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Kunal Nayyar Is Still Not Over The Big Bang Theory's Ending

Over its 12-season run on CBS, "The Big Bang Theory" was not only one of the network's most watched series but also a veritable cultural phenomenon whose characters and catchphrases were known and adored by viewers from every demographic. During that stretch, the series mined all facets of its version of geek culture to bring topics like quantum physics, cosplaying, and sci-fi and fantasy fiction into the American mainstream.

Of course, "The Big Bang Theory" was also arguably the surprise hit of television's modern era, entering the primetime circuit in 2007 with a decidedly left-of-center premise and nary an A-lister in sight. While the series proved a coming-out party of sorts for then stars-on-the-rise Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, Jim Parsons, and Simon Helberg, "The Big Bang Theory" proved a legit breakout for Kunal Nayyar, who portrayed the oft tongue-tied Raj Koothrappali in all 279 episodes. "The Big Bang Theory" was, after all, his first major acting gig. And even though Nayyar has moved on to other things since "The Big Bang Theory" aired its 2019 finale, he's apparently still having trouble getting over the series' ending.

Nayyar sees the end of The Big Bang Theory as an amicable breakup

Nayyar admitted as much during a recent interview with Lorraine Kelly while promoting his Apple TV+ crime-thriller series "Suspicion." After discussing the new show, Kelly promptly turned the topic toward his old hit, "The Big Bang Theory," offering of its finale, "But it finished at the right time, didn't it?" Agreeing with Kelly's estimation that the iconic series probably ended when it needed to, Nayyar countered with a bittersweet read on the matter, stating, "Yeah, I often say that, for me personally, ending 'Big Bang' was like breaking up with the love of your life when you know nothing is wrong but it's just time."

As is the case with most breakups, it often takes time for both parties to move on. And in this instance, it seems Nayyar hasn't given his final goodbye to the show he came of age on, with the actor adding, "I'm still processing, obviously, what that entire journey was like. 279 episodes. I grew up on that show." The continued popularity of "The Big Bang Theory" is likely making it a little harder for Nayyar and his fan base to say goodbye too, because you can't turn a TV on these days without catching an episode or 10 in syndication. But if he keeps stretching his talents with hard-hitting dramas like "Suspicion," Nayyar and his fans will surely get over that "Big Bang" breakup soon enough.