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The Most Heartbreaking Horatio Moment From CSI: Miami

For years, "CSI: Miami" was a show that not only captivated viewers with its wild storylines and forensics drama, but it also got people emotionally invested in each of its characters, especially Horatio Caine. 

Played by actor David Caruso, the Miami crime scene investigator served as the "CSI: Miami" centerpiece throughout each of its 10 seasons, nearly getting killed multiple times and going through some pretty crazy stuff along the way. But no one was ever able to put an emotional dent into Horatio or affect him in the long run — that is, until you look back at 2006's Season 4.

That year, an episode called "Rampage" aired that would ultimately alter Horatio's entire career and existence. CBS News called it "one of the most shocking and emotional episodes ever," and fans went on to talk about it for years on sites like Twitter. "CSI" diehards likely already know the tragedy of which we speak, for it's one that left many who watched at the time both shocked and emotionally scarred — including Caruso.

The death of Marisol Caine

It's one of the most heartbreaking moments in "CSI" history, and one that actually left "CSI: Miami" series lead David Caruso unable to sleep at night (via CBS News). The scene comes after Marisol Caine (Alana de la Garza) is gunned down by a drug syndicate sniper, with the incident occurring following a wedding ceremony for Horatio and Marisol, and just days after she's able to finish out her final cancer treatments. 

"When you have these sequences floating around — once you begin the grind on the sequence — in other words, you begin to work it in your head, begin to scope the moments in your head, they're tough to put down," Caruso told CBS of Marisol Caine's death and the final scenes they shared together. "The other side of it was Alana was so fantastic in the scenes that I literally had to allow her to set the tone and, as I say, react and support her. She was amazing."

While the filming of Marisol's shooting and subsequent death was difficult, Caurso said he welcomed the opportunity to show off his acting chops with open arms. "In terms of this world and any opportunity as a performer, you want these challenges," he told CBS. "You want there to be this much riding, and you want the types of scenes that we've had in the last two episodes to keep you up at night. ... And the fear it raises and the pressure that it puts on you are good things, because you will bring all of that with you."