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The Gold Rush Crossover Curse Of Oak Island Fans Want To See

Over the course of its nine seasons, the History reality treasure hunting show "The Curse of Oak Island" has drawn in a number of fans who have found themselves invested in the story of Marty Lagina and his brother Rick as they search for lost treasure on Oak Island in Canada. While the duo, and those who help them, have yet to find the hidden gold rumored to be on the island, they have found several other artifacts of interest that have shaped the way historians think of the island and its former inhabitants.

"The Curse of Oak Island" is not the only series that involves individuals searching for gold, as the Discovery series "Gold Rush" is all about the efforts of a different set of individuals who are focused on mining for gold, rather than searching for treasure. However, that difference hasn't stopped fans from talking about the "Gold Rush" crossover they'd like to see in "The Curse of Oak Island."

Fans think the expertise of these Gold Rush individuals can help

In a reddit group r/OakIsland, which is dedicated to conversations about "The Curse of Oak Island," viewers speculated on how the show would change if Parker Schnabel from the reality series "Gold Rush" were to join the team. Parker is the owner of the Big Nugget Mine featured in "Gold Rush," and he often decides on where to look for gold.

User u/tothemoon9919 started the thread, declaring that "The Curse of Oak Island" cast "Should've brought Parker from 'Gold Rush' in there...He would have the island stripped in a week." User u/GlacialElectronics agreed enthusiastically, saying that "Parker could find the money pit 1000000%." User u/Abdul-Ahmadinejad suggested that a crossover between both shows has already been happening in secret, commenting that "Pretty sure they've been getting their advice on finding gold from [Todd] Hoffman, so why not give Parker a chance? I'm in," referencing Todd Hoffman, another miner from "Gold Rush."

User u/Capt_Picard_7 pushed the idea further, saying "Get Parker to strip it and Freddy Dodge to build a shaker table and they'll have the gold in a week," suggesting that Parker bring in Fred Dodge, who often provides the necessary tools in "Gold Rush." The enthusiasm and knowledge displayed throughout the thread clearly indicate that not only do the two shows share a lot of fans, but that a crossover episode would, in addition to being entertaining, possibly lead to a lot of progress on the treasure hunt on Oak Island as well.