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John Wick Spin-Off TV Series The Continental - What We Know So Far

When Keanu Reeves teamed with his old Matrix stunt double and fight coordinator Chad Stahelski to make a bone-smashing action-revenge flick, neither could've anticipated how much the film would affect their lives. Even after the action-packed John Wick did hit theaters, it still seemed likely the film would be a one-off affair, as it hardly delivered Matrix-level box office, despite enthusiastic critical acclaim. But the film (produced on a modest $20 million budget) turned a profit for Lionsgate Films in the U.S., doubled its money overseas, even developed a legitimate cult following. 

That was enough for Lionsgate to greenlight a sequel three years after John Wick's release. When Chapter 2 of the saga hit theaters, that cult status turned full-on cultural phenomenon, with action lovers going gaga for the film's gonzo fight scenes, gun-fu insanity, and most surprisingly, its immaculate worldbuilding. After expanding Wick's world with the sequel, Stahelski and Co. broke the world even further open in Chapter 3: Parabellum. Along the way, they've populated the Wick Cinematic Universe with a colorful assortment of wily assassins, devious underworld types, ruthless bounty hunters, and other generally dangerous dudes. Presiding over all of it is the nefarious international syndicate known as the High Table.

So rich is the world of John Wick with intriguing characters, even the slightest of supporting players seems worthy of starring in their own screen story. Further exploration became the plan for franchise producers, as a spin-off TV series was announced in 2017, with its setting being none other than the infamous hotel at the center of the Wick franchisethe Continental. While there's been little news on that front since, it seems the series is finally starting to take shape. Here's everything we know about the John Wick spin-off TV series The Continental.  

When will The Continental be on TV?

Per Chad Stahelski's recent interview with Fandom, it appears The Continental will indeed be a very different beast than its big-screen predecessors, focusing not on a single character or timeline, but instead further filling out the compelling criminal underworld in which the John Wick movie madness unfolds. And yes, the prospect of delving deeper into that near-mythological world of blood oaths and vengeance is every bit as exciting as it sounds, if only because we really want to see exactly how deep the ruthless High Table's rabbit hole really goes. We simply cannot wait to see how The Continental's creative team chooses to explore that perilous world.

As nearly three years have passed since the series was announced, it's already been a long wait for a look at The Continental. Unfortunately, it'll probably be a little longer before we actually get to see the series. The timeline of The Continental's Starz Network premiere was addressed by the channel's COO Jeffrey Hirsch in Deadline interview from the summer of 2019. Per Hirsch, the original plan was for The Continental to hit Starz sometime after the release of John Wick: Chapter 4

Assuming that's still the case, it's patently terrible news for those eager to enter The Continental's narrative, as John Wick Chapter 4 was recently added to the long list of productions whose release date was pushed due to the outbreak of COVID-19. In fact, the film's release was pushed an entire year to May 27, 2022. As for what that release date change means for The Continental TV series, your guess is currently as good as ours. Most likely it means the wait to check into The Continental just got a lot longer.

Who will be in the John Wick spinoff The Continental?

Now that we know we are actually getting a John Wick spin-off series, the real question become just who's going to star in it. And if we're being completely honest with you here, we'll say we haven't the slightest idea who'll be bloodying the hallowed halls of the Continental when the series finally does hit the airwaves. Perhaps the one thing we can be absolutely certain of is that John Wick franchise star Keanu Reeves will not be headlining the small-screen series. 

The good news is that Starz head Jeffrey Hirsch will not rule out the possibility of John Wick himself making an appearance on the series. Whether Reeves ever turns up on The Continental or not, there will obviously be no particular shortage of intriguing characters coming and going on the show because, as we mentioned, the Wick Cinematic Universe is positively overflowing with them. And if you want a little more good news, we can tell you that Hirsch also confirmed the the series will indeed be a prequel to 2014's John Wick. So if there was one particular supporting character in the films who didn't survive their encounter with Mr. Wick, but who you desperately wanted to know more about, they may well have their moment in the sun on The Continental.

Perhaps the best news of all is that The Continental's prequel status would seem to assure Lance Reddick will be reprising his role as the posh hotel's concierge (and man of many hats), Charon. Ditto for the possible appearance of Ian McShane (who already has a working relationship with Starz via American Gods) reprising his role as duplicitous Continental head honcho Winston. That being said, there's been no official casting announcement for The Continental just yet.   

What is the plot of The Continental

As we've not a single idea who will or will not be involved in the spin-off series, it's all the more difficult to imagine what stories might be unfolding within the literal and figurative walls of The Continental.  

While details about The Continental's plot are currently being kept under lock and key, per Stahelski himself, the series will indeed take a different narrative track than the John Wick films. "The angles they're working on The Continental TV show right now is a different perspective on the whole world," the director explained. "It's coming at it from different characters' point of views and what the breadth of the world is actually. Whereas in John Wick, I'm following one time period, literally almost a week in the life of one man, where everything spirals out of control."

That certainly makes it sound like The Continental is setting itself up as an anthology series, and will likely follow brief encounters with certain characters known and unknown within the Wick Cinematic Universe. It also sounds like the series' creators will indeed be taking an in-depth look behind the blood-stained curtain of the High Table, so we're all but certain to explore the full breadth of their power. That is, their pre-John Wick power, because Johnny boy has already put a bit of a hurting on them over the course of the first three films, and he's clearly out to bring some more pain in John Wick: Chapter 4.