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Cranston Johnson Remembers Working With Kim Cattrall On Filthy Rich - Exclusive

Cranston Johnson is currently hitting our screens in The CW's "Naomi." In the superhero series, which has been adapted from a DC comic book, Johnson plays Zumbado, a mysterious figure who may or may not be the villain of the piece. 

Discussing the new series and his part in it, Johnson told Looper during an exclusive interview, "I do enjoy watching some of the comic book adaptations, to film and to television, and it's really cool to see these things. I do enjoy the villains moreso than the heroes, I will say that. That's not just the superhero world, that's also in my regular viewing of any show." He continued, "To me, the antagonist is. It's always a little more interesting to watch because I feel like there are less boundaries that the actor or the actress has to work within."

Alongside "Naomi," you might recognize Johnson from one of his many other roles in shows such as "Hap and Leonard," "Truth Be Told," and "Filthy Rich." In fact, Johnson appeared in "Filthy Rich" alongside Kim Cattrall, who famously decided to leave the "Sex and the City" franchise in recent years. Looper sat down with Johnson to find out what it was really like working with acting legend Cattrall and the rest of the "Filthy Rich" cast.

Cranston Johnson was 'really excited' to work with Kim Cattrall

Fans will be excited to watch Cranston Johnson as Zumbado in The CW's latest superhero offering, "Naomi," but prior to taking on the comic book role, Johnson starred in Fox's "Filthy Rich," alongside Kim Cattrall. Speaking to Looper, Johnson opened up about his time collaborating with Cattrall, saying, "That was an amazing experience as well. I did that job and was really excited when I got the word that I was going to be working on that job because, I was a fan of hers from the different things that she did — primarily, I guess, 'Sex in the City.'" Johnson continued, "I remember 'Police Academy,' back in the day, and she was on that. That's a movie that I grew up with, it was always funny to me. I really didn't even know she was attached to that until later on. She was very welcoming, easy to work with."

Johnson had an overwhelmingly positive experience on the set of "Filthy Rich," as he told Looper, "I met some really cool people [and] got to play a really fun news reporter/FBI agent. It was some really good work that I did on that, shot it in New Orleans and it was my first time being down there, spending an extensive amount of time ... I enjoyed the process of it, it was great." 

New episodes of "Naomi" air Tuesday nights on The CW.