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The Truth About The Chappell Vault On The Curse Of Oak Island

"The Curse of Oak Island" is a popular reality television show inspired by two brothers' lifelong pursuit of long-lost treasure. Inspired by a Reader's Digest article in the 1960s, Rick and Marty Lagina have relentlessly combed over Oak Island, which is located off of the Nova Scotia coast in Canada, for a mysterious bounty of loot supposedly hidden, left behind, and ultimately lost to time (via History). The crew of "The Curse of Oak Island" have managed to find some relics and archaeological items, but have yet to come across anything of true historical significance that would upend what we know of pre-Columbus America.

According to History, Oak Island itself is 140 acres, and possesses several locations deemed worthy of investigation by the Laginas and their "Fellowship," gleaned from previous efforts to find the Oak Island treasure. These have such colorful names as "Swamp," "Hatch," "Smith's Cove," "Nolan's Cross," and "Money Pit." However, one such location is known as "the Chappell Vault," and the Laginas have approached this with the dedication and single-mindedness they are famously known for.

The Chappell Vault contained several items and was buried deep

The Chappell Vault is named so for the dig conducted by William Chappell in the 1930s, who managed to find several items of interest (via History.com). The Laginas are not 100% sure as to its exact location on the island, but they believe that is located somewhere near the Money Pit. Fans themselves have been wondering about the elusive vault, including Reddit user @SeaWaltz4653 who asked where it may have been and how deep it may have been located.

Luckily, Reddit user @Nates94 did some sleuthing of their own, and stated, "The Chappell vault was found 153 feet under the Chappell shaft. From the account I have read from his son that was written in the 1970s he believed the drill may have gone off course in an unknown direction. In 1931 the Chappell shaft was dug where the drill rig had been set up in 1897. Not much was found. ... The Chappell family was convinced there was something underground. I wish the show would give this kind of history."

Some fans expressed confusion about how a drill might veer significantly off course, and doubted that anything new might found that hasn't already. At this point, the "vault" is more of a name than an actual location. However, these kinds of sentiments do little to slow down the Oak Island Fellowship, and they will do whatever they can in order to determine whether or not Oak Island acts as a host to errant treasure.