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Halle Berry Made Some Eyebrow-Raising Remarks About Her John Wick Character

Since making its debut in 2014, the "John Wick" franchise has become the gold standard for the realm of action-forward cinema. While fans of the series — now three films deep and counting – continue to be awed by its bone-breaking action and jaw-dropping set pieces, it's arguably the characters, and the wildly original underworld they inhabit, that sets the franchise apart from the blockbuster pack.

And of the many shady characters who've entered and exited the orbit of John Wick (Keanu Reeves) to date, his dog-loving ally Sofia is undoubtedly one of the "Wick" fandom's favorites. Sofia was, of course, portrayed by Halle Berry in "John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum" and ran the show at Casablanca's Continental Hotel before throwing in with John on a dodgy bit of High Table dealing. In shooting their way out of that situation, Sofia proved not just a worthy ally, but John's equal in terms of brutally putting down her foes. As such, fans assumed she'd play no small part in future chapters of the "John Wick" saga. In a recent interview, however, Berry dropped some news on "John Wick" fans regarding Sofia's return to the action-packed franchise.

Berry may front the next John Wick spin-off

Halle Berry confirmed Sofia's absence from the upcoming "John Wick: Chapter 4" during a recent interview with IGN, stating in no uncertain terms, "Sofia's not in the next 'John Wick' movie." While fans of the character will no doubt be bummed by that news, Berry followed it with some that should soften the blow: Sofia may well return to action in her own spin-off movie.

The actor teased the possibility of a stand-alone Sofia film, claiming, "There could possibly be a Sofia...her own movie. So she might not be in 'John Wick,' but she might be doing her own thingy-thingy." While that's not definitive confirmation of a Sofia spin-off film, one has to admit, it makes a lot of sense for the character to go her own way, if only because she's hardly presented as the sidekick type in "Parabellum." Franchise producers are likely also keen to capitalize on Halle Berry's star power, particularly in a role that instantly became one of her best-loved.

As for Sofia's place in the ever-expanding Wickverse (see also: "The Continental" and "Ballerina" spin-offs), little is known of her background, but there was just enough teased in "Parabellum" to make anyone want to know more of her story. And even if she's not going to play a part in the next chapter of Mr. Wick's tale of bloody vengeance, it seems a given that Sofia's and John's paths will cross again down the road.