demetria Barnes (Susan Heyward), and secretary Harper Obioha (Ozioma Akagha). She also has an ally in friend and private investigator Mace Cunningham, who is brought to life by an actor viewers may recognize. Joe Holt has been performing for more than 20 years; here's why Mace from "Delilah" looks so familiar.

Holt played Ahmad in Lake Placid 2

It's long been said that the mark of a good horror movie franchise is to follow up the first film with a TV movie that doesn't see theatrical release. OK, no one actually says that, but that's what happened with the "Lake Placid" film series which paved the way for the ridiculousness that is "Sharknado." After 1999's creature feature starring Bill Pullman, Bridget Fonda, Oliver Platt, Brendan Gleeson, Betty White, Meredith Salenger, and Mariska Hargitay was panned by critics — it has a dismal 47% critics score on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, though Betty White's supporting role garnered praise — the folks behind the second installment dialed back the star power, special effects budget, and pretty much everything else. The only common factors between the films are that they're both tied to 20th Century Fox and neither are set in the New York town and lake from which the franchise takes its name; both are set in Aroostook County, Maine, though the first was filmed in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (per The Morning Call), while the first sequel was shot in Bulgaria, Romania, according to Moviehole.

In "Lake Placid 2," Joe Holt takes on the role of Ahmad, the assistant to poacher Jack Struthers (Sam McMurray); the duo show up looking to bag some killer crocs after a string of deaths in Aroostook County. Ahmad manages to save Sheriff James Riley (John Schneider), wildlife officer Emma Warner (Sarah Lafleur), and researcher Frank Mills (Robert Blush) by distracting the crocodile with Struthers' plane after the croc demolishes their boat. Sadly for Holt, Ahmad is killed in the middle of the night, so his character did not get to appear in "Lake Placid 3," the mis-titled "Lake Placid: The Final Chapter" (spoiler alert: it's not), 2015's "Lake Placid vs. Anaconda," or 2018's "Lake Placid: Legacy," the final film in the franchise, so far.

He played Stash on Prison Break

In 2007, Joe Holt joined the cast of TV crime drama "Prison Break," which was entering its third of five total seasons. As fans of the show know, the series followed brothers Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) and Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) as the latter launches a successful plan to break the former — who's been sentenced to death for the murder of the vice president's brother — out of incarceration at the Fox River State Penitentiary after his wrongful conviction. The first season follows the plan's execution, while the second begins shortly after the two escape alongside six other inmates — did we mention that Michael's plan to liberate Lincoln involved going to prison himself? — and a handful of them make it to Panama, with Lincoln exonerated in the meantime. In "Prison Break" Season 3, Lincoln is on the outside and Michael is in custody in Panama at the Penitenciaría Federal de Sona, which is where we meet Joe Holt's character, Pistachio (or just "Stash").

Holt appeared in four episodes of "Prison Break" as Stash, a transgender inmate who's of Afro-Cuban descent and also a barber, according to Fandom. Stash receives frequent visits from Sona's local crime boss, Lechero (Robert Wisdom). Brad Bellick (Wade Williams), the former head guard at Fox River who was fired after the Season 1 escape and has pursued the fugitives in hopes of collecting on the reward, also flirts with Stash in the hopes of getting his shoe back.

Joe Holt played Deputy Distract Attorney Mark Everett on Franklin & Bash

Following his fictional incarceration in Central America, Joe Holt decided it was time to work on the right side of the law with a role in TNT's procedural legal dramedy "Franklin & Bash." The series starred Breckin Meyer and Mark-Paul Gosselaar in the title roles of Elmo "Jared" Franklin and Peter Bash, respectively, two wise-ass lawyers who don't exactly fit the mold of what fans and viewers of legal dramas might expect; they're basically well-dressed frat boys with law degrees. After the juris doctor duo defeat opposing counsel from the prestigious firm of Infeld & Daniels, co-founder Stanton Infeld (Malcolm McDowell) recruits them to join the firm, much to the dismay of Damien Karp (Reed Diamond), Stanton's nephew and the attorney Franklin and Bash beat in order to earn the invite. 

Joe Holt shows up in two episodes of the third season of "Franklin & Bash" and one episode of Season 4, butting heads with the title duo as Deputy District Attorney Mark Everett. Through their unconventional methods and courtroom antics, Franklin and Bash are successful advocates for their respective clients. As seen in the image above, Holt is just as amused by their shenanigans as Karp would be, but such is the nature of taking on pretty much any title characters, on any show, ever. 

Holt played Sheriff Roy Hardin on The Punisher

After getting bounced by the title tag team on "Franklin & Bash," Joe Holt moved into a different area of government work, taking on the nameless role of Defense Secretary in eight episodes of Shonda Rhimes' political thriller "Scandal." Holt then moved back down the ranks of public service to take on the role of a local sheriff in Marvel's Netflix series, "The Punisher." Following the misadventures of Jon Bernthal's title character Frank Castle — who was introduced during Season 2 of Netflix's concurrent Marvel show, "Daredevil" — "The Punisher" sees Castle hit the road in Season 2, having dealt with primary antagonist Billy Russo aka Jigsaw (Ben Barnes) in the show's first season. 

While in the small town of Larkville, Ohio, Castle — as he is wont to do — mixes it up with some thugs who were pursuing a young girl at a bar and the bartender, Beth (Alexa Davalos), is shot in the process. He gets her to a hospital and goes into hiding with the girl, Rachel (Giorgia Whigham), as the two are still being pursued by the gang. After a shootout, Castle, Rachel, and Henchwoman No. 3 end up in jail at the Larkville County Sheriff Station and in the care of Sheriff Roy Hardin, played by none other than Joe Holt. Sheriff Hardin has the dubious duty of informing Castle that his young charge isn't exactly being completely straight with him and that Rachel is just one of a number of aliases she's been using. Holt's character appears in two episodes of "The Punisher" Season 2, Episode 2, entitled "Fight or Flight; and Episode 3, entitled "Trouble the Water."

He plays Leopold Bennett on The Walking Dead: World Beyond

After keeping the peace with a badge and gun on "The Punisher," Joe Holt became one of many characters simply trying to keep their sanity amidst the zombie apocalypse on "The Walking Dead: World Beyond," Scott Gimple's spinoff limited series set in the same world as AMC's popular survival drama "The Walking Dead." Of course, there's more to Holt's character than simply existing in a world gone mad; as Dr. Leopold Bennett, he's the adoptive father of two of the show's teenaged protagonists, Iris (Aliyah Royale) and Hope Bennett (Alexa Mansour) and former head of Campus Colony, the survivor settlement established on the campus of the Nebraska State University. 

Leo also happens to be one of the smartest people still alive in the series set a decade after the onset of the zombie apocalypse and may also be the only hope of mankind ever developing a cure. Unfortunately, the shadowy Civic Republic has something in mind for Leo and members of its military have taken him into custody. At the beginning of Season 1 of "World Beyond," Iris and Hope receive messages from their father saying he's in danger, which causes them to leave Campus Colony with cohorts Silas (Hal Cumpsto) and Elton (Nicolas Cantu). But, as we find out near the end of the season, Leo didn't send the messages; they were faked and sent by CRM security officer Jennifer "Huck" Mallick (Annet Mahendru) in order to get Leo's daughters to come for him so she can recruit Hope to work for CRM.